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  1. Саш геймпад новый за 7000 ещё продаёшь тот что был на авито XBOX 360 Call of Duty? Хочу купить. Активируй объявление или оставь мне свой номер телефона созвонимся.

    1. CCCP1982


      Телефон в объявление есть , активировал только сегодня .

  2. ark216 Hi there, Can you share your rpcs3 settings for VF5? NVIDIA gtx570
  3. Hi there,

    Can you share your rpcs3 settings for VF5?

  4. micmey ppu interpreter, spu recompiler, vulkan 720p, V-Sync OFF 55-60 FPS OpenGL 16 FPS
  5. Virtua Fighter 5 end FS PNG Virtua Fighter 5 GRAPHICALLY Better! Need an emulator test)
  6. Virtua Fighter 5 FS new [Hidden Content]
  7. ark216 Just a quick question, do you have any clue as to how to add a "scanlines" filter in Demul? http://
  8. ark216 EDIT: I just downloaded the link you provided and the version of dx11old plugin is different from yours check the attached picture The time zone and time of Russia is different) 11: 02: 2018 In the USA 02: 11: 2018)
  9. I have Window 10 64 bit, maybe gpudx11old is badly compatible with AMD cards for Naomi 2 Here is the plugin : [Hidden Content]
  10. I did a long time ago to download demul07a_160818 [Hidden Content]
  11. 0036A new plugin 11 old demul07_171012