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  1. @ducon2016 sorry, it is late here. my mistake. the start.bat should not have it there. So i tried setting it as admin and it did not load for me. Though when i turned it run as admin off it worked. are you running stat.bat as admin? if so try normal. last part is make sure you run inject.exe as admin once. then remove it. then make sure serverbox exe is not running as admin and try again?
  2. So when you load the game and it actually starts like it does in my screenshot. When you alt tab, there is no 2nd Direct3D window? hmm that means it is not running. Check your start.bat to confirm if that line is still there that runs serverbox.exe if it is there, then start to bat seems to run. I wonder if there is an issue loading it. Just curious, what if you set the Serverbox executable to run as admin under the compatibility tab in properties. Then run start.bat to see if it loads or if you get an error?
  3. I do have it running in background. My mistake, this happens like so intialD0_DX11.exe starts up (as in the Initializing) starts up. Right after I get stuff on the screen then the serverbox loads up at this time. It is a smaller direct3D window. The odd thing is it looks like it is downloading properly. start NET deliver. App Image - Download Status: 100 Option Image - Download Status: 100 and also when you get Clock: Blocked timezone update Clock: Blocked system time update Clock: Blocked system time update It definitely loads this up.
  4. @ducon2016 Do you not get the ServerBoxD8_Nu_x64.exe when the InitialD0_DX11_Nu.exe runs, it should run a smaller direct 3d window with the server information as to when your amdaemon does the download from there. What does your amdaemon.exe show you? Update: Could you check your segatools to make sure your dipsw1=1 and not set to dipsw1=0?
  5. So when you press start and the animation of tapping card. Are you pressing and holding the enter key on keyboard? That should load your card. Then just choose yes on the mobile section and create your avatar. Online battle is not available.
  6. Are you still receiving the jvs error? Or is it more figuring out how to card save and use of your wheel?
  7. Hard to see the screenshot of what service is running on port 80 for you. A lot of the time you can try if it is just an http service listening. Net stop http /y most of the time can clear it. If you can, could you tell me what is the service/exe that it is listening on port 80 from the screenshot? Or upload screenshot to image site like imgur? Since emuline has odd formating of images.
  8. You need to make sure your amfs folder is the same as your computers. Make your segaools to C:\Program Files\SDDF_1.31.00\\amfs If not, then you might have to move SDDF_1.31.00 to C:\
  9. 4105 error message is related to where your amfs folder is and what is setup on your segatools.ini. If your segatools.ini has amfs=C:\SDDF_1.31.00\amfs Can you make sure that this is the correct location of the amfs folder on your drive, then it should be good. Also which version of segatools are you using?
  10. So that screenshot is the same issue carson12345678 is having. There is a service that is using the port 80 on your computer, so it cannot run minime because something else is using that port. You need to stop the HTTP service or some service that is using that port, then re-run minime again and it should just load up to that Startup OK part and then it should be working. After this is done, check to see if you are still receiving the 8002 or jvs 6401 errors or even the 0800 error. We can work on those if they still show up afterwards.
  11. When you start, minime again does it not work now? or is it the same error as before error?
  12. Try this. net stop http /y followed by : sc config http start= disabled Not sure if you require a reboot. But others have tried this and it worked.
  13. @carson12345678 That minime error is causing the issue. It is because you have something using port 80, so that is why Minime will not start. You have to stop some http services. Try opening up command prompt: Net Stop HTTP. I believe there is some service that is using port 80, once you disable this service or stop it, re-run minime again, you should not get that extra stuff, and it should be just upto "Startup OK"
  14. Can you provide what shows up in your minime command prompt? also make sure that all of the segatools package is installed in SDDF_1.31.00\app\package folder.
  15. @carson12345678 8008 means it cannot connect to your minime server. When you start Minime, can you show me what shows up on it? and confirm your IP address is correct on your computer and within Segatools.ini.