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  1. It should / could be compatible. It could be you did not update the firmware of your new motherboard with the latest version, for CPU support. I have no idea what motherboard(bios version) you got. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] TRIPLE CHECK !!! If these are the files needed SPECIFICALLY for your PC !!! So check it out, maybe you can get the I7 CPU to work. [Hidden Content],65523 LGA - FCLGA ?? [Hidden Content] Condolences, with your loss, keep that spirit, keep going strong.
  2. @SOYABEAN [Hidden Content] Type ASSNAATPD in the welcome channel to "unlock it".
  3. It is better to never meet your heroes !!! [Hidden Content] By the way ... What happened to this thread ? Maybe this is a option to continue non TeknoParrot related conversations? [Hidden Content]
  4. Game Loader All Rh

    @ratsflif As far as i know, it first shows "no data", for nesicaXlive network scores. After letting the intro demo run for a while it should show the local scores ?
  5. [Tuto] Initial D5: How to Install

    @darkphoenix980 Try to load it from another location. Do you run TP as admin ? Where did you download, download again ? [Hidden Content] Strange you get a dongle security error.
  6. [Tuto] Initial D5: How to Install

    These "errors" have to do with sound emulation. At the moment, just ignore these errors, there is nothing you can do about it. (can you program?) I think these errors have to do with not starting the correct executable file ? gamefolder/disk0/id5.elf
  7. [Trad French] MarioKart GP DX

    @trouby [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Quote: Here you have a lot of options, and the game art generally doesn't lose its appeal when rendered at a higher resolution. Because these 3D games make their graphics calls through Windows APIs, a wrapper like dgvoodoo2 can be used to elegantly render the games in higher resolutions, widescreen, etc. It works for DirectX 7 and up games, and games that used 3DFX's glide system. I've used it to play Omikron at 1080p AR-correct and it it works perfectly. This link has some basic instructions on how to use it, because it isn't intuitive at first. You're generating a custom .dll using voodoo and dropping it in the same folder as the game's .exe. Unfortunately this method doesn't work for all games, like Silent Storm which requires hacking the EXE Or set your Windows desktop to 720P, before you start MKDX, on your 4K monitor.
  8. [Trad French] MarioKart GP DX

    @ trouby Two different projects "kiwi". One by nucleaireland. And the other by Harmmmm and the people involved in this project. [Hidden Content] Somehow "they" got their hands on English audio dialogue. Not sure if it is audio rips (original files) or samples from a non public released version English version of MKDX. Since these are two different projects, by two different persons / teams ........ No idea if they exchange any information, or files needed for MKDX translations with each other. But with a bit of luck it will be released before the official English MKDX public release which will work on a generic PC. That one could take a long while. Eventually we will see, I mean hear it .....
  9. [Trad French] MarioKart GP DX

    English audio ? AWESOME !!! Japanese dialogue is funny, but I understand English a bit better. Once again, thank you very much for your effort !!
  10. HOTD4 is a Sega Lindbergh based games, which runs on Linux. (No worries TP takes care of that.) The ".exe" you are searching is a .elf located in. gamefolder/disk0/elf/hodm4.elf Other Lindbergh games. [Hidden Content] So for Lindbergh games, there is no .exe to run, it is a .elf file.
  11. I gave a short, honest answer. And then ........ WTF !! Anyhow, I hope this a excellent example, how we NOT help each other out. I thought, this forum is a "helpdesk" for solutions for "problems". Should someone want to get something of their chest. Pretty please, PM each other ? Keep your "conversations" private ? It is just a suggestion .......
  12. Anyhow "gentleman" make the best of it !!! Patience, good times will come back, eventually. Let Reaver and the other programmers on other projects, enjoy their well earned vacation. When they are back , they can get at it, with fresh ideas and motivation. Patience .......
  13. Good call "kiwi" !! Really infantile behavior, by a bunch of "intelligent" people. And using google translate makes a mess/ joke of this all !!! A few people getting their opinions of their chest, which they are entitled to....... Which became a tribal war !!! Anyway "kiwi" I hope you will lose that flu a.s.a.p. !!! Get on your bike , enjoy it !!!
  14. Game Loader All Rh

    @Mr.Miguardi You could work with shortcuts.
  15. No need for that, Window$ has its own bootmanager.