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  1. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    looks like i'm late for to reply and u got it working .. and hopefully the game is running fine for u with the fix ... its much better that way and no need to worry were the game and fix r located.
  2. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    its better to use game loader all rh for this game ... it has the option to enable the fix and it works from any directory on any drive ... and i just tested it with the latest tp and it works fine check the game loader rh thread
  3. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

  4. [Arcade PC] Street Fighter V Type Arcade (TTX4)

    well u should grab the pc version if u can ... more characters and much easier to use the mods with ... [Hidden Content] and this is the other mod i tested and worked .. its set on c1 so i didn't need to convert .. just download and drop in the mods folder ...and u will find a lot of mods from the same guy and many more on deviantart and they will usually state on which slot the mod works.
  5. [Arcade PC] Street Fighter V Type Arcade (TTX4)

    oh so they r from the CE edition well than its just the hack ... just backup and give it a try u got nothing to lose... and yep the WW mod replaces the default costume (C1).. that is why i said that its better to use the CE edition ...by default the arcade edition has only one costume slot(default one) so there is no advantage of using it really unless u give the hack a try . u have to know that all the mods do is replace an existing costume slot ..thats all .
  6. [Arcade PC] Street Fighter V Type Arcade (TTX4)

    well i really don't know the mod titles ... there is loads of SFV mods out there if @xtremebuga lists them it could be much easier ...
  7. [Arcade PC] Street Fighter V Type Arcade (TTX4)

    like i said i only have a few ... and mostly new not compatible with the arcade version ... just had to convert the ww one to c1 and a cammy swimsuit mod that works for c1 and thats all .
  8. [Arcade PC] Street Fighter V Type Arcade (TTX4)

    in my opinion its actually a lot better to just use mods on the pc version because all mods will work if u r using the champions edition including the new really great ones ... and of course there is already multiple costumes and no need to do the hack.. which will make more sense to adding more skins to secondary costumes like WW , Iron man ,deadpool etc... and make it feel like u have a bigger roster ...and its super easy to do . but in the arcade version unless u do the hack to get more costume slots u will have to keep replacing the files for C1....so yea i don't think i will be adding mods to this version ... but again if u want something specific i can look into it and try to make it work for the arcade version.
  9. [Arcade PC] Street Fighter V Type Arcade (TTX4)

    well i'm not really a super fan of mods ... i just try any interesting ones that come my way and not only SF but other fighting games too . but as u see its just adding the file in the correct folder and thats it .... if u search for mods for C1 unless they r new they should work right away ... just download and add to the ~mods folder and if u want any specific mods i can look them up and test them ... i think the only difficult part of all of this if a mod is set to use something other than c1 ... the conversion i use is through HxD the hex editor.
  10. [Arcade PC] Street Fighter V Type Arcade (TTX4)

    yep WW chun li ... converted it from c3 to c1 if u want any other specific mods i can look them up ... like i said i really don't have a lot and most of them r new so not compatible .
  11. [Arcade PC] Street Fighter V Type Arcade (TTX4)

    [Hidden Content] here is the WW mod just unzip in SF5Arcade\StreetFighterV\Content\Paks\ hope it works for u .. i had to convert it to C1 but i guess if u do the multi costume hack using the pc version files u won't need to do so.
  12. [Arcade PC] Street Fighter V Type Arcade (TTX4)

    i only just added a couple to test them ... i really don't have a lot of mods here ...and the ones i had on the pc version mostly new mods so not compatible ... but for example i searched the chun li WW mod and had to convert it to c1 cuz it was set on c3 and tested it and it worked ... i can upload that one for u so u can test it and see if it works for u .
  13. [Arcade PC] Street Fighter V Type Arcade (TTX4)

    is there a specific mod u want ... because there is a lot out there ... i just tried a couple to test it thats all .. so if u want certain mods and i can test them and c if they work fine .. and adding them is pretty easy just a directory called "~mods" placed in SF5Arcade\StreetFighterV\Content\Paks\ and thats all.
  14. [Arcade PC] Street Fighter V Type Arcade (TTX4)

    tested the game runs fine ... tested the mods and it works exactly like the pc version ...just need to use older mods because newer ones r not compatible.. and of course if anyone is familiar with the mod scene ..any mod is made to replace a costume ... so u will need to get mods that replace c1 the default one to work or convert them to c1 since the arcade version only got the default skin (i didn't try the hack to copy files from the pc version to the arcade one to make other costumes work).. and btw the mod thing is not new because it works for SF4 too ... same thing as this one the mods on pc work on the arcade version... i tried it a long time ago and it works fine.. so a big thank u to all the guys that made it happen
  15. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    I didn't download SFV yet .. will grab it and test it soon