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  1. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Hi All, Greetings from the Uk! I know there is a lot of good stuff going on with the Initial D game, but I was hoping someone could help me. I have 2 aimtrak guns but for the life of me I cannot get 2 guns working with teknoparrot v1.04. The 2 games I have been trying are Golden Gun and lets go island. Playing with one gun works, but 2nd player start cannot be pressed in either game..even if I bind player 2 start to the keyboard. (I have the use the mouse setting for gun games checked in DumbJVSMAnager) Can anyone save me from further pain and advise how i can possibly play these 2 games in 2 player mode with 2 aimtraks? Are there any hotkeys (like 9 for credits in Golden gun) that can let me play with 2 aim traks? Do I have to configure one as a joystick? I have read through the past 74 insightful pages but cant find anything on it.. Any help would be extremely appreciated! Many Thanks