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  1. What ? That game is shit anyway... There are better rt games than this shit serie....
  2. Yeah Nice idea... I've been told this at least a hundred time, and guess how much money we got..... None, nada, queudal ! So i do my things, and do yours !
  3. [Arcade PC] Raw Thrills Fast & Furious SuperCars

    Yeah wheels working too... Depends on wheel and skills to deal with dinput and xinput. You can even play this with a guitar controller or a wiimote....
  4. Mohkerz Loaderz v0.5.2

    Give us a dump man!
  5. Dongle cant be ordered easily, and even if it was, cost is $800....
  6. [Arcade PC] Raw Thrills Fast & Furious SuperCars

    Just to be clear without being harsh.... Lot of work and time in this, lot more to do elsewhere. Game is tested and perfectly playable for lot of people with a x360 pad.... I will try to answer request as possible and if not, stay quiet and let community find solutions. No offense, no drama. Better ask for source and show your skills. MohkerzLoaderz sources are public, latest version will be uploaded very soon... ahk scripts and exe are no secrets too... Thats all folks !
  7. [Arcade PC] Raw Thrills Fast & Furious SuperCars

    Stop saying nonsense and stop crying about coins, what for ? Please...
  8. [Arcade PC] Raw Thrills Fast & Furious SuperCars

    Dont ask, we will not help to enable coins...
  9. [Arcade PC] Raw Thrills Fast & Furious SuperCars

    Yeah x360kb works without any ahk... Thanks again ducon for that tool !
  10. [Arcade PC] Raw Thrills Fast & Furious SuperCars

    I tried with og xbox controller, 360 controller, ps3 pad through betterds3 and even keyboard with a ahk remap or x360kb.....
  11. [Arcade PC] Raw Thrills Fast & Furious SuperCars

    To use on multi monitor setup with launcher, set your désires first monitor res in dxwnd.dxw file and then close and make it read only in Windows paramètres. Then run launcher.
  12. [Arcade PC] Raw Thrills Fast & Furious SuperCars

    Any gamepad can be a 360 pad with x360ce. Any keyboard can br a 360 pad with x360kb. Nuff said... Why redo whats already working ?
  13. [Arcade PC] Raw Thrills Fast & Furious SuperCars

    Please read this.... Resolution switches in exe are broken, all ui etc will be offscreen or worse. Only res10 is good and is default. Game need a smart patch like ducon did for FnF drift. To adjust to fullscreen just modify res in dxwnd.dxw file as stated before. Thats all, game will be fullscreen but 1360x768.... Then... To only use Mohkerz loader without launcher, you have to paste the whole game folder to c:/rawart. Finally, to give a machine id, its like all FnF from raw thrills... Run game with switch: -mid1 or -mid2 and else...