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  1. I'm not sure if it will work but the first time I saw anything about xinput.dll was when I was installing the Daytona 'leak' to my computer and it required remapping a dinput-based joystick to xinput because I didn't own an xbox controller. TocaEdit X360 Controller Emulator (x360ce com) was actually able to create the Xinput files from version 1.1-1.4 and even 9.1.0 but it was almost a year ago that I used it and all I remember is that I ticked all of the 32-bit Xinput Files boxes under Game Settings and it gave me the five versions of xinput*_*.dll in my daytona directory. I have no idea where jconfig will be expecting it to appear for pokken (presumably the game directory) and hopefully it won't actually require the rest of the x360ce application or I'll need to go searching for instructions again, myself!