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  1. So, who have Tekken 7 not working with Intel i7 need downgrade CPU?
  2. @petje Do you read this? There is many processors with black screen, low, high, too many different setups from Top to botton
  3. I don't believe Dark Escape will be emulated, it's arcadelinux 32-bit. If succeeds it will be a huge evolution.
  4. HyperSpin

    I think I don't understand... You want a select play game and show like "live" demo inside game and go back to attract mode after 10 minutes of inside demo game?
  5. It's NOT A HARDWARE LIMITATION stop that! It's something else missing/option disable. There is user with Intel i3, 16GB RAM and Nvidia nv1050TI OC or better with same issue. There is many PC setups better mine and don't work. Strange it's all games until now run perfect (some with tweak for low quality), like SWBP, with same engine, but ONLY T7 don't start!!!
  6. HyperSpin

    There is a random Demo mode on hyperspin to select game view... But If you want Random play a game there is a option "start on random game" in HyperHQ and random spin button
  7. HyperSpin

    and a Happy NEW DECADE
  8. If you change \Documents\My Games\UnrealEngine3\SWArcGame\Config\SWArcSystemSettings.ini ResX=2560 and ResY=1440 for your resolution that not change?
  9. @POOTERMAN Use tweaks from fist link, you can change everything from game graphics quality to low or increase quality
  10. Do not extract inside T7FR, extract onlu update 12 to a new folder
  11. Anyone have Tekken running in a monitor with 16:10 4:3 format (not stantard) with 1280x720 NOT native resolution?
  12. Click Launch teknoparrot, show Tekken splash screen, and go always to dark side, so sound, no graphic, no life it's like a pause and black screen, only scape key it's working to exit. One thing Tekken 7 update 12 do is create files on appdata/local/tekkengame filled with data, with T7RF all files are empty. Anyone know if T7 need some ONLINE connect or is full offline?
  13. I thanks for your help petje, but isn't only me, too many users have black screen issue, and with PC version too. I have everything update, include nvidia.