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  1. How do you unlock more cars in the posted version?
  2. Enabled DHCP service and everything working. LAN games with Super Cars working.
  3. So this game can really mess up your internet connection! :-( Jahyr, did you go in the Super Cars system menu and play with network settings before you lost your internet? How do I fix mine? I don't have a system restore point. I will try disabling network play in Super Cars tonight and see if I get my internet back. Vitos, is this what you want me to do? Mohkerz, we may need your help with this!
  4. Ok, I did get it to work with LAN, no -mid or -net switches for this one. However right after I got it to work on both of the PC's I mysteriously lost internet connection and now I still can't figure out how to fix the connection working through Ethernet. All my other devices still connecting. Not sure if it is related or not to running Super Cars.
  5. This title works with LAN after configuration of network in the system menu! This made my day because I got LAN to work with first 2 FF titles but could never get FF-Drift to work.
  6. [Arcade PC] FFB Arcade Plugin

    This plugin works with Hydro Thunder in Demul. :-)
  7. For MXDX 1.10, is it possible to play offline, using an offline save game that has everything unlocked? The profile.sav that works with version 1.00 does not unlock with 1.10, and I would just rather use offline unlocked save than banapass.
  8. Have tried only nullDC and Demul; have not tried Redream yet, but apparently from youtube, it can't get Soul Calibur in full widescreen either (unless stretched). Nox is great for getting all those Android games on your PC and so much easier that Bluestacks. As an update to my initial post, the Google Play version of SoulCalibur may not show up in your Google Play unless it was previously purchased because now it appears delisted. But it is still possible to obtain the SoulCalibur android files online and sideload.
  9. Only the first one works with LAN.
  10. Great work dex77! Much better than the cropped retail version. A classic!
  11. Manson976, the game seems to work perfectly in widescreen and 1080p. Can you try with these settings and see if you have anything misplaced? SCREEN_WIDTH 1920 SCREEN_HEIGHT 1080 RENDER_WIDTH 1920 RENDER_HEIGHT 1080 RENDER_WIDTH3D 1920 RENDER_HEIGHT3D 1080 ASPECT_X 16 ASPECT_Y 9
  12. Mohkerz and Ducon deserve a trophy. If someone could fix the online play and the horizontally stretched HUD to be proper aspect ratio in widescreen that would just be the icing on the cake.
  13. Ducon,it is great. Amazing work! It's perfect with my Xbox 360 pad now.