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  1. Mame crt perfection (close to)

    subtle scan lines , look closer
  2. Mame crt perfection (close to)

    thats fine. its not personal. i can agree to disagree ,thats all btw i did give u credit the picture looks better than before with the new mame versions. i just feel mine are still better no need to get titchy. i havnt.
  3. Mame crt perfection (close to)

    yeah nah , yours is just too stiff and liney grainy sorry . i just cant see it
  4. Mame crt perfection (close to)

    man my screen looks awsome . yours looks grainy too defined. i am trying out yours for reference
  5. Mame crt perfection (close to)

    i find your grainy picture grainy and mine like real arcADES doent have this. your picture shows like you are playing on a emulated snes or something the itself isnt too bad if u like a grainy picture(im being serious) i dont see this defined black lines at the local arcade here.
  6. Mame crt perfection (close to)

    yeah the reason why those stupid scanlines makes it look dark on snes9 is cos the real crt has huge light focus on one area . when you use fake scanlines like u thats why its dark and stupid. the 'scanlines' are just the gaps between the picture. its just what we were used to and it looked apt.
  7. Mame crt perfection (close to)

    its better than before. the bottom picture looks good. but still i dont need to use the geom when my picture is on a 4k monitor and looking like arcade, i havnt seen a better setup than mine. vga? no i use an asus PG27UQ a great 4k HDR monitor.
  8. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    couldnt be anything else, thats right
  9. Mame crt perfection (close to)

    but thats mame cabinets. im talking real arcades m8 not based on something that is made up , the picture here is also wrong. this is just your formula. im talking about the real thing.
  10. i never said it was a competition . I want to see a clear comparison for myself.
  11. omg so wrong. arcades were never this grainy. think 'subtle' when it comes to scanlines , and u say HD? mine are in 4k
  12. nope looks bad and this is console anyway
  13. Mame crt perfection (close to)

    personal? wow talk about weak piping time we live in powder puff
  14. i am not raging? then u call me an asshole? now whos raging.
  15. Mame crt perfection (close to)

    hmm it depends on the location. i have the jap ones i think. also how would u know how many scanlines i have on the mame?( also thats beside the point , its how it looks.