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  1. Game Loader All Rh

    Look for info on first page how to run on the game.
  2. Game Loader All Rh

    YES! It's full compatible with Win 7 64bits. You need decompress files to folder game (where executable file is), this for every game you use. Use Install, then config. Go to proprieties of Gameloader all rh exe file and enable Administrator mode, and run it.
  3. I know with pedals it's like original, but why some more acessories when light guns have buttons for that? I use EMS topgun 2 and assign 2 bottons to pedals, it's more simple
  4. After lost some time with this, this game is similar to PES 2012, the language: Many text is inside pictures found inside:KCK-001-2013040101\contents\data\convert\ac (letter J Japonese) Need folder from dump for other languages. Inside KCK-001-2013040101\contents\data\wep\image you have dt05 files for some text inside game for example REPLAY, just backup dt05_j.img delete it and rename your language to dt05_j.img In same folder you have dt00 files to commentary, just do the same for your language. Some commentary files only have fan background sound not voice, search for PES2012 dt00 original file and try, backup dt00_j.img, delete it and copy the new.
  5. Language Package inside folder KCK-001-2013040101\contents\data\wep\image Menus and comentary dt00 and dt05 Arabic - dt05_a Brasilian - dt05_b Chinese -dt05_c English - dt05_e French - dt05_f German - dt05_g Italian - dt05_i Japonese - dt05_j Spanish - dt05_s Russian - dt05_r Greek - dt05_n Swedish - dt05_t Dutch - dt05_h Portuguese - dt05_q Turkish - dt05_v I try to rename japonese files to other language without sucess, Here is the magic "switch" ?
  6. virtua tennis 4 resolution how to

    First page Use forum search and read to learn, you find everything here.
  7. Use last version. Open notepad, and insert: @echo off start demulshooter.exe -target=windows -rom=friction save like demul.bat on demulshoot folder Run demulshhoter select your lightgun and save Run demul.bat them Friction This game run perfect!
  8. Something more: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  9. With this game start on win7, but i have core2duo -> same tekken7 black screen? Some one have run with 2 cores? Who have problems with input, ximput1_4.dll is for win10, copy ximput1.3.dll and try, if not work rename 1_3 to 1_4
  10. [Tuto] Sega Golden Gun.

    read some post above, use [Hidden Content]
  11. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    DoA6, SF5, and others, more of the same, one more number and better graphics. I think that the arcade industry is acquiring the habits of films and entertainment games ... a crisis of creativity, in favor of the continuation of a success and not in innovation. That must be why I like arcade, the pure gameplay.
  12. If help... [Hidden Content]
  13. There is any option on UNREAL to block to PC with less 3 Cores??? How Disable that?
  14. Site online now. THANK YOU Trymado!
  15. Someone can post Crazy Speed Trymado Hyperspin Theme? Hyperspin site is down.