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  1. yep like i expected ... its mainly a win 10 issue ... game runs fine on win 7.
  2. maybe older builds of win 10 can give much better results .... but yea i was really surprised how will it run on win 7 and an older machine too ...and the game did run really well now slowdowns or anything
  3. so here is an update with snocross and jconfig ... i only used it on my win 10 (build 1903) with NVIDIA GPU and it was really unstable ..some stages were good others were messed up and it would crash randomly ...and after each race it always crashes ...with the d4d8to9 fix it helped a litlle because it rarely crashes in the menus and the graphics in a lot of areas are better .. but still lots of messed up stages and crashes randomly at some stages and at the end of each stage it always crashes ... tried game loader and still the same problems. so today i tried on my win 7 machine (Nvidia GPU) .. and i used a fresh copy no fixes applied just the Jconfig files and guess what it plays perfectly fine ... i tried every single stage and played them all to the end and saved my scores and it never crashed ... and almost all graphical glitches r gone .. only time i saw something wrong was in the Washington track for a coupl eof seconds and thats all .. so i played for at least 30 mins and it was perfect ... so my guess its mainly a win 10 issue.
  4. i just tried snocross ... it seems to be a bit unstable ... when selecting characters sometimes it crashes ... but once i'm in race it worked fine ... but yea it always crashes after the race ends.
  5. i'm not sure whats causing this problem for u ... sound works perfectly fine for me it might be hardware related
  6. when its on freeplay .. u just need to press the fire button
  7. np dude ... glad it works fine or u
  8. [Hidden Content] here u go my friend ... just put in the tp root folder and set it to run as admin ... and i only tested it on win 10 .. it does a proper auto hide taskbar and the game will start in fullscreen (1080p) and on esc u will exit the game and the taskbar will be restored as usual
  9. tested the game .. running fine for me here and the controls r fixed in the latest tp update ...u just need to fix the test mode xml to get free play permanently ... or use the test button to enter test mode and change it to free play but once u exit tp everything is reset .. so only for that gaming session.. and yes i need to set the taskbar to auto hide in order for the game to go fullscreen .. i made a quick script to do that and run the game and restore the taskbar when i exit ... if anyone wants it ..i can upload it.
  10. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.0.0.254/20) | Arcade PC

    yep that is the list i found in the readme file... but the problem is that since the auto update feature its really hard to get hold of older versions of components ... on github there is only the latest version available (not sure why they just don't leave previous commits)... and on the doom4ever server they just stopped saving versions because update rate is pretty fast .. so the only thing i was able to dig up is a version on one of those emulator sites and it had everything right except it has TeknoParrot - not 17 so once u update u really will have a lot of trouble to fix things .... so if u got that specific version to make it work that would be great ... and i guess we could save it here for anyone that has problems with the mousefix or demulshooter in the future.
  11. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.0.0.254/20) | Arcade PC

    yep i found it ... and its actually the same versions for the latest demulshooter too .. and now i got to track all the right components to make it work again ... i think i'll just stick with the old version with no internal res update lol ...
  12. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.0.0.254/20) | Arcade PC

    well i have the old version ... that all the old games work fine with and that is what i used for hotd4 ... and i have a newer version that auto updates to keep up with anything new .. so of course after the new upgrade we got to get higher internal res for hotd4 ...and the new mouse fix i moved to playing this game using the newer version but than forgot about it and kept updating as usual ... than i was like damn i forgot that every single update will break the fix .. that is why i was asking if maybe there could be a good way i would patch the fix and keep it working and make life easier. but apparently there is no other way but to dig up the version that worked with the last fix ... do u remember which version it was?
  13. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.0.0.254/20) | Arcade PC

    @argonlefou hey bro ... so the TP update broke the mousefix for hotd4 as usual .... is there a good way to be able to know how to patch the mousefix to make it always work with the latest TP without u having to make an updated version every time?
  14. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.0.0.254/20) | Arcade PC

    nice ... i use hyperspin too ... but i just simply use the pc launcher module and run any script directly