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  1. Try removing special and weird characters from the path to the game.... try also to shorten the path..... Else, this one game relies on some registry keys... so it seems that windows 10 registry changed some things or it could be the way I made things with autohotkey that are not fully compatible to 10.... or with ahk... Anyway, I don't have time atm to work more on this.... or maybe if someone send me a TSUMO cab
  2. Windows 10, again ...... I don't know, and I don't use it, so no idea..... At the moment, you can try that to solve your problems: "Win10 problems and solution"
  3. @RandomAccessGamer well, just reorder your files accordingly to this post on the page 8: Hope it helps. Bye!
  4. If you have the original arcade machine and no recovery disk, you can reinstall an OS, and add the game. Maybe you will miss some drivers... The better way is to order recovery disks to GlobalVR...
  5. Why would you need an iso? You have the full game in the archive... And there is no ISO, only a virtual machine HDD image... if you find it you will only be able to run it in VMware or else, with all known issues like speed and controls lag...
  6. OK! Voila la solution ultime à tous ceux qui n'arrivent pas à régler leurs soucis sous Windows 10 !!!!!! !!! ULTIMATE SOLUTION !!! Adios!
  7. Pour le son c'est un setup compatible Win10... pas des dll... Pour la res, le probleme est connu, as-tu essayé de passer ta résolution d'écran en 1360x768? Le ini a également quelques trucs a tester comme la détection automatique de la résolution etc..., mais tu as déja du essayer... Sinon un wrapper tel que DXwnd peut aider...
  8. @totoff28 Hello, alors pour commencer as-tu lu le READ-ME? As-tu parcouru le sujet depuis la page 1? car tout ces problemes ont été évoqués.... Pas en full screen c'est à dire? Screenshot please... As-tu modifier le fichier INI? ...mis les bonnes résolutions au bon endroit? Pour le son as-tu installé les drivers openAL qui vont bien pour Win10 et qui sont fournis par un membre dans les messages précédents?
  9. @razor1978 wrong thread ask in the good one... @xtremebuga you have to calibrate guns in service menu, so learn to use it, here are the controls: -------------------------------------------------- To go in service menu : [5] Up and down in menu : [9] and [0] Validate : [6] Start 1P & 2P : [1] and [2] --------------------------------------------------
  10. @atrain9 So try that: open AMD catalyst control center (you must have it if you have an ATi card with up-to-date drivers). Go in something like gaming or 3d applications section. Then look for something like framerate control or V-sync or vertical refresh or something related. Turn this to always ON. Finally try the new settings with Aliens. Remember this setting, as you might have to disable it for some other games that would not work correctly with. If it does not work, sorry I don't know how to halp better with AMD... For nVidia users the same kind of thing applies for nVidia control center with different names, and you can have a different setting per game. Good luck!
  11. @atrain9 well, if you want some help tell us more about your system... what OS, and what graphic card? @xtremebuga what's your graphic card? try tweaking some settings, enabling vsync for example... with nvidia control panel I know it's possible to set parameters for games individually... Oh and for both of you, I hope you're not running the game inside a VM.... it's a known behavior of the game when run inside a VM. Finally there is a commandline switch for this game that I did not find any use: try adding -nooverload to command launching aliens game exe and report anything....
  12. @xtremebuga About the error you posted a screenshot, just install the divx codec that is in the previous page.... Then about speed, what OS do you run? Read the whole thread i think it has been already mentionned.
  13. Ok thanks for the precise explanations! And thanks for the code too argonleouf! So my v2 launcher loads mouse_enabler with the full screen res X and Y, it's nice if your using game with full screen res too... Else this v2 launcher might load mouse_enabler with incorrect parameters.... so use another method.
  14. Ok I can add parameters, what are they exactly? Only the resX and resY? resX is screen width and resY is screen height? It will be done in 5 minutes... ALIENS+controls_LAUNCHER_v2.exe Done! Now the launcher find your screen resolution and add resX and resY parameters when launching the mouse+KB enabler, then it runs ALIENS.exe game.... Lemme know if it working good! Note: its working for any screen resolution you want automatically. Just patch game exe to your screen res at first.
  15. The Mouse Enabler source is available in this thread. Original source was given previously by Argonlefou. Source was given too in previous pages by Ducon with modified code to use keyboard. Please just read the thread, it's only 8 pages.... And if you mean the source of the launcher, it's a simple ahk script compiled to exe. The whole code is 30 very short lines. If you want to learn about it just learn to use Autohotkey... or decompile the exe