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  1. You should always check my DeviantArt page for icons in my gallery [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  2. Please use this link to request icons, they take time to make so you're help and support would be appreciated: [Hidden Content] Thanks
  3. I'm not wasting time making multiple icons for different revisions of the same game, just use this one!
  4. I agree mate, no point trying to play the game until the controls are fixed. Just so damn frustrating as I've (we've) both waited years to play this game at home (just like we did with Chase HQ2) and it's never bloody straightforward is it!
  5. Already tried that mate, first thing I set using the 06 version of JConfig, slid that slider all the way to the left - made no difference - still can't jump! Just tried 04 version of JConfig and I can only get the boat to accelearte using the right analogue stick and I can't steer left or right LOL! None of the buttons come out correctly after you try to reconfigure them!!! I'm going to give up trying to play the game now as this is just too frustrating
  6. @soso92 - I thought I made that icon a long time ago! I'll go check my collection and get back to you it is supported under TeknoParrot yes?
  7. Thank god someone out there understand the frustration I'm having LOL! We need a new JConfig, who is the dev behind it and can we ask him to take a look at the issues we're having with it? I'm going to go retry version 04 to see if the controls are still screwed for me but from memory they worked just fine and let you configure the controls as you wanted!
  8. Al trust me mate, I wouldn't post on here if I hadn't tried everything first :( No matter what I press I just can't get the boat to jump and can't get the controls working when it's configured under JConfig. Just frustrated becasue the latest JConfig just doesn't work as it should for me. Every time I try to reconfigure the controls they come out differently in-game which I just don't understand. I can't get the game to accept the controls I'm telling it to use for accelerate/brake/view and nitro. Whatever I use they are always different in-game! If I tell JConfig to use 'A' to accelerate it will be 'Y' in-game If I tell JConfig to use 'Y' to accelerate it will be 'X' in-game Any ideas what could be causing this as it just doesn't make sense to me!
  9. spiderzsoft - if I understood it correctly you are supposed to press 'Brake' and 'Nitro' together at the top of a ramp but that doesn't do anything for me when I press that combination. For me JConfig just isn't working properly, whenever I map a command to a controller button it just doesn't work! For example, I tried not to set any of the analogue buttons to use as brake/accelerate and told the game to use the green 'A' button for Accelerate and the red 'B' button to brake. When I start the game 'A' is 'Boost' and 'Y' is 'Accelerate' !! There's clearly a problem with this latest version of JConfig :(
  10. Still having problems with the latest JConfig - regardless of what I configure the 'Nitro' button to be on my Xbox controller it only ever seems to work in-game when I press the yellow 'Y' button and 'Change View' only seems to work on the blue 'X' button!! Can anyone please confirm if these 2 controller commands are changeable? Also how are you supposed to perform a jump? I've tried everything mentioned here on the forums and I still can't do it, I understood it to be pressing brake & Nitro but that doesn't work :( Is there any workaround even if it requires editing a config file to allow entering your name properly as every time I press a character on the name select screen it enters the same letter 3 times.
  11. Having a problem with the latest version of JConfig. As soon as I try to change any of the controller buttons, when the dialogue box usually pops up to say 'Press a Button' it just automatically closes as if to suggest something has been pressed when it hasn't. Using version 2020_01_06 btw Any ideas please guys? Update: - deleted the monitor_input file and it's now letting me reconfigure the controls
  12. Guys I just wanted to ask again as all the previous discussion over the past few pages on this subject have just got too confusing :( Using JConfig (Not Teknoparrot) is there now a way to play the game fullscreen at 2560x1440p using a modified .exe? I downloaded the modified 'SWArcGame-Win64-Shipping.exe' that was posted on here a few pages back but when I run RSLauncher.exe the game is still displayed at 1920x1080p (And yes I did open HxD to check that offset: 9DE4BA was changed from '74' to 'EB') Has anyone managed to get the game working in 'fullscreen mode' in either 1080p or 1440p using JConfig and can share the files needed here please? I don't want to run 3rd party utils that hide taskbars\change the windows desktop resolution etc and just want the game to take up the whole of the screen when I play it! Thanks in advance