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  1. lol alright .... bon appetit
  2. ahh yea i had the script to change it from 2 and 3 to 9 and 5 ... but yea i'm glad that it finally works i was starting to lose hope lol ... than i thought well i can upload my files that i'm sure they work. and in order to start a card save u hit start on the controller and u hold enter to create card so u can save progress... hope that works for you too and thats it ...its finally working ... well i did try to use it with TP but it didn't work well and kept giving errors .. but its really the same ..TP uses zlauncher and zlaucnher just automates the process but as u saw things can sometimes not work well... some ppl had it running with TP and zlauncher right away but other had problems ... so in my opinion just add minime to the start bat and thats all .
  3. ok here r my files .... just backup ur files and copy those over to ur package folder ... hopefully that might help id0.rar
  4. ok remove admin from inject.exe too .. it should normally start with nothing set as admin.. i only needed to do this one time and than no need for admin ... and i'm thinking of adding my files in zip and uploading them for u so u can test them ...maybe it will fix your problem
  5. ok now remove start as admin from inject.exe because it should only be done once ... and than when u start with nothing set to admin the game should start .. and one last thing make sure to right click on the main folder and remove read only for all files and subfolders.
  6. yes no need to map coin or card button they should work on the keyboard ... and yes since ur controller shows in the test mode working fine than we r at the last step just getting the coin and card buttons to work . so if u run with no admin the game doesn't start at all ? because i got everything running here with no admin ... minime and start.bat and all the exe files in the package folder don't run as admin ... all i needed to do is set inject.exe to run as admin once than removed admin and made it run normal
  7. ok thats good .. so it was just minime not working correctly ... the coin and save thing is not using the controller .. its using the keyboard ..i use "5" and "9" on the keyboard to insert coins those r the default buttons r u running anything as admin?
  8. can u check ur network connection settings .. in network and settings ---> change adapter options ---> than right click and select properties of ur Ethernet network and double clikc on " internet protocol version 4 (tcp/ipv4) i have the ip and dns set to automatically .. some people needed to set the dns manually and use the google dns ( and (
  9. i thought u said it worked with zlauncher ... so u don't know what exactly happened it just started to work but u couldn't insert coins? at least we know that the game will run fine on ur computer .. its just a connection error right now ...try restarting the computer maybe some service didn't close properly and is stuck ... and is minime giving startup ok? this game needs a lot of patience ...
  10. well that is definitely a connection problem ... did u keep the same segatools.ini created by the zlaucnher? and did u run as admin? and do u know what u did yesterday to get past the unknown error ?
  11. hmm i had a similar issue with zlauncher that is one of the reasons i went for the normal manual way .... so if u r using the zlauncher segatools files .. igot a good idea ... why not use the files from the sega v004 file in the first page instead of the ones used by zlauncher (of course backup the zlauncher files first) but don't replace the segatools.ini just the rest of the files ... so copy over the all files except segatools.ini in ur package folder ... and run the game using zlauncher and see if u can get any input using the number keys ( i can insert coins using 5 and 9)
  12. oh well i'm using a controller that is why in my segatools.ini i have mode=xinput and it works right away ... not sure about how the f310 works . but i guess the service/coin/save/test buttons should be the same ... so can u at least enter test mode with f2?
  13. finally there is progress u r all most there ... and yes if i run start.bat as admin i get this error ... default buttons r 9 or 5 for coins (one is coins and one is service i think) than u just hit start on ur controller .... and if the save profile works correctly u hit start on ur controller ... than hold enter to create a profile. f2 is test mode
  14. this is my segatools.ini .. i just didn't copy the dinput part because i don't use it and its on default as u see i just have paths set and my computer ip ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [vfs] amfs=D:\Initial D Zero\SDDF_1.31.00\amfs appdata=D:\Initial D Zero\SDDF_1.31.00\appdata [dns] default= [ds] region=4 [netenv] enable=1 [keychip] subnet= [gpio] dipsw1=1 [io3] mode=xinput autoNeutral=1 singleStickSteering=0 restrict=97 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- an this is my start.bat file ... i just added minimi to start before the game starts @echo off pushd %~dp0 start cmd /c "D:\Initial D Zero\minime\start.bat" .\inject.exe -k .\idzhook.dll .\InitialD0_DX11_Nu.exe .\inject.exe -d -k .\idzhook.dll .\amdaemon.exe -c configDHCP_Final_Common.json configDHCP_Final_JP.json configDHCP_Final_JP_ST1.json configDHCP_Final_JP_ST2.json configDHCP_Final_EX.json configDHCP_Final_EX_ST1.json configDHCP_Final_EX_ST2.json echo. echo Game processes have terminated exit
  15. ok so no other connections r appearing only this one? and yep the ip is ok just change [netenv] enable=1 i have it enabled and u have it set to 0