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  1. Thanks, I was able to get further with some of the suggestions from the 1cc, though I seem to be having the same issue as the one person where they had to spam 1P or 2P Start button when the Warning scene shows up, or else it freezes. I also have the same issue with the video running faster, almost 2x faster than normal speed. Other than that, I was able to load it up and it runs now. Let me know if you are still having the same issue. How I got past it was, I disconnected my Ethernet cable. Ran it again but then got a Network error. This allowed me to hit the Test button and get into the service menu. Went to Network > disabled eAmusement then saved and exit. I reconnected my network cable and it worked, except for the whole tap 1P or 2P Start button when the Warning screen shows up, so I can start the game. Please let me know if you still need assistance to at least run the game. If you get past the Warning screen, then tell me what you did heh. As that does not work with me.
  2. Having trouble getting this to work. Extract all files. Copy crack bin folder and overwrite empty bin folder I run config gf.bat to edit controls for Guitar. Run the start gf.bat It loads but when it gets to Network I get - - in red. Wait 20-30 seconds. Then it crashes to desktop. I assume I need to setup a network connection to this? Thanks