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  1. The Sinden Lightgun

    I've looked into the Sinden gun quite a bit. I'm not a huge fan of the white(colored) border, but I've thought of some solutions around it. I'm not sure where you seen that the room needs to be fairly lit for the camera in the gun to work; there are multiple videos where the lighting is at various levels. If you would've read the kickstarter information on the project you would see that the build quality that you are discussing is in the prototype stages, he needed funding to be able to get better build quality(those were 3D printed shells), injection molding. He was also trying to make finished projects for consoles that it would be plug and play, the small hardware box would create the border overlay for you. I think overall its a great project and can't wait to get mine, but I do think he needs to get a little better at consolidating his information and making it easier to navigate so incorrect information isn't being spread.
  2. does video card have to be nvidia?.. I crash as soon as the Elevator Action loading screen comes up.