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  1. oh well set your controls in the teknoparrot frontend (controller setup) if your controller is ps3 or ps4 it doesnt matter, thaTS JUST XINPUT ANYWAY cos i use those. 😕
  2. um i never knew there was one? all i did was go into config and change the...... HorizontalResolution=3840 VerticalResolution=2160 thats all i did. unless your are talking about outrun2 game, well that 2160patch has always been a myth. never worked for me, if u want 4k u have to just use the Respatcher file [Hidden Content] which has worked for me, except u only get a partial backcar shadow . but everything else is fine. i made a video awhile ago to make people aware of it that 2160patch file is actualy only for 2k monitors at best . the one i use can be for 4k, but u can use it for any resolution.
  3. so iv been doing the yuzu thing for about 2 hrs now, dl a patreon version, much better than normal, faster, also got the one with 8k visuals. except i got the one just before the latest version, so its 4k and mario aint in 4k let alone 8k, but yuzu is improving all the time, also rpcs3 is also, most games going along nicely. except of course 007 legends which fuks me off. cemu is quite good, few good games, but find myself ending them after 20/30 min to play something better. But pennyworth i enjoy every week, good series reminds me in a funny way of 'Danger mouse in the 80's. teknoparrot? fuk knows
  4. ugh what ? i never attacked your comments
  5. So i say this every year but... THE FUKING UPDATES ARE FUKED! perpetual updates that don't ever update.
  6. lang can u make a video on dual boot system? im thinking about it. i see u often compare 1803 to 1903 . be easier if we could actually just update everything.
  7. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 oh yeah ty
  8. yeah insert joke ---------- here 😁
  9. 'no updates effect me ' Well you know yourself that TP at one point was always updating and everything was exciting, new game every 2 days just about, i was making an observation joke. an ironic joke because these days we dont get updates all the time. you 🤨sound like u need a break from all the work u do cough cough* but seriously no updates effect me anyway as im not a patreon and so i cannot play any new games anyway. i made an observation , many have done the same before many times.
  10. Whoa Whoa Whoa slow down teknoparot updates?, whoa this updates so regularly oh man rery bdu bdu , why cant we just have updates every 2 months? oh man to many updates nowa days 🤣
  11. yeah i have a problem of explaining things badly ,its my only weakness 😂🤣🤣 never mind as i said i got it right in the end, this menu is an OSD 'on screen display' it was fuked before graphically but now i fixed it i tried googling what my picture looked like before, but i cant explain it properly . 😕 its alright now back to normal 😄
  12. linglang said: never mind , i got it working now, could of been any number of things, but i did notice my mouse was stil on, so i changed that random thingl
  13. have you ever dealt with your pc monitors OSD displaying fuked up greenfuzzy display? i hadnt played model 2 emy for awhile but thats what set it off. it hasnt returned to normal. i guess i might have to update or some shit. im still on 1803
  14. Gliding for a hiding dude 😂