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  1. I got Mario Kart 1.10 running on teknoparrot ........ but its running in slow motion! Its completely unplayable this way ..... And yes, just to make sure i started the game through jconfig and all is running well ...... So it's definitely a teknoparrot related problem. edit: found the problem, it was caused by the ffb
  2. yes, me. also the controls are working as they like. One time out of 10 its working, otherwise its deadpoint is dislocated to the right ........ .
  3. nice idea, but isnt it removing the thrill from the game ? Opponents are scripted and the wangan is mostly wide open and straight, so the "traffic" is the only thrilling thing, passing through without hitting other cars with 350km/h ;).
  4. School of Ragnarok works without any Problems with jconfig 1.5 from the 1cc discord and iDmacDRv64.dll, no need for TeknoParrot. And yes, only Dinput works .... . i7 + GTX750