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  1. teknoparrot, the update thing it seems more than buggy to me. are we ever gonna do stand alone updates again.
  2. there was a time Kim lived in new zealand and provided many dlds to people not just for kiwis, but for the world, a world of convenience, when i could get what i want when i wanted it, i have quite a collection of 'shit' , saved over the years thanks to Kim.com things have been crap for awhile now , theres the 'odd thing still, but if guys are wondering what to make of 'Mega links ' etc.. its not just dead links which are the problem, theres other things to it. [Hidden Content]
  3. not sure what happened but 181 update fuked up. but i fixed via the original ui rar file and just adding the new ui teknoparrot 181 file to it. it didnt update properly, im sure im not the only 1 to experience problems updating with this. but i got around it straight away. . . the error it gave me before hand was that i could no longer use the ui version , a bunch of gunk. anyway working now
  4. can we set controls? i can only use keyboard and mouse?
  5. can someone shed some light on half life 2? i just get a black screen with perpetual loading, how are u sposed to start the game. i used launcher done res. then started it. still,black screen
  6. yeah i got the original, but then i got the updated version 10' of mario kart or whatever it is , its the latest one, then i got my online bannapass number for virtual memory card stuff. i made a video about it but im afraid i cant show here., il message u
  7. good grief fulgore you definitely need help wtf happens to your bloody folders ? 😄 mine looks like this but the game works fine there a possibility u have a bug in ur pc? ---- this game has been pretty good for me forever.
  8. i was just wondering when the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge attraction dump was coming out 😉
  9. ok so i have fnf and fnfsb working well. controls are fine again but only in full screen which is ok . fnf looks good in HD also. the SB game no hd for the game
  10. FNF games , most things work except this
  11. thats what we are saying tho mame. we are using the updated versions, u havnt updated, of course it works
  12. ahhh yes it was working for me too . not now .
  13. icons are in the links folders. i need help i set my controls to fnf games . i set it to controller but mouse is moving instead da fuk?
  14. can someone help me with the fast n furious games, i hookup my controller but the car or bike wont turn, it is turning my mouse instead whats going on?