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  1. Did anyone figure out how to get the billboard display to work?
  2. Mis a jour: J'ai pu le faire marcher Dans ShellData/ShellData.ini Dans GameData/config.ini du master, j'ai Dans GameData/config.ini du slave, j'ai Dans Daytona/Game.ini du master, j'ai Dans Daytona/Game.ini du slave, j'ai
  3. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.43) | Arcade PC

    Pour Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, la voiture tourne a gauche constamment 'parfois' pendant une session. Les autres fois, ca marche parfaitement. Je pense que c'est la calibration qui se fait lorsqu'on lance le jeu qui fait ca. Y a-t-il une solution pour cela?
  4. Just sharing my findings in case someone else is late to the game like me. All the other forums discussing regarding Daytona 3 PC seem to have died or disappeared. I was getting the following error when running DK2 "Unable to find audio mixer line information". This happens because your default output sound is going to a TV. Change it to the internal sound card in Control Panel and DK2 will run fine. I am going to attempt link multiplayer. I hope it's as easy to set up as Daytona on Model 2. Anyway, if anyone is still reading this and wants to revive this thread to share findings, that'd be great
  5. Did anyone manage to set up network link for 2-8 players? I have DK2 (local) installed but when I run shell.exe, it opens and closes the DOS window right away. Does anyone know what could be wrong? Pressing F1 during the game just opens the stats page in my browser, no Test Menu appears. I'm on Win7
  6. MASSIVE THANKS to all those who've been working hard on this and sharing their work. Out of curiosity, what minimum hardware specs would you guys recommend for this game? Is a Core2Duo sufficient with a decent NVidia card?