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  1. Concours joueurs Amstrad

    Nebulus, ikari warriors, target renegade....
  2. [Arcade PC] Super Bikes 2™ (Raw Thrills)

    Go to hell mrshitty13.... Never happening !
  3. That is a comment my balls were able of...
  4. Stop it kids ! I hid enough easter eggs for you all ! No need to argue ! Go grab them !
  5. Dunno, maybe they wrote that in the manual...
  6. The uploaded working game is version 2.09 already...
  7. Thats it... Heard that so much that i cant believe in truely...
  8. Even if, you will be more crying for the game, and then beg for the next... So, get money first, you will see, you will be alone... And you need a lot...
  9. Totally useless for batman... but can help you run PGA maybe. Use search, it has been already talked here and it is currently work in progress...
  10. Again, what os ? A screenshots maybe?
  11. Starwars Pod Racer

    Nice ! Here is an oldest project from JayFox that open sourced that game: [Hidden Content]
  12. As you can see, everything is already done to make the game fully working. If it does not work by default for you, any special setting you think is good might not work for everybody too... There is no universal solution as any of you has his own system tweaks breaking various things. Some users do not install dependancies or redists and are not up to date. And then please respect the work and credit accordingly.