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  1. [Arcade PC ] Nicktoons Nitro (Raw Thrills)

    Cool, thanks for the answers
  2. [Arcade PC ] Nicktoons Nitro (Raw Thrills)

    What other lower resolution games can this be applied to?
  3. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    This link still works....
  4. Weird.... I had a working version ages ago as well, then I ended up updating spice tools and the game stopped working but once I installed the version that I posted the game works for me again. --Edit-- It's a long shot but try this jgt.dll file that I uploaded. (feel free to back up the one you have) [Hidden Content]
  5. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    The game does not have to be on the root, and it does not even have to be on drive C: .... but it never hurts to try. Game runs fine on my S: drive with a super long directory structure. If you're still having issues with running the game you can try this older version of spice tools and see if it makes a difference --> [Hidden Content]
  6. Can't speak for the other Windows 7 users, but my arcade cab runs on Win 7 so I'd like to see this run on my cab. My main PC is running Win10 and I have the PC version of SFV running anyway so it's not a big deal to me if I get this running or not.
  7. Can someone confirm this game runs on Win 7? Thanks.
  8. Ahh, very nice. It's a good thing we have smart people involved in the hobby so that a dumbass like me can enjoy these older games at home.
  9. Stupid question but; are to hitting left or right after you scroll to your desired colour?
  10. Just tried version 1.4, works great. Thanks ducon2016. Without getting too technical, what was the ultimate solution?
  11. I tried it and it still drops frames for me every few seconds. -- Edit -- What's even more "interesting" is now that I went back to the older dic32u.dll and back to anti-lag it's dropping frames once again. Maybe that initial time I just got lucky somehow.
  12. Sounds great. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and help with everyone.
  13. We have a winner! That did it Runs smooth now. I bow to you good sir Not a big deal to me, but is implementing saving doable or is it out of the question?
  14. Running it with the anti-lag helps. The game play is smooth, but I still get a small pause (framerate drop) every few seconds. But it is an improvement from before. Thanks for the tips.
  15. I must have ran more than 10 times the last hour It's all random. Sometimes it loads up quick, sometimes it takes a long to at the initial load screen. I can hear the CPU fan kicking in like it's draining all resources to run the game. Whether it loads faster or slower at times it always runs choppy anyway. Running it in command line with the affinity 1 enabled freezes at the load screen each time for me. Classic.
  16. Yes, my bad. I had it set to 0 in the ini file. It still displayed the mirror but it was all grey. Once I enabled it in the ini it worked fine. Thanks. 99% of everything is running just fine, emulation and PC games.
  17. Tried the latest v1.3, the framerate is still erratic. Running it on Win10 1903, GTX 1070. But at least now the controls are working properly. One step closer
  18. Thanks for the heads up. I wasn't really sure how to use it. I tried it a while back but all I saw was a CRT effect. Didn't realize you could resize the display as well.
  19. Great, glad you have it working now. I can finally get it to work with or without gameloader. I also use the gameloader so I can display the game in 4:3. The resolution patcher didn't work for me as far as 4:3 aspect ratio goes.
  20. Forbidden? wtf..... let's try this again. Yes works with demulshooter as well. I remembered having issues on my Win7 machine trying to get the Model2 emu running ages ago and this file ended up doing the trick for me so I figured I'd give it a shot and copied it into Friction. No guarantees, but it seems like we have a similar issue. [Hidden Content]
  21. I might have some good news for you (fingers crossed) I finally managed to get it to run on Win7. D/l this dll file and place it in the root directory where your friction.exe is located. Hope it works for you. [Hidden Content]
  22. Yep, I'm using a typical monitor running a GTX 1050 card. All other games from various arcade pc hardware work no problem, only two games I have issues with are Friction and Caladrius AC not running at all on W7. I'll try a few more things before I give up Good luck on your end. Hopefully you can get it running.
  23. No, but I did try it as well and the same thing happens. Yeah, I figured it works fine on W7, there's a problem on my end somewhere. Thanks, I'll try that. Maybe on a somewhat related note, while Caladrius AC also works fine on my W10 comp, I also can't get it to run on my W7 comp. Can't get it to execute no matter if I try via Teknoparrot, Jconfig and/or Gameloader. I get an error related to the MMShader.fx file.
  24. While the game runs fine on my Windows 10 computer with various vsioboard versions and/or gameloader, I can't get it to run on my arcade cab which is running Windows 7. I'm also getting this error. DirectX re-installed, Nvidia drivers almost up to date. I already tried combinations of different d3d9.dlls and whatnot but it's a no go. Any suggestions? Thanks. Error code 13: Function: functioncd3d9rendersystem::CreateDirect3d9interface Description: Unable to detect current video mode File: \Dev\VenumSpyder\vsSDK\Source\vsRenderSystems\vsRenderSystemD3D9\Source\vsCD3D9RenderSystem.cpp Line:263 ... Also when messing around with various d3d files and gameloader's various options I get these two errors. Both errors seem shader related. ErrorCode: 13 Function: CD3D9HLSLShaderProgram::LoadFromSource Description: Error compiling high level shader File: \Dev\VenumSpyder\vsSDK\Source\vsRenderSystems\vsRenderSystemD3D9\Source\vsCD3D9HLSLShaderProgram.cpp Line: 248 --------------------------------------- IHighLevelShaderProgram::LoadHighLevelResource: Program UI.hls failed to load. --------------------------------------- Application has generated an exception! ErrorCode: 13 Function: CD3D9HLSLShaderProgram::isSupported Description: Shader: UI_VS is not supported by the target hardware File: \Dev\VenumSpyder\vsSDK\Source\vsRenderSystems\vsRenderSystemD3D9\Source\vsCD3D9HLSLShaderProgram.cpp Line: 132