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  1. i got no special settings except write color buffers ... and it runs almost 60fps all the time like tekken 6 i think with rpcs3 it really depends on the hardware specifically the cpu i got a 4790k that i overclock a bit ... most fighting games that run work really well 60fps except soulcalibur V that i need to set preffered spu threads to 2 in order to get any decent performance ... barely 30fps and i saw vids on youtube of ppl running it at much better fps ... so yea it really depends on the cpu
  2. glad it worked for you man ... and yea after spending a lot of time on the metal gear game it turns out it was the new version of spicetools .....well regarding 3d u turn it off by using the 2d/3d button u assign in spiceconfig and to exit the game i made this little script to exit on esc ... [Hidden Content] just set is as admin
  3. try an older spice tools version with it ... latest win 10 here and working fine .... here is the one i'm using [Hidden Content] after suffering with the metal gear game ... the first thing u do with games using spice tools is use a version that is proven to work to eliminate spice tools as being the problem
  4. [Arcade PC] Metal Gear Arcade (Konami)

    the one that @spiderzsoft shared in his files definitely work with version I36-2011092900 ... the problem must be somewhere else when you get the error message with press service button that is how you know everything is good and you only need to press the service button... other errors r most likely related to sound settings ... you have to have playback and recording in sound control panel set correctly
  5. exactly like @Houb replied ... almost perfect at 4k except 2 stages ...
  6. [Arcade PC] Metal Gear Arcade (Konami)

    just 2 important things to make this game work ... old spice tools version ... and any headset lying around ... i even hooked an iphone headset and a mic and it worked tv speakers as default audio device caused an error ....
  7. [Arcade PC] Metal Gear Arcade (Konami)

    just like to report here that with the help of @spiderzsoft the game is running now ... the problem was the latest spice tools ... with older versions it runs well i tested up to spicetools-latest_2018_08_19 so if anyone gets stuck u might wanna try older versions ...
  8. oh yes great news my friend ... the last of the tekken games that is not on pc is almost perfectly emulated ... although i would say with no 4k u can get the game fully functioning but really with 4k it looks amazing that its hard to go back. and that is great news too ... i hope we see more progress in games like that ...
  9. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.0.0.122) | Arcade PC

    well its always good to try older versions of TP to make sure its not the new files causing problems ...and for this game u got jconfig as an alternative if everything fails u can give it a try
  10. [Arcade PC] Metal Gear Arcade (Konami)

    yea i tried that a lot ... the service button doesn't do anything ..or the test or any other button
  11. [Arcade PC] Metal Gear Arcade (Konami)

    yea i saw that version after i grabbed the original versions from the first post .... so i guess i'll give it a try ... but i did configure spicetools and kept hitting service button but got nothing.
  12. [Arcade PC] Metal Gear Arcade (Konami)

    hey man ... so i got this error but with 5-1570-9999 ... so instead of 0001 its 9999 ... did u encounter that error before at this point i'm assuming that the game doesn't like the old headset i hooked in ... first i had this error but after fiddling around with sounds options i ended up with the other error ...
  13. my last test for tekken tag tournament 2 ... now voices and music play with everything rendered perfectly in 4k ... with the exception of 2 stages you have to set strict rendering mode for them to work..
  14. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.0.0.122) | Arcade PC

    nice ... i was actually checking this game compatibility along with phantom breaker on rpcs3 a few days ago ... it will be much better to have the ringedge versions for them running :D