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  1. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.69) | Arcade PC

    removed mesage
  2. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.69) | Arcade PC

    Out of curiosity when was the last time you updated it? If i'm ever gonna play/mess with RL i make a backup first (rar) and then make changes. forgot about HOTD4, that would be nice although Overkill is the best in my opinion! It's like a B'Movie crossed with Tarantino stuff.
  3. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.69) | Arcade PC

    Soyabean, as you use Rocketlauncher have you had any automatic updates for it recently when using HS/RL combination? Just Checking as i haven't been offered an update by RL by up to 12 months? More TP updates lately but looking forward to to 1.7 fixes. (Fingers crossed, please Mr Reaver sir!! :)) Hopefully there will be fixes for ID5 non patreon & outrun 2 fix & Transformers & Rambo in near future! (when 1.7 comes out!) Cheers Reaver & Co and hope a release will be on its way shortly!
  4. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.69) | Arcade PC

    Happy Birtday dude and i also thought we would have had a1.70 out as i thought the momentum was building up as they recently released 2 or 3 new TP builds in the last few weeks (with anticipated: Outrun2 fix and HOPEFULLY (fingers crossed!) any further news on Rambo,Transformers,Batllep0d,id patreon versions becoming non patreon versions) If your age is equal to your points its 34, if its its equal to your posts you curently are 153yrs old. Which is it lol. (you sound about the same age as me otherwise you wouldn't have a wife 3 kids and an addiction to old school and Arcade gaming! LOL. Also some new and interesting icons you posted there! Is that a gun theme (for which system or mixed?) I have never heard of a few of them!! (Curious!) UPDATE: Actually its Dapne,Singe,mame if i am correct? (I am still using the rectangle wheel art 4:3 ratio)
  5. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.69) | Arcade PC

    I think i may have started this Hyperspin/Rocketlauncher/HyperHQ/PC paranoia! Sorry to all the peops who are scared to use it. In my post i said in was a "nightmare" to setup and a "headache". The only reason why i said this was because i have approx 350 HS/RL themes all working and mostly up to date with most System and Main menu themes,art,images,wheel art,xml files,databases,ahk modules etc and it has taken me ages (a few years as a hobby) to do this based on my HS theme overload! You will also need to get hold of the roms which is still possible. The hard bit is not setting it up its just if you want it all to work the filenames of the roms must also match the filenames of the wheel art,database for the system(xml) and videos. Although there are still lots of places to get the roms (although a few big rom sites have been closed down recently!) most forums and places to download will also set upload/download ratios which means adding time and effort making sure you have everything and everything is named properly and placed correctly in the neccesary folders. If you signed up and paid for Hyperspin they would sort you out with all of the matching names i mentioned above so this would save a hell! of a lot of time!!!!!! (but cannot dl roms from HS). I did it the old fashion way and did not pay to signup for HS. This made things much more dificult and much more time consuming for me. So the best way is to sign up to them via website. Although the only drawback of ths is that it is not updated as much it used to be. (And other more modern Frontends are being built by Recalbox,Lauchbox,Big Box Etc and are made to simplify setting this up for people who are not used to HS or are not technical enough to fix an issue with HS/RL/HyperHQ setup. The only reason people still use and love HS is that it still looks the sexiest when used on an Arcade Cab etc. As the guy above said, Install a few systems that will be easiest to do (HS includes lots of wheels and pics,artwork etc that are already in place i.e NES,Snes,MegaDrive,Genesis etc so start with basic systems like this which you only need to get the roms for and you will get a feel for how it works!! If you watch the SimplyAustin (youtube Hyperspin 1.4) link in the last few pages it will do most of the hard work for you and give you a better sense of how it all works. Also as previously mentioned if you buy a pre made Hyperspin drive dont expect all of it to work straight away as you will not be aware of the Windows drivers all the systems need (only a handfull of systems require this) and it is good to get software such as Daemon tools to load certain images like iso,bin before HS will boot the game. Its not easy and its not too dificult its just very time consuming but in a good way. As you would be as happy as me as i am now in my position which pretty much every system running on my HS
  6. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.69) | Arcade PC

    Its a bit quiet in here over the weekend? Is anyone by chance waiting for an update before they make any further changes to TP? lol. If that's the case you are human and most of us following this thread were thinking the same thing! At least me anyway! A fix maybe for Outrun 2 (or news of Rambo,Time Crisis 5,Transformers, or to the extreme, battlepod etc)?? Who knows? Hopefully Reaver will address these issues first before moving onward with any more games systems. And add Pooterman and Soyabeans newest TP wheel art if possible to complete the wheel art set? A person can only hope! Nail biting stuff! Bring on TP 1.7 and HOPEFULLY A FIX FOR 0utRun2 first ??!!?? VIVA la 0utRun2 (jennifer file) as this seems to be the most wanted and anticipated fix on this thread in the last 5-15 pages of this thread! Fingers crossed!
  7. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.69) | Arcade PC

    nope just tested and no again. i didnt say they were working its kind of a temp placement holder for chihiro although some games work but not the ones you mention. Also different sites say what is and what is not a proper Chihiro game. You can use other emu versions to get it to work properly there is more than 1 chihiro game list: [Hidden Content] or [Hidden Content] not sure what the official games are any more! as conflicting info between both above! my hs xml list is: Sega Chihiro.xml but not sure if it is proper list (see links above and decide for yourself)
  8. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.69) | Arcade PC

    Yeah, if i had to start from scratch again i would definitely not use hyperspin and rocketlauncher combination as i have lost too much life doing this and was never a paying customer anyway so i had to Google the hell out of Google instead and 350ish themes in (HS OVERKILL!!!) I am happy keeping and preserving it as for me it this day it looks like the nicest front end for arcade cabs. BUT A PAIN IN THE ARSE TO SETUP!!!!!!! this will take at least a year or 2 of your social life! lol i have a full BACKUP too so i should be safe in the knowledge that i never have to go through it again! If i lost it i would be destroyed! I haven't properly played a game for a while now my HS is becoming more of an Arcade Museum than a beast arcade system ready to be played. Most HS themes i have i think are 4:3 ratio so changing all of those to widescreen themes in the future should be fun. Not! I'll put up with stretching 4:3 for the widescreen via Hyperspin as life is too short! Until i can be arsed replacing 350ish theme with widescreen versions. Finding the 16:9 versions of all of themes i had would take 100 times longer than adding them to HS/RL setup :( I am still contemplating whether to have 4:3 bases arcade cab or widescreen cab/monitor and try and get nice bezels to make widescreen views more authentic when using older systems like mame? Always gonna be the ultimate headache for me! On a side note, NOT TP Related! With Recalbox on Raspberry pi3 (Sandisk Ultra128GB SD Card) i get the best of both worlds available as it apparently lets you change via 4:3 or 16:9 via the start button on controller but this only does console games up until SONY PS1, Sega Dreamcast & SONY PSP so another dead end there when trying to make ultimate system micro style for now! !
  9. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.69) | Arcade PC

    Some good TP HS themes here & loads more
  10. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.69) | Arcade PC

    It seems i was also using a naomi visual theme on main wheel in its place as i have never found a good HS visual wheel theme. So thanks for reminding me!!! lol. Here are the logos i have one white and one black I've prob got the game themes if you need them ill check! after checking with wikipid there were as not that many games as in my list so ignore some of them! [Hidden Content]
  11. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.69) | Arcade PC

    Sega Chihiro.xml the site only lets me upload 2mb (
  12. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.69) | Arcade PC

    have not updated for a while but ps3 i think still needs work, but it along with TP,CEMU,DOLPHIN,PS3 emu & Sega Supermodel seem to get better all the time. i managed to make a sega chihiro theme and a Sega Hikaru theme from versions of games available via other system so sometimes a work around is the only thing.
  13. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.69) | Arcade PC

    If your talking about Time Crisis - crisis zone try ps2 version via PCSX2 emu ok so this is not v4 but a remake!!
  14. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.69) | Arcade PC

    try TypeX3.dat TypeX3Temp.dat
  15. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.69) | Arcade PC

    What is the easiest way to update TP game paths without having to add all the games again. I had a look through the TP folder and its not as easy to do this as it was in earlier versions. Any advice guys? Which file am i looking for? I have already looked through all xmls etc. Can you still update the gamepaths via notepad,Notepad++ etc?