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  1. - Tekken 7 addional modules ???????
  2. okie dokie i thought it only me
  3. mine tekken 7 update 12 works fine not vanilla and only practise mode
  4. tekken 7 doesnot work but update 12 does only practise mode
  5. can tell how to load tekken 7 tried but not starting
  6. can someone shre kof climax exe as i am getting crc error
  7. thanks mate. waiting for it :d
  8. mate can you share your attract mode folder without games
  9. hi do we need to over write the existing minime folder with the new one or seperatley, same for the sega tool.
  10. as far as i remember these were made for version 1.0 not for 1.10
  11. kool thanks mate now it is much more clear what to do
  12. @Kobe46 mate i tried everything for the saving the game but i am unable to enable saving process. i cant find the enter button. i tried start button, view change insert coin nothing is working. i am using ps3 controller, can you help me how to use save option. thanks
  13. nope it works fi9 without any change, just input type should b xinput in segatool.ini
  14. damn i cant find the offset in the file anywhere :'(