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  1. Arcade Adaptation for PC Games

    The page you can find on google cache with instructions: [Hidden Content] The file: InsertCoins.ahk
  2. What people forget is to get something and conquered, must do step by step, try and try until you get something works. Everyone should, instead of criticizing, thank for having the possibility to play, with problems or not. The team from Teknoparrot have done many thinks people never believe came possible... So everybody need to say THANKS.
  3. [Help] Sega Golden Gun

    The link is a AutoHotKey Script, you need install it to run and compile the script to exe if want. I attach the script compiled, is you need. (All credits to the Author) To use, run exe file and press key "F1" to turn Off/On the cursor. If you want assign other key than "F1" just replace F1 by your key on code line "F1::SystemCursor("alternar") ; Tecla que mostra ou esconde o ponteiro." and compile to exe with AutoHotKey. MouseOnOff_F1.zip
  4. [Help] Sega Golden Gun

    Work perfect, you may inset a shortcut on startup folder, and boot it with windows [Hidden Content]
  5. Work perfect, you may inset a shortcut on startup folder, and boot it with windows [Hidden Content]
  6. I'm trying to make Wiimote work with PCSX... I can use Wiimouse like lightgun (with my EMS TopGun lightgun bar) but not with Touchmote (unistall it). What I do: - Install my bluetooth adapter driver. - Install ViGEmBus driver from WiimoteHook (Google it and run like Administrator) - Instal WiinRemote_v2007.1.13 (Google it) This is better than touchmote with too many options, change to IR Sensor on options, enable cursor On/Off to use native cursor - Install PCSX Emulator - Follow instructions to install nuvee plugin from here: forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php?topic=151385.0 - On step 2: 1) choose DirectInput on HID Mouse API - Do not follow step 2: 2) Wiimote Lightgun now work with PCSX, I need more time to calibrate and assign buttons, but that is the way. Hope someone can join this and help others.
  7. If you have a cabinet, just use Joy2key and assign "0" to your coin button
  8. To play Golden Gun with coins, go to exe folder open teknoparrot.ini: [General] DongleRegion=EXPORT PcbRegion=EXPORT FreePlay=0 Windowed=0 Insert with "0" key play with "1" key.
  9. @linglang The best: POPEYE! Too much coins :-D Here full list: [Hidden Content]
  10. Very good games on Aime System :-) Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate House of the Dead Scarlet Down
  11. Use google translator: [Hidden Content]
  12. No, just the links on first post and a batch file with @echo off DemulShooter.exe -target=globalvr -rom=aliens To run demulshooter, and run with aliens dehasped.exe Mouse don't work, only light gun! Run perfect!