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  1. hello everyone, I am having some trouble installing the game... I try to run the command and the screen flashes black and then goes back to my desktop with this output from my terminal: ./WMN4r: /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ no version information available (required by ./WMN4r) ./WMN4r: /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ no version information available (required by ./WMN4r) Starting up Wrapper... [WMN4S:Inf][ MessageDBManager ] :: [ MessageDBManager ] [WMN4S:Inf]GameInfo::SetDefault() [WMN4S:Inf]================ [WMN4S:Inf]================ [WMN4S:Inf]================ [WMN4S:Inf]GameInfo::TargetInfo::SetDefault [WMN4S:Inf]================ [WMN4S:Inf]================ [WMN4S:Inf]================ [WMN4S:Inf]************************* [WMN4S:Inf]****** Start WMN4 ****** [WMN4S:Inf]****** SVNR : 11006 ****** [WMN4S:Inf]************************* [WMN4S:Inf] mucha: worker: starting... [WMN4S:Inf] mucha: worker: started [WMN4S:Wng] monitor.server: init(): hwclock is unknown [WMN4S:Inf] monitor.server: LANG=C;/usr/bin/sudo /usr/sbin/arcadepkgkey /opt/arcade/exec/v388-arcade.gpg v388-publisher >/dev/null 2>&1 ERROR: object './' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded (wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32): ignored. [WMN4S:Inf] mucha: Initialize(): finish [WMN4S:Inf]Sys_Foundation::SetLocale(): find LocaleJP.txt [WMN4S:Inf]Sys_Foundation::SetLocale(): set 0 [WMN4S:Inf]Sys::Capture::Initialize() : finish [WMN4S:Inf] network: certificate_file=/home/jimmy/Desktop/WMN4/data/Network/certs/v388-ca-cert.pem [WMN4S:Inf] network: initialize(): now initializing... [WMN4S:Inf] local: v388.protobuf.Message: pcb_id_max=4 [WMN4S:Inf] network: update RPC channel=[Hidden Content] [WMN4S:Inf] network: update Resource channel=[Hidden Content] [WMN4S:Inf] network: initialize(): finish [WMN4S:Inf]Sys::Initialize() : finish [WMN4S:Inf]******** JVIO START ******** [WMN4S:Inf]******** JVIO START ******** [WMN4S:Inf]******** JVIO START ******** [WMN4S:Inf]JvioControl::JvioControl() [WMN4S:Inf]**** DeviceSetting::Initial **** [WMN4S:Inf][FS] load request sim:data/Device/DeviceParam.lua [WMN4S:Inf][FS] load finish sim:data/Device/DeviceParam.lua (2 KB) [WMN4S:Inf][FS] load end callback sim:data/Device/DeviceParam.lua (2 KB) [WMN4S:Inf][FS] load request sim:data/Device/DeviceSetting.lua [WMN4S:Inf][FS] load finish sim:data/Device/DeviceSetting.lua (5 KB) [WMN4S:Inf][FS] load end callback sim:data/Device/DeviceSetting.lua (5 KB) [WMN4S:Inf]LuabindPack::luaL_loadbuffer [WMN4S:Inf]LuabindPack::luaL_loadbuffer [WMN4S:Inf]Jvio SerialParam port(2)[/dev/tnt0],Baud(115200) charsize(8) stopbit(0) Parity(0) hardflow(FALSE) [WMN4S:Inf]Str2 SerialParam port(0)[/dev/tnt1],Baud(19200) charsize(8) stopbit(0) Parity(0) hardflow(FALSE) [WMN4S:Inf]Card SerialParam port(1)[/dev/ttyS1],Baud(38400) charsize(8) stopbit(0) Parity(2) hardflow(TRUE) [WMN4S:Inf]3mts SerialParam port(0)[/dev/tnt1],Baud(9600) charsize(8) stopbit(1) Parity(0) hardflow(FALSE) [WMN4S:Inf]iccd SerialParam port(3)[/dev/ttyS3],Baud(9600) charsize(8) stopbit(1) Parity(0) hardflow(FALSE) [WMN4S:Inf]iccv SerialParam port(1)[/dev/ttyS1],Baud(9600) charsize(8) stopbit(1) Parity(0) hardflow(FALSE) [WMN4S:Inf]**** DeviceSetting::Initial OK **** [WMN4S:Inf]GetParam3 = 0 [WMN4S:Inf]GetParam4 = 0,0,1,38400,8,0,2,0, [WMN4S:Err] monitor.server: init(): failure: arcadepkgkey ERROR: object './' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded (wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32): ignored. [WMN4S:Inf]Sys::Fade::Initialize() : finish [WMN4S:Inf]Sys::Render::Initialize() : finish [WMN4S:Inf]Sys::Performance::Initialize() : finish [WMN4S:Inf][FS] load request sim:data/SOUND/config.bin [WMN4S:Inf][FS] load finish sim:data/SOUND/config.bin (3 KB) [WMN4S:Inf][FS] load end callback sim:data/SOUND/config.bin (3 KB) [WMN4S:Inf][FS] load request sim:data/SOUND/config_3d.bin [WMN4S:Inf][FS] load finish sim:data/SOUND/config_3d.bin (2 KB) [WMN4S:Inf][FS] load end callback sim:data/SOUND/config_3d.bin (2 KB) [WMN4S:Inf]Sys::Sound() : call nuSound2Init() [WMN4S:Inf]Sys::Sound::MemAllocFunc() : Allocate address 0xd5af6740 / size 27318 [WMN4S:Inf]Sys::Sound::MemAllocFunc() : Allocate address 0xd5b1dac0 / size c000 [WMN4S:Inf]Sys::Sound::MemAllocFunc() : Allocate address 0xd5b29b00 / size 23400 [WMN4S:Inf]Sys::Sound::MemAllocFunc() : Allocate address 0xd5b4cf40 / size 200 [WMN4S:Inf]Sys::Sound::MemAllocFunc() : Allocate address 0xd5b4d180 / size 280 [WMN4S:Inf]Sys::Sound::MemAllocFunc() : Allocate address 0xd5b4d440 / size 34c [WMN4S:Inf]Sys::Sound::MemAllocFunc() : Allocate address 0xd5b4d800 / size 2000 nsAdrv: cannot open audio device surround51 (No such file or directory) [WMN4S:Wng] downloader: already stopped [WMN4S:Wng] server: already stopped [WMN4S:Wng] mucha: already stopped [WMN4S:Inf] mucha: worker: stopping... [WMN4S:Inf] mucha: worker: stopped [WMN4S:Inf]main(): child: termination(15) [WMN4S:Err]main(): fatal error: exception(boost::lock_error) [WMN4S:Inf]BattleDebugInfo DELETE [WMN4S:Inf]PlayerDebugInfo DELETE terminate called after throwing an instance of 'boost::exception_detail::clone_impl<boost::exception_detail::error_info_injector<boost::lock_error> >' what(): boost::lock_error Aborted (core dumped)
  2. A dream from my teenage years finally coming true. Its a shame I sold my G25 Wheel a few years back, but even I can play it on a PS3 or Xbox Pad I am very happy. I hope to see Banapassport functional with this so we can save our progress. Great work!