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  1. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.43) | Arcade PC

    I solved this problem with demulshooter in fullscreen, it's very easy to setting and have a menu for calibration offset With 2 Wiimote is perfect
  2. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.43) | Arcade PC

    someone to help me, I can not configure my wheel logitech momo in teknopparrot, teknopparrot does not detect any commands... don't recognize the steering wheel, neither xinput or dinput ... what should I do? Do I have to use xboxce or am I wrong? Help please
  3. [Help] Sega Golden Gun

    Ok thx for the reply, one question with aimtrack in mame did you have an offset? or if you say a mode to change offset in mame sorry an thank you again
  4. [Help] Sega Golden Gun

    hi Argonlefou! congratulations for your excellent demulshooter, I have a question, I have a calibration problem in mame with my 2 wiimote (under touchmote) in all other emulators work perfectly. in practice the crosshair has an offset of 5 / 6cm on the left, compared to where I point the gun, and after the calibration of each game does not change anything ... this only happens with the mame (the wiimote are sets as joystick in the same way sets other emulator). I tried different versions of mame but the result is always the same. Do you have any idea how I could solve it? If is possible to create a small software like the demulshooter for mame, only for calibration? Thanks in advance and congratulations again
  5. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.43) | Arcade PC

    Paste this in the same game folder [Hidden Content]
  6. I did not specifically ask your help, so if you do not want to, do not answer! education is something for a few people ...
  7. Anyone have map the controls with keyboard? When i press left Arrow game goes in servicemode... When i press some key i kill all villain or finish the level and start the Next level I'm going crazy Anyone have the controls working can explain how to?
  8. without divx 6 run normally?
  9. Ok first don't use mousenabler only use demulshooter and aliens dehasped.exe to launch the game I have the game working in Windows 7 64bit without VM and the game is in C:\PC\.... In my case With Touchmote and wiimote i set both as xbox360 gamepad set demulshooter to launch as admin and/or disable the UAC setting demulshooter to working player 1 and player 2, in my case p1 is xinput1, p2 is xinput 2 try if the guns work in calibration (do you have to see the red and blu mark on triggering) now create a batch file (the batch file in my case is in the demulshooter folder) activate the guns before lunch the batch (to allow the demulshooter to see the xinput, if you activate the guns after sure don't work) launch the batch file and then "only" aliens dehasped.exe Enjoy
  10. Solved!!!! 2 wiimote with touchmote and demulshooter perfect working
  11. Hi Can you explain how to set 2 gamepad on alien please? I use wiimote with touchmote and i get work only player 1 with mouse... i have trouble with player 2 to work When i use demulshooter i have a lot of error in debug file "screentoclient api error" "impossible to create the file, if the file already exist..." and nothing Happens...all value stay to zero (in demulshooter test mode i can see the trigger working) at the moment with your mouseenabler i can play with player 1 perfectly but p2 don't work anymore, with only launch the aliens dehasped and the 2 wiimote sets in touchmote on xbox360 gamepad player 1 stuck around in the 4 corners but player 2 works perfectly.... i'm very confused Thx
  12. [Help] Sega Golden Gun

    Most games have trouble with Windows 10 and specially with "nonNvidia" cards... sorry
  13. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.43) | Arcade PC

    Install the game in C: (c:\Initial D7) for the save problem copy the game folder in C: insert in the folder of the game this file [Hidden Content] is save crd from Bruce The english translation is partial... translete name and car parts, colors, e some name... nothing else I've never see a character sitting in the car... only in cut video
  14. [Help] Sega Golden Gun

    Install this [Hidden Content] in One Runtimes after that - DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010): [Hidden Content] - DirectX SDK (June 2010): [Hidden Content] ) Try This Most are necessary to run MKDX and Sega Godlen gun
  15. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.43) | Arcade PC

    On initial d stage 7 does anyone know if it is possible to change the volume of music and effects? thanks