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  1. Check if Free play box is checked in Tekno. For HOD4 I recommend to use the game loader with the Full Hd patch or other resolution patch. Edit: MEEHHHHHH, sometimes because of some GENIUS of this forum, I am disgusted to comment or help someone. Regards
  2. Thanks for answer, yes I've downloaded the demulshooter 8.5.6 and in the bat file I have written this syntax: @echo off cd "G:\Games\transformers_final\exe" start TF_Gun_R_Ring_dumped.exe cd "F:\DemulShooter_v8.5.6" start DemulShooter.exe -target=ringwide -rom=tha exit when click the bat file, get error: TF_Gun_R_Ring_dumped.exe not found, appears and is in the exe folder.
  3. Hi guys, when I open the game transformers from teknoparrot, the resolution changes to 1280x720 I can't change it to fullhd, the cursor very uncontrollable, how can I calibrate it? Any way to use demulshooter? Thanks
  4. @linglang So I understood, that nobody can design an icon similar to that of Mr. Pooterman? I insist that I searched for the icon for rambo and I have not found it. Ok, my apologize for sharing an icon with the rest of humanity, here only one user can do it. You are unfair but at the same time I understand you by favoritism. It will not happen again
  5. @linglang Please, will you explain to me what I did wrong? Share a f**** icon with users? The Rambo icon I designed it in photoshop for personal use because I did not find it here, and the icon of 2Spicy never I said that I created it, just shearched it in google and I have shared it? Here I do not sell anything, if someone does not want them to use their files, to make them private with copyright, here we know perfectly what we do in this forum. I hope you understand and do not judge unfairly. Thank you
  6. Hi @POOTERMAN The Rambo icon I have designed it personally for my frontend , I saw that it did not exist in the forum and I have shared it and even mentioned you (I can show it with a PSD file) with my complete good intention. In the case of Two Spicy, the 7zxkv user asked for it, I searched it in google and I shared it. I just try to help the users of this forum. If you do not want them to share your icons, please put them on private or sell them but do not warn me. Thank you PD. Sorry for my insistence but here I leave the proof that the icon I have done in photoshop and I have not removed it from your page, but please, if you want anyone to touch your icons, mark them PRIVATE because I have not sold any files here, I only try to contribute to the forum.
  7. Hi friends, I designed this icon, I hope you like it. At least let's wait awhile until @POOTERMAN makes better design. @7zxkv
  8. Last week or 2 weeks ago I shared some files for the cursor.
  9. Did you solve the lightgun calibration?
  10. Damn, the teknoparrot is worse than the Win10 updates.
  11. I made these 2 larger cursors, I hope they serve you. Cursor1.cur Cursor2.cur Cursor3.cur Cursor4.cur
  12. Achat de l'ULTIMARC AimTrak Light Gun avec RECUL

    The aimtrak is a Bullshit, I have one instaled in an Original Namco gun, it works fine but you have to be a mast, if you move from the place where you calibrated it is unbalanced, and better not speak of the kit of aimtrak recoil, other shit, the best thing that I recommend is to buy only the pcb and install it inside an old Namco playstation gun or the other alternative, wait for this new gun to come out. Ultimarc has become very rich selling the aimtrak light gun , because its manufacture does not exceed 25 dollars. The big problem is that the geeks don't repair spending even if we are hungry, we only care about satisfying our whims and no matter the price. I hope this new creator does not abuse like him.