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  1. frankly everything was same just loaded mario card dx in teknoparrot played one round, came back tried it again boom it start loading
  2. holly mollie dont know what happened, my games just started
  3. i never added /24 at the first place
  4. it pretty old error i am receving it from v 140+
  5. i have ethernnet & wifi not connected dns default= subnet=
  6. when i thought i get pass all the problems and that hits
  7. anyone getting 8114 All.net SErver RTC error
  8. hi thanks for the guide and folder now atleast game goes to intilizaton but gets 8114 All.net auth error
  9. did you manage to run the game as i am also having the same issue. mine server runs as yours and having the same fu***** problem. if you get anything please do share thanks
  10. can you explain how you get it working. i Did everything in the read me file but mine doesnt even start, show the start batch file echo and no errors, what i am missing. one more thing i didnt have the bin folder as instructed in read me i created it my self.. thanks
  11. it not working with Jconfig but TP runs it fine. use the orignal exe with latest TP