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  1. [Arcade PC] Hog Wild (Uniana)

    Very Nice ! Can i have one for yugioh please ? In the right topic too...
  2. Hello, here comes a new dump in a playable state... Old game from UNIANA (remember Frenzy Express?), released in 2003. CONTROLS: 1=COIN 5=TEST 6=SERVICE ENTER=START UP=ACCEL DOWN=BRAKE SHIFT=GEARUP CTRL=GEARDOWN SPACE=VIEW LEFT-RIGHT=STEERING Just unzip the archive and run launcher or exe in bin directory. This game uses d3d8 so i used dgvoodoo to make it look better, feel free to tune the settings by running dgvoodoo exe in bin dir. "CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FROM MEGA" Merry christmas et joyeux noel!!!! Enjoy!
  3. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bishi-Bashi Champ Online by [KONAMI] ---= Presented by MOHKERZ =--- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is a new arcade game released, once again, in a playable state. Game is in japanese, once again, so your are now used to it. Use Locale Emulator if you have any font problems. Dump includes hacked exe and dlls, and a launcher taking care of path and enabling ESC for quitting. So to run the game, 2 choices: 1) just extract the archive anywhere and run the LAUNCHER exe "AS ADMIN"....or not...... If it doesn't work for you, just try number 2... 2) OR just put the extracted files on D: drive in a folder named E99 ( D:\E99 ), and run the LAUNCHER from here. If you want to run the exe by yourself, then in D:\E99\bin, run the "game.exe" to play windowed or launch "game.exe -f1 --timerfps 60" to play fullscreen. Note that there is 2 launchers atm, one for windowed mode and one for fullscreen. This game is pure fun especially when you play with friends, 3 players can join. Game has a working camera as you can see below from TEST MENU and from dump captures of some people really enjoying the game.... Game has been tested and working pretty good under Win7 x64. And here is the download link: DOWNLOAD HERE As usual password is MOHKERZ Some users had an error when booting, it was due to webcam missing or not compatible. See below. So, if you got this 5-1503-0000 Error, just connect a webcam or use the following files where it is disabled. Here are the patched files for computers without compatible webcam. Just replace (or rename) the old files in the bin directory. DOWNLOAD EXE_PATCH_NOCAMERA As usual password is MOHKERZ. Have fun! [CONTROLS] 4 = COIN 5 = TEST MENU ----------------------- 1 = Player1 START SPACE= Player1 START LEFT = Player1 RED (left) DOWN = Player1 GREEN (center) RIGHT= Player1 BLUE (right) ----------------------- = Player2 START F= Player2 RED (left) G= Player2 GREEN (center) H= Player2 BLUE (right) ----------------------- = Player3 START J= Player3 RED (left) K= Player3 GREEN (center) L= Player3 BLUE (right) [CAB HARDWARE] CAMERA: this cab can take some picture of you and you're ennemies playing together and being so awesome! Look in SERVICE MENU if your webcam works. Mine was fully working without doing anyhthing. If you happen to take pictures in-game, you can find the crappy bmp in save folder. REAL-IO: This cab has some buttons, only buttons, 4 for each 3 players, a start button and 3 actions buttons: RED, GREEN and BLUE. I mapped them in line on keyboard, as they are on cab. Note: The TEST button is the trickiest and sometimes is not under control,just press it once to access the TEST MENU, there you can choose/select with other buttons... Note2: I not map the SERVICE button as it doesn't appear to be used... NETWORK: Network is disabled and all e-Amusement messages have been patched to be hidden. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please note that files are modified and that will not properly work on a REAL cabinet. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special thanks to: -tanisige5ch for dumping the files... come again... -DUCON for his fun!
  4. Simulate X360 controllers when you just have a keyboard

    Super utile ça ! Merki ducon !
  5. [Arcade PC] Hog Wild (Uniana)

    Thx, you better know game is not up to our player standards too btw... Nice icon.
  6. Try using game loader rh it seems to be fine. Or use the files provided by 7zxkv here:
  7. OK here are the screeshots of options in DxWnd that made the game playable on another computer with the same mouse cursor problem: (You need to activate expert mode to have all options working). (You have to let dxwnd main program window open for it be effective).
  8. If mouse then its OK even red... Try using DXWND, and check some input things related to mouse like keeping focus etc... I know this problem. I can send you a screenshot of options that fix that behavior, but that needs dxwnd atm.
  9. OK that is with launcher isnt it ? Did you try by launching exe by yourself ? Did you try the 2 dll i posted to see results ? This can be really easy to fix...
  10. If you need more help about yugioh ask in the right topic... Your issue might be due to your existent settings or devices on com port...
  11. Try deleting avs0000.bin and save folder content maybe to reinit some values...
  12. These games need dongles to unprotect the exe... Useless as is...
  13. Ask dolphin devs... I have a wii u that allows playing it, wii can also do it...
  14. If you want more guys... Send some dumps...
  15. If you have this kind of error, its because game process is not really terminated, sometimes it hangs when you close. Just open the process manager and kill the game exe process. Then relaunch it should work.
  16. Wtf game has been released playable today... Did you enumerate all included games ? There is a lot more in the game. Activate waiwai in test menu maybe...
  17. I did not encounter this error as my webcam was flawlessly recognized. So if you got this 5-1503-0000 Error, just connect a webcam or use the following files where it is disabled. Here are the patched files for computers without compatible webcam. Just replace (or rename) the old files in the bin directory. DOWNLOAD EXE_NOCAMERA As usual password is MOHKERZ. Let me know if it works and tell me how much you're happy now.......
  18. again, what OS?, what did you try?, well....... at least it boots... try deleting avs00000.bin in bin directory. then you can try deleting everything in save directory.
  19. well, at least tell me your OS, what did you try, and else or anything that can help........ don't you think "HM?" is a little short answer?..... did you read the read-me? twice? ..........
  20. OK, I did not fully understand last answer, but for you, original release patches and inputs are working even on Win10?.... nice! I worked on some dll patch, but to help users i have to know if they have inputs problems (only offsets?) or d3d problems.... lemme kno.
  21. Ok, so this game require some settings to run, let's try without making game portable, as it seems to break things on different systems. You will need to place game files in a specific path, and add the new simple launcher, or run the exe by yourself... This game have some path sensitive files required, especially main folder on d drive. This game creates and writes settings (nvram, coins, network, etc...) on another drive (E:, F:, or G:) in a CONF directory on root. So if you have none or if there exist one already, settings might not be saved... So, main folder need to be on D:\ drive,precisely in a "JD6" directory, so copy-paste files from the cracked archive from the first post like this: Now, for compatibility reasons and testing with your own settings, go to D:\JD6\contents\exe folder and remove some files here (just cut them and paste them somewhere else atm). There are 5 files you need to remove : d3d9.dll, d3dx9_28.dll, dbghelp.dll, dxwnd.dll and dxwnd.dxw. Now, you're ready for testing again. (Note that depending on screen resolution, game might be forced to window now or mouse offsets might be wrong... let's fix that later...) You now have 2 ways to run the game: (PLEASE REMEMBER TO RUN EXE AS ADMIN!!!) FISRT, in D:/JD6 directory copy the new launcher exe version 6_TEST from this post and just run it...... This launcher just handle some hotkeys to close game and others things, and mainly run the game with Locale emu for japanese, and the main exe (yugiame.exe) with -noerr argument. OR, You can too launch exe by yourself by issuing a bat command like this: D:\JD6\contents\exe\yugiame.exe -noerr This command will run the game with all hooks enabled to play this game on standard computer, except the Locale emulator taking care of japanese. Now that you can run the exe by yourself, let's find your own way to handle Locale... Here is new test launcher download link: TEST_FIX (password is MOHKERZ ) I included some dll for you to try to get inputs working. Just copy paste them to try in the D:\JD6\contents\exe\ folder and rename the old one.... Let me know how it works for you and if inputs are working or not, I'm currently working on dll patch for you to test.... see ya!
  22. Thanks for the screenshot, is everything OK during init ?
  23. About controls, try adding some dinput or dinput8 dll in contents/exe directory. About d drive: What is the exact error message ? Just run launcher as admin... Or Install the win7 package that give subst support to the os... Its included from longtime in updates...
  24. download link is now available!