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  1. Try moving it to the right to break, that might do the trick. I know that it sounds stupid, but since you can't assign the break separately, it messes that up. You can assign the break in jconfig and that one works fine.
  2. No, just leave it blank and do nothing with it. Just run the game from your usual location.
  3. Don't use that for now, a fix is in the work. Just press shift+1 each time you start a scene, then it will be flat. But that resets to dome after every scene. But a fix is in the works
  4. no, just make sure that you assign the letter G: to it. That is all.
  5. Add a usb stick and call it G: Then it adds files and folders, which store the highscores and all other details.
  6. Multiplayer only works in the update, also adds the 6th scene. And the updated one also make the flat look real flat....
  7. Put that in the game folder/launcher/
  8. You should be able to move up and down. I noticed that the controls are not going up and down as much as the arcade machine itself does. Something that needs to be looked into. I used an xbox one controller and still trying to find the best config for it.
  9. Sorry to hear that it crashes, were you using a 1920x1080 screen?
  10. I know for sure, that pressing F5 will freak you out,
  11. Try pressing Shift+1 and see if it will stay flat. If not, then let me know. If you want to run 4K, press F11 twice.
  12. Here is the xml file for free play enabled and no sound during attract mode. testmode.xml
  13. It doesnt save to the xml file. If you know how and where to edit, you are able to make changes. I changed mine to freeplay and no attract sounds.
  14. You will need the updated version for that as far as i can see Then you also have networking available. And the update also has the 6th scene....