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  1. Thank you very much for your reply. They're supposed to work in any folder. There are a lot of people that they work for in any folder. They work for me in any folder without using TP, but with very bad controls. I understand that since they are doing opensource TP they have to dismantle it and reprogram it from the beginning and that causes a lot of failures while they are tuning it. That's why I use older versions in which almost all games work. But the FNF games, that none of them work well inside TP and others do, makes me nervous. Let's see if the updates are fixing it
  2. Of course I do. It wouldn't bother you if the TP was not updated, the windows drivers, both in W7 and in W10 and had not tried different configurations. Anyway these problems I have since those games began to be available in TP
  3. Anyone else having trouble with all the Fast n Furious games? They start well out of Teknoparrot, but with bad keys or without them, in TP doesn't start any. For example, Superbikes 2 doesn't start in full screen mode and closes when you hit start in window mode. Drift and Supercars close just as you go to start the race
  4. Well, I have decompressed the Superbikes 2 of the files c_rawart_SB2.7z . I have put the Sdaemon of FNFSB2exe.7z and I am using the version Does anyone else notice that when you uncheck the windowed option the game doesn't start and when you mark it start but "Sdaemon stopped working" and it closes?
  5. It'll be available in a few weeks, don't worry. But keep an eye out for the Game Loader All Rh thread in case you can play with it.
  6. Same. Drift and Supercars crash when I launch a race. FnF and Superbikes closes when finish the loading screen.
  7. I use that for playing Nessica games since a lot, so i think its safe
  8. Thank you. I'll try them. It's annoying that the games work without TP, although with almost unjustifiable controls, and they don't work with TP. EDIT: I just checked Superbikes. It closes after the "finishing installation" message. I have kept the folder structure, but inside my Teknoparrot/games folder. Have you edited any files with which you can change the path of the game, maybe I can finally make them work in TP that way.
  9. What I don't understand is that if Fast N furious games work for me with the Mohkerz Loader (although with unplayable controls), with the TP they don't work, Sdaemon stops working just before the start of the race.
  10. What are the good dumps? Because I see a few people with the same problems. The games work for me with the Mohkerz loader, but I don't like the controls at all and I'd like to put what I want.
  11. Edited, Bruce's Supercars file V3.59 closes before starting the race too. Tokyo drift: The old download continues to close before starting the race. Bruce's file doesn't even start the game. SuperBikes: Closes just before the start of the race. All this with version 1.0.0165 . Right now the Openparrot has just been updated. I still have to test the new executables. By the way, can someone put a link to the first Fast n Furious? I can't find it.
  12. With the four files this is what happens: Forbidden You don't have permission to access /download/LGAOBA/80c80cb3c65705f4f2ed29e26931eae0/FNFDriftexe.7z on this server.
  13. Thanks a lot. Are these now the definitive versions that TP supports? I say this because they are different from the previous ones
  14. Thank you very much, but the creation of rawartx folders has been useless, the games are still closing before the race starts. How Super bikes did not appear in the list of games to add I have reinstalled and updated version 1.0.0140 .Super Bikes still does not appear in the list of games but now the pad works in Super Cars. I have also tried to run as administrator the "Sdaemon" and before closing, the game has tried to play something like multimedia content and has been looking for the hard drive. So I've taken away his administrator privileges. It's all pretty weird. Thank you very much anyway.
  15. In Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift , after removing the files d3d8 , dinput8 and FNFTD_LAUNCHER_v2 and thanks to the files tdcrc.txt and tdfiles.txt previously placed by bonky0013 on page 416, the game finally starts in TP, but just before starting the race it says that Sdaemon stopped working. In FnF Super Cars I removed the files d3d8, dxwnd.dll, dxwnd.dxw and FNFSC_LAUNCHER_v5. The pad doesn't work, but the keyboard does, I also get the "sdaemon stopped working" just before starting the race. TP versions from when they came out to 1.0.0161 . Anyone who knows the solution? Thank you.