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  1. Shader CRT customisé: "Kick-ass looking games"

    mamefan2018 yes i got them but i have to say that i have had 'HD' shaders for daytona 1 model 2 since 2005 and in widescreen since then. HOWEVER these are nicer so i take your point now. i thought they were the same as mine but they are slightly better . shame its just for daytona tho. FORGOT TO TELL YOU BUT I ALSO HAVE HD TEXTURES FOR SEGA RALLY , MANX AND ALL OF THE RACING GAMES INDY500 ETC.. BUT ALSO ALL THE GAMES ARE IN HD IN SOME WAY OR ANOTHER IN 4K I TOOK THE ORIGINAL hd textures from '05 and used them in every game. they all work ,but range fro perfect to ok with no duds. its actually els original hd textures from along time ago.
  2. Shader CRT customisé: "Kick-ass looking games"

    yeah demul has shit shaders. i prefer nothing cos very similar the fact they had clean graphics also. but real crt at 480p mad them look great. but you are right that we dont have that luxury when it comes to demul. some games like virtua tennis 1 in 2 look better without anyway especially with nulldc naomi edition. which is the best , but it sux as it only does the very few games.
  3. Shader CRT customisé: "Kick-ass looking games"

    same as M3 sega model 2 didnt have scanlines ether
  4. Shader CRT customisé: "Kick-ass looking games"

    mame you must be joking right? that looks terrible. now compare mine which are clear and actually we didnt have 'scanlines' with these model3 games. it was pure graphics some of the best that were ever made(its nothing like the scanlines in mame) NOW IF YA WANT SOME DECENT MAME SCANLINES HERE;
  5. Shader CRT customisé: "Kick-ass looking games"

    dont do any of this ginzu il show you my look and you wont go back. examples below. believe it or not i use a asus Rog Swift PG27UQ 4k monitor in 144hz that doesn't matter at all that its for modern gaming. ITS ALL IN THE DETAIL, THE SUBTLE crt scanlines I believe its the best u can get , i found a way over months of trial and error just getting the balance right. the key is making it subtle not broad .
  6. can we get a higher resolution with monkeyball? i have what looks like 480p on my 4k monitor 😁
  7. YES IT IS. and MUCH better than teknoparrot. i find many games like this, the good ol' reliable rpcs3 emulator. NOT TO MENTION 4K is a matter of adjustment. no dicking around at all like in teknoparrot. the reason why i use teknoparrot , is the fact is arcade (when everything is emulating normally and optimally) is so much better than console equivalent its not even funny. but like my video shows the flip side to this is sometimes better.
  8. can someone confirm to me that in the darius game the game intentionally slows down in parts of the game. though i said the game runs in 142 fps for me , it slows to 60 ish when a boss comes round btw is everyone else dying a lot in this game? i have spent a lot of virtual coins in this game 😉 this game is hard i find to survive
  9. hey mame . A the moment i am playing this game in window as it shows the correct ratio then i can make it wider to make it appear correct(the only problem with that is it runs too fast 144fps) do think i could create the width of the game , but in fullscreen? i can go into fulscreen now it will run at 60fps also of course as you know the problem with that is the width is half the normal width. what are your ideas on this? and what resolution do you play darius in , im in 4k
  10. DariusBurst Fix. whoa cunning stunt ! toldya Dex it was elementary my dear Watson . 🎩
  11. jez DEX that is deep music 🤣 enya intro to rock gods now show me the shooting sound and we can play this mother f&*ker
  12. maybe, maybe not DEX, as i have just said to someone else in messenger, 'steam' has this game left for dead 2 it was basically a pc game but in the arcades and i have had the same problem, playable, but no sound. however i get the sense that it will be elementary my dear watson
  13. Darius Burst Another Chronicle NO SOUND? i have got it running , i think we need to get into 'test' mode to get sound. so far the other positive is that it plays at normal speed even thought my monitor is 144hz, sometimes this means the game will run way to fast .
  14. make an exception in your w10 defender your virus and protection will see this budieloader file as a threat. you can either turn off your useless defender or make an exception for the file
  15. dont need to input 'test' , leave it out just input ya car controls
  16. I CANNOT GET ANY SOUND on the console says its probably missing from repository
  17. Its kinda hilarious people are failing to read readme then cry that big bad devs don't fix non-existant issues lol. ay? all u did was copy n paste there complete nonsense. what u got there is how any person should have done anyway. u say what? get the registration number u say? ugh well yeah no shit .
  18. So i have found a fix for MKDXGP using Teknoparrot1.92 for people trying to use the save feature 'banapassport. you dont need to watch the whole video, just the beginning. thats where the fix is 😁
  19. i tried all of them and the banapass thing doesnt work.
  20. So i thought id try the mario kart dx game in '92 and got the new engly translation which worked for me(stil jap speech but its all gd) but then it came to my attention that the banapass thingy m gig was not working the current version of teknoparrot. well can anyone tell me that the '93 version WIll fix this? i shall i just use an older version
  21. download every runtimes u can heres a help for you [Hidden Content] . then use the 1.51hotfix2 teknoparrot version. its the only 1 or atleast 1 of the few that runs the game in 60fps. later teknoparrot versions only do 45fps. all teknoparrots here; [Hidden Content]
  22. yes you are right. i was unaware of this game . but i just said that cos this is a teknoparrot forum, not a typxtra . also i have a bundle of typxra nesica games also and this wasnt in it. i have about 50 games
  23. hmm? ok so you have gone into teknoparrot 'emulations settings' and ticked use mouse for games' and then saved it and restarted teknoparrot ?
  24. use the teknoparrot to play the game as is, dont fuk with jconfig. that would be a harder way of playing the game imo.