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  1. [Arcade PC] Need for Speed Carbon (Global VR)

    Fully working frontend with fixed controls:
  2. [Arcade PC] Need for Speed Carbon (Global VR)

    Frontend coming soon along with some other Global VR goodies!
  3. [Arcade PC] Need for Speed Carbon (Global VR)

    -presetCar presetMuscleBoss15 for instance. Ignore the right column, I copied it straight from the launch code.
  4. [Arcade PC] Need for Speed Carbon (Global VR)

    You can now enable career mode with the attached batch file. Career Mode Features: -120 events, including boss battles -100+ unique preset cars Q:What is career year 1/2? A:In the arcade version, you can race two careers. The only difference is in the boss fights, where you get a different boss for each career year. Usage: Extract the CarbonRelease.bat file to where your CarbonRelease.exe file is, choose an event from the excel document, and modify the bat file accordingly, with the help of the provided image. NFS Carbon Arcade Career Mode.zip
  5. Working original arcade frontend on Win7/8/10 with original sql ported from the gvr system: [Hidden Content]