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  1. [Tuto] virtua Fighter 5C How to Install and full screen.

    Yes mate you need Game loader to make it full screen its the only way. At least for now.
  2. [Tuto] virtua Fighter 5C How to Install and full screen.

    Never mind i see what the issue is, you have to literally extract Vf5c_rom.bin into the "rom" folder, thanks for the Tutorial! Ie if folder doesn't exist make it and unzip it or drag it from disk1 folder. Thanks for figuring this out! i would have never got this going
  3. [Tuto] virtua Fighter 5C How to Install and full screen.

    Hello I am getting this error any idea? im just trying to run it in windowed mode.
  4. Yes thankyou guys very much!
  5. Yeah i dont really get it either , it seems to have only 2 campaigns, I wonder if the others are unlockable?
  6. For those that are not aware by now, this was a pc game, turned arcade game , -released only in Japan. the 4 main characters were replaced by Japanese characters. the arcade was played with a mouse and a wii thumb pad looking device, instead of keyboard. Left for dead 3 will never come out, its been 3 years since we last heard news. Thanks for this! its a neat little anomaly that made it to arcades. also its rare that a pc game is ported to an arcade, but pretty neat. Ultimately its really just one hell of a MOD. Kotaku article about it, for those interested this version comes in about 16gb! but again its really a pc game...