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  2. I have a problem with H2o Overdrive and Jconfig v06, On track selection screen I can move between the differents locations, on the race left and right works weel but I cant select boat, left and right dont work on boat selection screen...why? thanks in advance!
  3. Game Loader All Rh

    Thankyou! now works! :D
  4. Game Loader All Rh

    Yes but v3.42 dont download I dont know why...
  5. Game Loader All Rh

    Sorry fo the question but where I can download de last Game Loader? thankyou!
  6. Can somebody help me? On SnoCross I have the transparent circuit by sections, it disappears and always reappears in the same areas I am going crazy to solve it, someone to guide me? Any ideas on what it can be? Thanks a lot!
  7. Yeahh! :D thanks again for your time and for share your solution! :D
  8. punkdark2000 I dont have words to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!, you are God!, I have the 3 games working finally!! :D I think the difference was to install only Lav video because before I had selected WMV1 and 2 in Microsoft and only the WMV 3 with Lav video and so and everything still did not work, thank you very much for your time and the immense help, I check millions of combinations and I had no luck, thank you very much!
  9. Well, reinstall K-Lite Codec Pack resolve this problem but Sega Rally 3 and Operation Ghost dont work anymore, so, I reinstall Lav Filters and SR3 with Opration Ghost works again but Crazy Taxy 3 not again...so, is one o others....
  10. WOOOOOWWW!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I have K-Lite Codec Pack but I redownload it and install it again and then TADAAAA! WORK!!! Thanks punkdark2000!
  11. I have the sky black, I dont know why.... Nvidia drivers updated and I download the game 3 times....any idea?
  12. Hi, I have a black sky onTransformers, somebody know about that? any help? I have Nvidia drivers updated and download the game 2 or 3 times to try solve the problem but I cant, Thanks in advance!
  13. Sorry I Have a problem with this version, Transformers Human Alliance have the sky black...I cant fix that, can somebody help me? I need v235....thanks in advance!
  14. Hi, all The game works good, but today I try to play and I have a freeze on Loading screen with text "Disc Error, The Disk is Dirty or bla bla bla" I Don't know what happen....