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  1. Thanks. No, the arcade version HAVE that folder. To see by yourself, delete it and run game again, folder and files will be created.
  2. Sky2310 I appreciate your help, bau I do that many times, I know if use TP I need to remove Jconfig files or not work. I test Jconfig, TP and GL All, none work. I use many times a clean install because I'm tring many things. I use both dump files ISO and 7z. Nothing work. This is a problem of many people, and not my setup. Its some incompatibility/option or missing file. If Tekken work for you, PLEASE share files from C:\users\(Account name)\ AppData\Local\TekkenGame Thanks
  3. Strange thing is happing with Tekken 7 "Black Screen"... When you run Tekken from first time files was created in folder: C:\users\(Account name)\ AppData\Local\TekkenGame The problem is that files are empty, no data inside! Maybe that is the problem. Is someone could share files from that folder to try, thanks.
  4. Tanks Moksi to clarify that. could please give me the backup folders/files on: C:\users\(Account name)\ AppData\Local\TekkenGame
  5. Someone who have tekken 7 running could please give me the backup folder on: C:\users\(Account name)\ AppData\Local\TekkenGame Thanks and...
  6. Who have Tekken running in Win7 could please tell is DirectX is version 11 or 11.1 ?
  7. sky2310 if you see, many people had Black Screen issue, me too, and follow your tutorial, and same problem. It's not a problem with you tutorial wich I thanks, but something is wrong to many people to be a simple issue of my computer/drivers/updates, it's something else.
  8. I thing you're right spinderzsoft. The problem is unreal engine, some files are missing from dump
  9. There is too many persons with black screen (and me) with TP or Jconfig. Something is wrong and everyone has something in common to run black screen. Who solve this can share solution? Tekken 7 run resolution below 1920×1080 ? Which dump is "the clean"? I have a nvideia, all codecs everything updated, Win7 64
  10. Thank you. Something is wong here I can't run with TP or Jconfig :-(
  11. Tekken7 run on Windows 7 64bits ??
  12. Imagine the day some team stops making their work available, and it's over! Stop criticizing, try to help, this is not a place to let someone/team down! It is a place to share experiences, tastes, mutual help. If something still does not work fully use another. Appreciate what you have because it was with the efforts of others that it is possible to have the pleasure of play.
  13. A question for those who use wiimote: If use win7 what soft+driver do you use to control?
  14. Thank you Manson976 Finally I know that I'm not the only one have the same error in both games (SGG and Transf.)