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  1. Do you use path files from this topic? Wich file you use to run the game? Do you have K-lite codecs installed? Game in C:\PC\aliens
  2. @Hot buttered poodle Backup your files before, and try this to config keys. Try joy2key it's the best for mapping cabinet buttons & keys [Hidden Content]
  3. Which controller you use?
  4. With the teknoparrot team on holidays and no news, this topic grows quite well. There are thousands of good games to occupy the time, but apparently the only game peolpe is playing is WORD WARS. Let's try to reach 500 post and be and be proud of lost time.
  5. @hotgraphics I test G.G. Taito-X with GameloaderAll RH and rotation work. I use GLA RH version 334, copy to game folder, runl GLA Install, Run GLA Config, change: Tab Windows Size - Setting 1 -> your monitor resolution Tab Loder Setting 1 - Desktop Rotation: 270 Tab Loader Mode - Loadermode: -1 Save Run GameLoader All RH and have fun P.S. - Game Windows is small, but rotation work.
  6. @pucci Use jDownloader2 to download direct
  7. Maybe pag. 104 from manual give some clue how conenct: [Hidden Content]
  8. @spiderzsoft I Hope the little bird continues to fly and avoid the shots so it can bring more news ;-) I mentioned Target: Terror (linux game) because it's Dumped, and this: "Do you understand the magnitude of what we can do with the ElfLoader? Basically run ANY/ALL linux games on Windows like Wine does for Linux. Especially now that our elfloader can emulate even libs(.so)!" From here: [Hidden Content]
  9. However, back to the topic... With so many good games from Raw Thrills, i think next, and hope, will be Target: Terror running on Win. Raw Thrills Games: Target: Terror (2004) Target: Terror GOLD (2004) The Fast and the Furious (2004 video game) (2004) Big Buck Hunter PRO (2006) The Fast and the Furious Superbikes (2006) The Fast and the Furious Drift (2007) Big Buck Safari (2008) Nicktoons Nitro (2008) Big Buck Hunter PRO: Open Season (2009) Guitar Hero Arcade (2009) H2Overdrive (2009) Terminator Salvation (arcade game) (2010) Wheel of Fortune (2010) Super Bikes 2 (2010) Fast and Furious: Super Cars (2010) Frogger (2010) Big Buck World (2010) Dirty Drivin' (2011) Big Buck HD (2012) Cars (arcade game) (2012) Doodle Jump Arcade (2012) Winter X Games SnoCross (2012) Batman (2013) Aliens Armageddon (2014) Barrel Of Monkeys (2014) Super Alpine Racer (2014) Jurassic Park Arcade (2015) MotoGP (2015) World's Largest Pac-Man (2016) Cruis'n Blast (2017) Alien: Covenant (arcade game) (2017) Space Invaders Frenzy (2017) The Walking Dead (2017) X Games Snowboarder (2017) Injustice Arcade (2017) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2018) Rampage (2018 video game) Halo: Fireteam Raven (2018) Super Bikes 3 (2019) Formula One (2019)
  10. [PC] Fighting Games Recommendations

    The Secret To The Gruesome Sounds In Mortal Kombat
  11. Just for the curiosity, what benefits there is in having Win 10, when with Win 7, I do everything I need. Is there something just for Win 10?
  12. A graphic card with 2 output (or 2 graphic cards or onboard card + external graphic card) and keys Win+P Modern Graphic cards have more than 1 output. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Or some other search for dual monitor software on Mr. G
  13. [Hidden Content] Play the game without GameloaderAll RH, you dont need it.
  14. [Tuto] ABC After Burner Climax: How to install

    Remove game fom teknoparrot list (inside teknoparrot), restart teknoparrot, add the game from library, and configure again.
  15. Interface

    Français Traduction par google de ma langue maternelle: Votre réponse est surprenante! Est-ce que je vous ai donné des liens directs avec ce que vous avez demandé et demandé des réponses directes? Je pense que vous seul pouvez obtenir les réponses en lisant et en apprenant, car vous pourrez alors construire votre cabinet. Pour construire mon cabinet, je devais lire beaucoup, apprendre et perdre beaucoup de temps (années). Tout est fait avec beaucoup de travail et à la fin, je peux être fier d'avoir fait quelque chose de bon. Ne vous attendez pas à ce que quelqu'un réponde à toutes les procédures de démarrage. Nous obtenons seulement le chemin, les étapes sont données par nous. English Translation by google from my native language: Your answer is surprising! Did I give you direct links to what you asked for, and ask for direct answers? I think only you can get the answers by reading and learning, because only then can you build your cabinet. To build my cabinet, I had to read a lot, learn, and waste a lot of time (years). All done with a lot of work and in the end I can be proud to have something done with taste. Do not expect anyone to answer all start-up procedures. We only get the way, the steps are given by us.