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  1. Yeah, I got Senjin Aleste working so far, Guilty Gear Strive seems to run as well, but both have buttons mismatched. Easier to fix on Aleste, on GGS I don't know why. Could the buttons be matched to keyboard keys by default and teknoparrot would be overlapping with these ? Got the Steam version of GGS running as well, HW is alright it seems. Will dig more and see.
  2. so far, using TP, I have the same issues with Goonya Fighter : fast control, no Test Mode. Guilty Gear Strive, issues with the controls, buttons are inverted and kick is tied with jump as well. No Test Mode either Senjin Aleste, inverted buttons, but it's alright, playable
  3. For the Nesica Capcom games, I already made a new launcher that works properly with the few Nesica Capcom games (SF3.3, SFA3, HSF2, Vampyre) Check out this post Regarding the scanlines on the same games, I use Reshade. Reshade for Capcom Nesica Just extract to your HSF2 folder. On a side note, did anyone try to run the ALLS games on TTX3 yet ?
  4. Are you setting your PC_Native section for JVS or FAST-IO or both ? There was something similar on another forum, but only for JVS, not FAST-IO. I've been working on adding some PC section based on their launchers, but for FAST-IO, most games works fine, but some games just won't launch. I didn't have time to have a look at the way it works on v4 for PC-based games (ie. Cuphead) yet. It would be cool to have ways to add a PC section in the future.
  5. I’m curious what are you guys BIOS version and smart fan settings in the BIOS as well as your connected SYS_FAN header. My fan is connected on SYS_FAN2 header, whenever I boot with « SYS_FAN1 failure message »enabled, I get the fan failure message. I tried with another brand new fan I had laying around, error still appears.
  6. Just tried it and I think it solved my problem too. Check This to get the procedure. i let the cab run yesterday on sf5 and it didn’t reboot as usual.
  7. Thanks Murray, with this info I was able to make a launcher script that seem to work. Capcom_launch.zip
  8. Can anyone access the test menu of the 4 Capcom CPS2 games on TTX2 (hsf2/sf3.3/sfz3/vampire)? I mean, using the test button, not going through explorer. All I get is a black screen and I have to close and restart windows session to get access back
  9. not sure if it's of high importance, but check line 257 of the neogeo script "FileChangeDir("E:\syem\AM")"
  10. I had the same error on first launch of Fist of the North Star. I plugged a mouse, problem went away as far as I know. I need to double check to make sure. On another note, Blazing Star doesn't launch. The script is wrong, it launches Breakers. I guess someone was tired ^^
  11. All right, I changed my keyboard and it went smoothly I still can't load explorer.exe though. Would anyone by kind enough to upload it ?
  12. Hi, I can't access the BIOS. Any clue as why ? I plug a USB keyboard, maintain ctrl+alt+F9 at start, I get 2 successive splash screens "taito type X3", then windows boot... This is driving me nuts. I might try with another keyboard tomorrow (still this should work)