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  1. 1 hour ago, EmuAl said (from Teknoparrot thread): >if anybody is interested there's a new jconfig on 1cc that makes superbikes 2 very playable on the controller > >[Hidden Content] I tried this but it is far worse than the homemade patches made by the users in this thread. Cannot do analog control for gas and controls go nuts after a min.
  2. Can anyone run Daphne in opengl mode using the 1080P videos? I can only use opengl with 720P videos (not 1080p) but it gives much better quality.
  3. No grain version is perfect!
  4. Karis, thanks. We are excitedly waiting the less grainy version. Brighter too if possible! Merci!
  5. I've gotten mouse control to work in some of the games, but can some explain how to get the mouse functioning properly in latest TP version with HOTD4 and Let's Go Jungle, especially with cursor and HD patch? The mouse seems to control movement in general but the screen area is not matching or something and mouse is impossible to control. It appears that Lindbergh games for me have both axis inverted for mouse.
  6. So basically 1.27 has been uploaded, but people can only use original Mohherz crack from the first posted 2.06 version?? This is why only 6 cars can be selected but the other 4 cars can also been seen in "Quickrace"??
  7. I can confirm that multiplayer over LAN works. Enable in test menu by pressing "0". All FnF games are working with LAN except Drift.
  8. Use this util: [Hidden Content] Set type of link to: Directory Symbolic Link. Then pick source and destination directories. Actually, anywhere on the C drive should fix everything.
  9. Ok, my Superbikes was on my E: drive and Paris track wasn't working. Made a symlink symbolic link to C:\Rawart (without copying any files) and now Paris track works.
  10. Pooterman, I am using dgVoodoo 2.6 WIP and it works perfect on Nvidia GTX 1070. Try version 2.6. Did you copy all the 4 x d3d files in the 'x86' folder of dgvoodoo over to your game install with the dgvoodoo.exe? Yes. You actually only need d3d8.dll. The others will have no effect. Are you using anything else on top of that? Yes, I am using reshade ([Hidden Content]) DX10 on top of dgvoodoo 2 (which is a DX8 to DX10 wrapper) to add HDR, bloom and adaptive sharpen (for textures). But you should have no problems with dgvoodoo alone before you add on top. All you need is the attached 2 files. Plus you can try the config file I use if you want. Superbikes 2 dgvoodoo2.zip
  11. soso92 : dgvoodoo is not a really program just a direct3d wrapper. You need to download it and copy files into game dir. Pooterman: no problem on Himalayas course with dgvoodoo. All: I cannot run Paris track using game from 2nd downloaded link. Pooterman had same problem. Any idea how to fix this?
  12. Use latest dgvoodoo WIP to force HD resolutions up to 4K and can apply reshade on top of dgvoodoo. My settings: dgVoodoo 2.6 WIP Virtual 3D Accelerated card VRAM: 4096 MB Anisotropic: 8X Resolution: 2X (eliminates some flickering) MSAA: 4X Bilinear blit stretch - check Apply Phong Shading - check Thanks for all you guys making this game playable!
  13. Ugh. That's dumb. So to get more cars I have to downgrade.
  14. I have version 2.06 and only 6 cars. What do I have to download to get 9 or 10 cars?