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  1. Game Loader All Rh

    Is there any chance of support for dirty drivin being added soon?..trying to get the res to 1280x720...if not ill take a crack at hex editing the exe
  2. [Arcade PC] Swarm (Global VR) [Not working]

    Seems somebody posted that using my account again?not even tried to play this game lol.
  3. [Arcade PC] Swarm (Global VR) [Not working]

    How do I use The Arcade one, Please
  4. Tekken and SWBP work fine on windows 7.youll find lately people are having more hassle with games on windows 10 due to the recent updates of it
  5. It needs to be crack so until someone shows some interest in doing so it cant be used. Hopefully one day someone with the skills will make it playable
  6. NEW Alt Icons for Arcade Games..

    Dont want to take the piss...im after 3 icons for the Virtual on games. - cybertroopers virtual on -virtual on oratorio tangram -virtual on force Can send you something via paypal for your time as youve already done me two.would have pm you but you dont accept them lol Cheers
  7. NEW Alt Icons for Arcade Games..

    Awesome pal..cheers👍👍👍
  8. NEW Alt Icons for Arcade Games..

    great icons!!...im after a Neo Geo one and an Atomiswave one for my cab if your doing requests pal
  9. Yeah its really odd...nothing seems to make it work...im not even that sure the resolution is changing to 1280x720 because ive tried other resolutions and they all look the same. The game is playable...its just really annoying when im sure theres a simple fix somewhere in the settings
  10. are you using a 4:3 monitor also?
  11. If the ui is rendered in 3d is it possible it has its own seperate resolution setting. On a 4:3 monitor and set at 1280x720 the game will not go into fullscreen properly...fullscreen is set to true but its like its permanently windowed .i can use borderless but as soon as the star wars intro starts or you go into an ingame menu it kicks the borderless back to windowed. I thought it might be the ui resolution or scaling causing it?
  12. thanks for the file..ill give it a go b4 work in morning. I do use a fullscreen borderless ahk which works in game but reverts back in the menus or title screen. hopefully yours may improve on that
  13. removes grey bar perfectly but now taskbar wont autohide anymore and its still not 4:3 ratio on screen so bottom part of screen isnt filled. Is it possible to add an aspect ratio line in the unreal engine settings somewhere?
  14. So ive done some testing with clean dumps...one on my 4:3 win 7 64 bit arcade machine and on my 16:9 win 7 64 bit laptop.both with the 720 res files and free play added. The 16:9 laptop runs fullscreen perfect, the 4:3 arcade has the grey thing at the bottom off the screen. So basically the game is either set to run 16:9 somewhere in the settings or its impossible to show properly on a 4:3 monitor
  15. Is there an option to toggle 4:3 or 16:9 i wonder?