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  1. I already install c++ 2010 and k-lite pack and only get sound, no video and after that crash, I.m running win 1809. Any idea?
  2. Thanks!! Awesome work!!
  3. Thanks! works perfect!! Is there any chance to change the mouse arrow for other cursor?
  4. Enter in Test menu, put free play, the coin noise will desapear!
  5. Place it in C / PC / Aliens to work.
  6. I cant install divx60, I trried with compatibility, as admin and nothing. I m running Windows 10 1809. Any idea? Thanks
  7. Yes, you can do it, only the eproms are the same
  8. Still got black screen, any idea? Thanks
  9. Is possible to play GRID in 1080?
  10. [Emu] Sega Model 3: Supermodel r777

    Thanks! I will try it
  11. [Emu] Sega Model 3: Supermodel r777

    Hi, can someboby tell me how to configure controllers of L.A. Mchineguns, The Lost World, The Ocean Hunter and Sega Bass Fishing? I tried different version of Emu and Windows and nothing, only I could configure the on move and trigger on Lost World but I can t reload. Thanks!
  12. HyperSpin

    Thanks you very much!!! Ok! I'll do!!
  13. HyperSpin

    Hi, do you have the theme of Haunted Museum 1, Haunted Museum2 and Chase HQ 2?