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  1. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    would my video help? [Hidden Content] OR DO YOU MEaN ITS DOWN RIGHT NOW
  2. I mean i guess i could take a game of yours say asterix and then compare mine with urs, but it wouldnt matter as u use up to date versions i use the same version. however it may Sway your view
  3. yeah u think i got my scanlines by chance? no taken a few months off and on the case. of course i compared to real arcades. yes its up to u. im not trying to be aggressive but i just dont see anything other than the fact the 'new' mame features seem to have disposed of the easiest way to make it presentable like the old days. I REALISE THE REASON WHY YOU HAVE DONE WHAT U HAVE DONE FOR THE NEW MAME VERSIONS i get it. but thats why i dont bother getting the new versions, i just dont agree with it and looks bad in my opinion. i guess i would be using that garbage if i was using the new versions, id have to put up with it. but please. i have spent time on mine as well as have u. i respect the hours u have put in. i was also bit by bit figuring it out
  4. ????? what these are nothing like the real arcades, mine are way closer. think about it ,. u never had these prominent scanlines. we had subtle scanlines, but my god if u think these look alright then knock yaself out 🤦‍♂️
  5. Mame crt perfection (close to)

    his 'shaders' dont look anything like the real arcades/ mine do. now u can use the bezels if u want. but yes of course what happens if u use them u dont get the curve. i can use both with or without and they are much closer to the real thing not his.
  6. Mame crt perfection (close to)

    that is exactly what i dont want now i know wtf would i make the heading as such if i thought his crt shaders were any good? what im doing is giving a much better alternative to his rubbish. i know what im talking about as i grewup in the arcades. i know how they should look. and houbs shaders are crap. but of course u dont have to. im only saying what i think
  7. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    agree arcade is always best. like mariokart 8 on cemu. something missing , why mario kart on teknoparrot is way better, also looks better
  8. Mame crt perfection (close to)

    what the fuk are u talking about? look at the ninja turtles game. the name of the video is called Mameui64 0.171 - HLSL setup then....i guess u dont see the comments section? and also i show on the video
  9. Mame crt perfection (close to)

    Forget all this new mame shit it still looks like shit i have the best mame crt look because i use the older mame version that is just before the change of diabolical controlled crt rubbish 'fixes' and heres the proof
  10. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    hes no longer available cough cough*
  11. Triforce Tutorial - Virtua Striker 3

    if went the trouble of making a cabinet, id just get the actual hardware . ino money. but its not as if u can just use mame on it like a lot of people do.
  12. i disagree lingy rery much 5 dorrers
  13. [Emu] Sega Model 3: Supermodel r793

    I find the older SupermodelUI better than the current (not to mention that it will not do 4k) THIS IS THE 3D ENGINE. but its NOT! NEW at all i also use the older sm exe. beautiful best graphics imaginable in 4k Supermodel UI.exe watch in 4k if you can 😅
  14. Triforce Tutorial - Virtua Striker 3

    maybe vs4 is 4k? . btw i cant stop playing this game at the moment. even tho its bloody frustrating most of the time easily lose the ball get tackled etc..
  15. Triforce Tutorial - Virtua Striker 3

    and then theres this puppy graphics to die for the best imo better than vs3 and vs4 imo watch in 4k and you will see