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  1. With the four files this is what happens: Forbidden You don't have permission to access /download/LGAOBA/80c80cb3c65705f4f2ed29e26931eae0/FNFDriftexe.7z on this server.
  2. Thanks a lot. Are these now the definitive versions that TP supports? I say this because they are different from the previous ones
  3. Thank you very much, but the creation of rawartx folders has been useless, the games are still closing before the race starts. How Super bikes did not appear in the list of games to add I have reinstalled and updated version 1.0.0140 .Super Bikes still does not appear in the list of games but now the pad works in Super Cars. I have also tried to run as administrator the "Sdaemon" and before closing, the game has tried to play something like multimedia content and has been looking for the hard drive. So I've taken away his administrator privileges. It's all pretty weird. Thank you very much anyway.
  4. In Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift , after removing the files d3d8 , dinput8 and FNFTD_LAUNCHER_v2 and thanks to the files tdcrc.txt and tdfiles.txt previously placed by bonky0013 on page 416, the game finally starts in TP, but just before starting the race it says that Sdaemon stopped working. In FnF Super Cars I removed the files d3d8, dxwnd.dll, dxwnd.dxw and FNFSC_LAUNCHER_v5. The pad doesn't work, but the keyboard does, I also get the "sdaemon stopped working" just before starting the race. TP versions from when they came out to 1.0.0161 . Anyone who knows the solution? Thank you.
  5. You'll have to turn back several pages. Someone put several days ago a link to a page with all versions of TP, I advise you to take the 1.94 and
  6. In game Settings uncheck Xinput and check use mouse for gun. In controller setup try with keyboard buttons for the first options 6 options. If does not work try an older version of TP, version suits me for games until that date
  7. The same thing happens to me in Drift and Super Cars. I have already tried deleting d3d8 , dxwnd and the like. Can someone upload links with versions that work for them of the games?
  8. I mean the Game Loader All Rh, it already had problems with the W10 update and it seems that they have been solving it . I have not tested the compatibility mode with W7, the Daytona 3 and the Match Storm do not work on either of the two operating systems. And those that do not work in W10 do work in W7. I use almost always for all Windows 7 and I installed the W10 to go see how it goes. It is 4 years old and each update gives thousands of problems and complaints from users You'll have to try and see how the compatibility mode goes, comment here if it has fixed something and you may help more people. Also try some older versions of the TP, some of the games may be fixed. I use three versions
  9. I can play perfectly Sega Rally 3 in Windows 7 but recently I updated Windows 10 to the 1809 version and a few games no longer work well. It's the fault of the lot of changes W10 has made. You can have the two operating systems in a dual boot or expect them to adapt TP to the W10 changes. You can also try the GLRH Thank you very much for your efforts, boys.
  10. Thank you. That's the same configuration I had in my daytona. Still, I decompressed it again to test from a clean installation. I did the compatibility with XP2 also but it remains the same "network discovery, please wait" and it closes. Thanks anyway, if something new happens to you, it would be appreciated. I understand that for you it is to unzip it and launch it from the Teknoparrot without any other modification
  11. Hi. I've been trying to play Daytona 3 since it came out. The instructions in its own section do not work. I have tried many things including editing several .Ini but always, when starting the game it says "network discovery, please wait" for a few seconds and then it closes. I have run almost all the other Teknoparrot games without problems including the Shining Force thanks to the linglang tutorial. But I can not with this one. And I really like car games. I've seen people who say they have no problems playing it on any partition of the disk they want. Should i move some directory or game file to another site? Edit some .ini that I have not already done? I downloaded the preconfigured version " Daytona3Cracked(JVSnotincluded)" And by the way, the Match Storm, when I start it, a black screen appears to be loading indefinitely, I would also appreciate help with this. All .exe have administrator privileges, of course and I use an Nvidia GPU that does not give me problems with the other games Thank you.
  12. I had the same problem. With the version 1.0.0118 I unchecked Xinput and windowed and it worked. For playing i use only mouse and in the controls i only have the start button in the keyboard
  13. [Tuto] Shining force Cross Raid: How to Install

    Thank you. Another method that saves me being able to use the game. Are you going to do a tutorial for Daitona 3 ?. I have tried many things including edit several .Ini but always start the game puts "network discovery, please wait" for a few seconds and then closes
  14. [Tuto] ABC After Burner Climax: How to install

    Thank you. These tutorials of yours are very useful. When you read them you see that a little detail that you had overlooked after trying a hundred things saves you the game