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  1. @butflash Sorry for my late reaction, I was away for a while. I think the solution for not being able to drift is ...... The settings in TeknoParrot for MKDX should be checked for General - Xinput. At least that is the solution for me for usage with a joystick, no idea if this works for a steering wheel, good luck.
  2. @mark360 disk0/vf5 It is a Lindbergh / Linux game no .exe but .elf
  3. @MAMEtastic [Hidden Content] From the front page works fine, patience. You could use Jdownloader for IPFS links, it can resume dowloads as far as I know.
  4. @ultimatepump Patience .... And to be honest, for some Patreon users the Patreon only titles do not work correctly. For me Rambo on NVIDIA, with or without the fixes on multiple systems. Rambo NVIDIA Shader Fix. [Hidden Content] Sega Racing TV , starts, but at the course selection it bugs out, audio glitches, crashes. Too spicy, starts, but crashes after Criware screen. So these titles are for me no go at the moment, on the latest (Patreon) build. We will see which build solves this, and when the "free" release will arrive.... patience. Normally it was a 2 weeks exclusive for new games for Patrons. I don't know when that changed. So from my standpoint of view, you are not missing out on anything.
  5. @sky2310 Sto0z Zone is for the joystick / steering in racing games. To make it less twitchy, something to do with dead zone, sensitivity. I set it around 20 - 30 % Sto0z, fix / patch does not work in Initial D 4 / 5 No Idea what Joystick / Gun Settings is about, this function has never been enabled.
  6. I have read that TeknoParrot is the last major release. After this version no more new complete builds on the TeknoParrot site ? Only updates with TeknoParrot it self ? We all know, new builds of TeknoParrot , can break things ! So that is why some people run some games with older versions of TeknoParrot. So if people need to or want to update TeknoParrot because of new games and features. Backup you working version of TeknoParrot, zip it, or whatever rar, 7zip. BEFORE you update, TeknoParrot has no easy roll back function ! So disable updates in your working TP version, if you want to stay at that version, or do not want to "break" your working version !
  7. @khoubash You can do whatever you want, that is you prerogative !! But i think miscommunictation / google translate screws things up for all parties involved. Do your own thing you are good at !!! p.s. PM me if needed, to not clutter the thread.
  8. @khoubash Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Like the Chinese say: Copyright ? Right to copy !
  9. @a7mag3ddon Probably means [Hidden Content] Look for the word release
  10. THANKS @POOTERMAN Excellent, maestro !!! Thank you very much, for this hard work !
  11. As requested / advised by some M8'S on this forum !!! I edited this post.... People whom ADD to this forum !! MEN, keep going strong !!! I will remove this rant towards @khoubash He knows EXACTLY what he did wrong !!! This REALLY hurts, literally !!! Well done !!!!
  12. @Visitor Q [Hidden Content]
  13. A bit of topic, but nonetheless very interesting ..... [Hidden Content] Rclone is a command line program to sync files and directories to and from:
  14. @Shurhand From the TP readme. PATREON ONLY: - [NTAuthority][NAMCO N2] Counter-Strike NEO is now playable, first N2 emulated game! NOTE: Dump file is called contents2.bin and file to load inside that is csneo2\linux\hlds_amd NOTE: sha256 hash of engine_amd.so: fac2dc3e7966555e4848549655a5749251f55f420bf1fb2f147014c57bcf62c0 (from contents2) NOTE: If you have AMD GPU copy N2\AMDFixByNezarn to N2\ NOTE: Requires some missing linux libs in \csneo2\linux\, you can download them from our discord: [Hidden Content] NOTE: console = ALT+F7 or ALTGR+F7 depending of keyboard layout. NOTE: To play the game do the following: - Wait for menu to load, move mouse so it asks for card. - Write login [2 random digits that are card id] in console (Example login 12) - Exit console and set some name. - After setting name it takes some time to timeout, so be patient. - Host via console: First write sv_lan 0 . Then map [mapname] to start server - Join via console: connect <ip> to connect to listen server. NOTE: ESC is disabled, open console and write quit to exit. NOTE: Forward ports: 18243-18260 for online play. NOTE: To have FreePlay Run game once and after that edit TeknoParrot\setting.ini Add line FREEPLAY=1 under [COINSETTING]
  15. Does anyone also have this problem with Rambo on NVIDIA ? Square boxes where explosions, muzzle flashes, dust should be. [Hidden Content] With or without the NVIDIA fix it is the same. Installed the latest NVIDIA drivers. Any solutions ?