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  1. Only the first one works with LAN.
  2. Great work dex77! Much better than the cropped retail version. A classic!
  3. Manson976, the game seems to work perfectly in widescreen and 1080p. Can you try with these settings and see if you have anything misplaced? SCREEN_WIDTH 1920 SCREEN_HEIGHT 1080 RENDER_WIDTH 1920 RENDER_HEIGHT 1080 RENDER_WIDTH3D 1920 RENDER_HEIGHT3D 1080 ASPECT_X 16 ASPECT_Y 9
  4. Mohkerz and Ducon deserve a trophy. If someone could fix the online play and the horizontally stretched HUD to be proper aspect ratio in widescreen that would just be the icing on the cake.
  5. Ducon,it is great. Amazing work! It's perfect with my Xbox 360 pad now.
  6. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.63) | Arcade PC

    Why does everyone care about Outrun 2 so much? The Outrun 2 is included in Outrun 2006 that was released on PC over 10 years ago. Still available on Amazon and other sites.
  7. Hi Ducon. Thanks so much for this. I tried it, but it broke Reshade support and commandline params like -fsaa8. Then it worked only with the buttons with my xbox 360 pad but acceleration was still on my left stick y axis.
  8. More resolutions: Resolution HEX Codes 1024x768: 00 04 and 00 03 1152x864: 80 04 and 60 03 1280x720: 00 05 and D0 02 1280x800: 00 05 and 20 03 1280x960: 00 05 and C0 03 1280x1024: 00 05 and 00 04 1360x768: 50 05 and 00 03 1366x768: 56 05 and 00 03 1440x900: A0 05 and 84 03 1600x900: 40 06 and 84 03 1600x1200: 40 06 and B0 04 1680x1050: 90 06 and 1A 04 1920x1080: 80 07 and 38 04 1920x1200: 80 07 and B0 04 2560x1440: 00 0A and A0 05 3840x2160: 00 0F and 70 08
  9. HVG, thanks for this. I've been looking forever for a 4:3 HD rip of Dragon's Lair 2: Time Warp. Can anyone convert that one?
  10. Controller solutions If you have a logitech gamepad or wheel you can easily re-assign axis with Logitech Profiler. I still use 5.10.127. Remap acceleration to right stick. Everybody buys Xbox gamepads but they have never had the level of support on the PC that Logitech gives. There are other options to remap axis including PPjoy and Vjoy. I think Steam will let you remap most controllers including Xbox if you launch the game through steam and configure the controller through steam. Steam has very extensive controller configuration support ever since they launched their Steam Controller. The -mid (1,2,3) and -net commands activate multiplayer in Drift but it is not working properly and we will have to wait for someone to fix it.
  11. For me ducon's v2 and v3 have no texture glitch in FNF#1, however there is problem with shorter draw distance. Nvidia GTX 1070. However for AMD/ATI cards texture glitches still exist. For these uses the small d3d8 from Mohkerz/Customizer. \\Has anyone figured out how to get multiplay working in Drift or Superbikes?
  12. Any way to get wheelie working with the -joy and default analog steering?
  13. Customizer2, where did you get the d3d8.dll in your download package? This fixes all bugs on AMD cards for all Fast and Furious games! I have been looking for something like this for years and I tried every d3d8 converter on the net, but yours in the only one that works. As far as LAN, multiplay, the -mid switch in the command line (-mid 1, -mid 2, etc) still works to assign machine number, as you can see if you press V during the game (versioninfo). However LAN is still not working. Ducon2016, I like your patch. It works on my Xbox260 controller, but I think it is standard for gas on right axis and brakes on left, not the other way around.
  14. Nice work! The other 2 Fast and the Furious that came out, you were able to run multiplayer, as long as you assigned different machines, with the -mid 0, -mid 1, -mid 2 command line after sdaemon. Can anyone get multiplayer to work with this version?
  15. Attached are SweetFX files I made for Cyberdiver\bin folder to sharpen image. Note you must first force driver anti-aliasing with NVIDIA (3x3 supersampling ideal) using antialiasing compatibility to 0x0000F0C1 with Nvidia Inspector. Otherwise it will be too pixelated to sharpen. SweetFX bin folder.rar