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  1. Does the down control work? Does this game allow you to crouch?
  2. Can you guys confirm if this works with 2 xbox 360 controllers with the MS wireless dongle. I got one player to work but player two can only move left. This is my ini settings. I'm using version 3 [Options] ;Set to 1 to enable debug log WriteDebugLog=0 ;Set to 1 to disable the reboot code RebootDisable=1 ;Set to 1 to disable the hardcoded input code DInputDisable=0 ;Floating point value to adjust cursor movement speed CursorSpeed=3.5 ;Floating point value to adjust mouse movement speed MouseSpeed=0.45 ;Hide windows mouse cursor HideCursor=1 [Controls] ;Valid keyboard entries: A to Z, Left, Right, Up, Down, F1 to F12, Num0 to Num9, NumLock, NumEnter, NumMinus, NumPeriod, NumPlus, NumSlash, NumStar ; Esc, Grave, Minus, Equals, Backspace, Tab, Left Bracket, Right Bracket, CapsLock, Semicolon, Apostrophe, Backslash, Return, Left Shift, Right Shift ; Comma, Period, Slash, Left Control, Right Control, Left Alt, Right Alt, Insert, Delete, Home, End, PgUp, PgDn, Space, SysRq, Scroll Lock, Pause ;Valid xinput entries for pad #1: XINPUT1_A, XINPUT1_B, XINPUT1_X, XINPUT1_Y, XINPUT1_LEFT_SHOULDER, XINPUT1_RIGHT_SHOULDER, XINPUT1_BACK, XINPUT1_START ; XINPUT1_LEFT_THUMB, XINPUT1_RIGHT_THUMB, XINPUT1_DPAD_UP, XINPUT1_DPAD_DOWN, XINPUT1_DPAD_LEFT, XINPUT1_DPAD_RIGHT ; XINPUT1_LEFT_ANALOG_UP, XINPUT1_LEFT_ANALOG_DOWN, XINPUT1_LEFT_ANALOG_RIGHT, XINPUT1_LEFT_ANALOG_LEFT ; XINPUT1_RIGHT_ANALOG_UP, XINPUT1_RIGHT_ANALOG_DOWN, XINPUT1_RIGHT_ANALOG_RIGHT, XINPUT1_RIGHT_ANALOG_LEFT, XINPUT1_LEFT_TRIGGER, XINPUT1_RIGHT_TRIGGER ;Valid xinput entries for pad #2, #3 and 4: Same as #1, just replace 1 by the right number. Example XINPUT3_B for PAD 3 BUTTON B instead of XINPUT1_B ;Valid mouse entries: MOUSE_UP, MOUSE_DOWN, MOUSE_LEFT, MOUSE_RIGHT, MOUSE_WHEEL_UP, MOUSE_WHEEL_DOWN, MOUSE_BUTTON_LEFT, MOUSE_BUTTON_RIGHT, MOUSE_BUTTON_MIDDLE Quit=Esc ;Service=F1 ;Service_Coin=F2 ;P1_Coin=F3 ;P1_Start=1 ;P1_Left=MOUSE_LEFT ;P1_Right=MOUSE_RIGHT ;P1_Up=MOUSE_UP ;P1_Down=MOUSE_DOWN ;P1_Trigger=MOUSE_BUTTON_LEFT ;P1_Reload=MOUSE_BUTTON_RIGHT ;P2_Coin=F4 ;P2_Start=2 ;P2_Left=J ;P2_Right=L ;P2_Up=I ;P2_Down=K ;P2_Trigger=Right Shift ;P2_Reload=Right Control ;P2_Coin=XINPUT1_BACK ;P2_Start=XINPUT1_START ;P2_Left=XINPUT1_LEFT_ANALOG_LEFT ;P2_Right=XINPUT1_LEFT_ANALOG_RIGHT ;P2_Up=XINPUT1_LEFT_ANALOG_UP ;P2_Down=XINPUT1_LEFT_ANALOG_DOWN ;P2_Trigger=XINPUT1_RIGHT_TRIGGER ;P2_Reload=XINPUT1_LEFT_TRIGGER ;P1_Coin=XINPUT1_BACK ;P1_Start=XINPUT1_START ;P1_Left=MOUSE_LEFT ;P1_Right=MOUSE_RIGHT ;P1_Up=MOUSE_UP ;P1_Down=MOUSE_DOWN ;P1_Trigger=MOUSE_BUTTON_LEFT ;P1_Reload=MOUSE_BUTTON_RIGHT P1_Coin=XINPUT1_BACK P1_Start=XINPUT1_START P1_Left=XINPUT1_LEFT_ANALOG_LEFT P1_Right=XINPUT1_LEFT_ANALOG_RIGHT P1_Up=XINPUT1_LEFT_ANALOG_UP P1_Down=XINPUT1_LEFT_ANALOG_DOWN P1_Trigger=XINPUT1_RIGHT_TRIGGER P1_Reload=XINPUT1_LEFT_TRIGGER ;P2_Coin=XINPUT2_BACK ;P2_Start=XINPUT2_START ;P2_Left=J ;P2_Right=L ;P2_Up=I ;P2_Down=K ;P2_Trigger=Right Shift ;P2_Reload=Right Control P2_Coin=XINPUT2_BACK P2_Start=XINPUT2_START P2_Left=XINPUT2_LEFT_ANALOG_LEFT P2_Right=XINPUT2_LEFT_ANALOG_RIGHT P2_Up=XINPUT2_LEFT_ANALOG_UP P2_Down=XINPUT2_LEFT_ANALOG_DOWN P2_Trigger=XINPUT2_RIGHT_TRIGGER P2_Reload=XINPUT2_LEFT_TRIGGER