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    I also encountered the same issue. Does anyone know how to solve it? Thanks.
  2. @thief0019 I just also downloaded Drummania XG3 but this time it requires using Spice tool to launch the game, I found the key settings in Spice tool don't have autoplay setting either, do you have a solution dealing with this like you did for me for V8? Thanks.
  3. Hi Everyone, I just downloaded V6 but it comes out an error message during decompressing the files, it pops out part11.rar pack0325.pak and part43.rar are damaged, I tried to download the files again and replaced the old one but it still not working, does anyone could help me out? thanks. My problem has solved, thanks.
  4. Thank you for your info, but it’s too complicated for me and it is in Korean😂, thanks anyway.
  5. Bravo, you are the man, my V8 finally enable the autoplay function, well done! Besides, I know the game doesn't connect to the Konami server but is it still feasible to use the e-amusement pass to save the game progress? If so, could you please tell me how to do that? Thanks.
  6. Does anyone know how to activate the full Autoplay function in Drummania V8 like V4 does? I downloaded both but they come with a different launcher, V4 allows me to assign a specific key to turn on / off the auto play function but V8 doesn't has such key assignment. Does anyone know how to do that? Thanks.
  7. Does anyone know how to activate the complete auto play function in V8? I downloaded Drummania V4 and it consists a BemaniPC Launcher where there is an option to assign a specific key to activate Auto play On / Off, but V8 has a different launcher and there is no such key to turn on the auto play function, does anyone know how to make it works? thanks