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  1. Yes also for some games are already pre-mapped with keyboard controls which you can map via joy2key or xpadder. Like Aliens Extermination or Wacky Races... I think idMacX and JVSemu emulation is broken with these newer Ryzen APU's Or I must be missing some dll's or something. I have all the C++ and DirecX installed etc...
  2. Shader fixes are for teknoparrot like you mentioned. Teknoparrot seems to work ok. Alot of the ttx games and any arcade rips... launch directly with the games executable. Configuring controls will be done with Jconfig, TTX config, or Pad config. For example I have BlazBlue: Central Fiction that launches directly from 'game.exe' Controls are configured via JConfig. For alot of games you can use custom NesicaXLive Unlocker or Ring Loader that will disable network nag screens and such. This unlocker patches the 'game.exe' before starting. With the new Ryzen APU's (Ryzen 7 5700G and Ryzen 5600G) I can't get any of these executables to launch. I could start going through all of them and find alternate ways to launch but I have spent many hours dialing all these TTX, TeknoParrot, Arcade rips, etc... over 160 titles. Hoping there is a solution.
  3. I will try to see what I can find. I upgraded from Ryzen3 3200G which worked just fine.. Ryzen 5000 series APU's do not work with TTX games. I think this should be stated on the first page even though ryzen users are of the smaller majority. Not sure if there is a way to submit a report to AMD as these TTX games are older dumped exe's.
  4. Ok so I didn't intend to make this a windows tech thread. But it is clear the new Ryzen 5000 series APU's that use Radeon Graphics do NOT work with TTX direct exe loading. (Ryzen 7 5700G and Ryzen 5 5600G) Hopefully updated drivers in the future will fix this. If anyone knows of a fix please share.
  5. I am stating to suspect it may not be windows as 20H2 on my new build does the same... the game will show in task manager for 2 seconds then just quit. I am running a new Ryzen7 5700G (series 5000) APU. The latest 'stable' driver is at Adrenalin 21.10.2. This may be the issue
  6. Basically for me... any game that I have setup to launch with the .exe directly. Not all these are TTX games btw... Akai Katana Shin Direct EXE NESiCAxLive Battle Gear 4 Tuned Direct EXE TypeX+ BlazBlue: Central Fiction Direct EXE NESiCAxLive BlazBlue: ChronoPhantasma Direct EXE NESiCAxLive BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II Direct EXE NESiCAxLive Chaos Code - New Sign of Catastrophe Direct EXE NESiCAxLive Chase H.Q. 2 Direct EXE TypeX2 Crimzon Clover Direct EXE NESiCAxLive Dariusburst - Another Chronicle Direct EXE TypeX2 Deathsmiles II Direct EXE CavePC Do Not Fall - Run For Your Drink Direct EXE NESiCAxLive Dragon Dance Direct EXE NESiCAxLive En-Eins Perfektewelt Direct EXE NESiCAxLive Exception GameLoader NESiCAxLive FIghting EX Layer Direct EXE NESiCAxLive2 Fright Fear Land Direct EXE TypeX2 Gaia Attack 4 Direct EXE TypeX2 Ikaruga Direct EXE NESiCAxLive King of Fighters XIV Arcade Direct EXE NESiCAxLive2 Magical Beat Direct EXE NESiCAxLive Million Arthur Arcana Blood Direct EXE NESiCAxLive2 Music Gun Gun 2 Direct EXE TypeX Nitroplus Blasterz Direct EXE NESiCAxLive Persona 4 - The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena Direct EXE NESiCAxLive Persona 4 - The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold Direct EXE NESiCAxLive Puzzle Bobble Direct EXE NESiCAxLive Raiden III Direct EXE TypeX Raiden IV Direct EXE TypeX Rumble Fish 2 Direct EXE NESiCAxLive Samurai Shodown Direct EXE NESiCAxLive2 Senko no Ronde Direct EXE TypeX2 Skull Girls Direct EXE NESiCAxLive SNK Heroines AC: Tag Team Frenzy Direct EXE NESiCAxLive2 Strania - The Stella Machina Direct EXE NESiCAxLive Street Fighter V Direct EXE TypeX4 Trouble Witches AC Direct EXE TypeX Wacky Races Direct EXE TypeX2 Yatagarasu Direct EXE NESiCAxLive Elevator Action: Death Parade Direct EXE TypeX2 KOF: Maximum Impact Regulation A Direct EXE TypeX2 Psychic Force 2012 Direct EXE TypeX Battle Fantasia Direct EXE TypeX2 Castle of Shikigami III Direct EXE TypeX Giga Wing Generations Direct EXE TypeX Homura Direct EXE NESiCAxLive King of Fighters '98: Ultimate Match Direct EXE NESiCAxLive King of Fighters XII Direct EXE TypeX2 Power Instinct 5 Direct EXE TypeX Street Fighter IV Direct EXE TypeX2 Tetris: The Grand Master 3 Terror Instinct Direct EXE TypeX Aliens: Extermination GameLoader VR Global Contra Evolution Direct EXE Konami PC Based Gundam Spirits Of Zeon Direct EXE TypeX+ Haunted Museum Direct EXE TypeX2 KOF: Sky Stage GameLoader TypeX Silent Hill: The Arcade Direct EXE Konami PC Based Aquapazza Aquaplus Dream Match TeknoParrot NESiCAxLive Farcry Instincts Paradise Lost TeknoParrot Global VR Groove Coaster 2 GameLoader TypeX Zero School of Ragnarok TeknoParrot TypeX3 Ultra Street Fighter IV TeknoParrot NESiCAxLive Valve Limit R TeknoParrot TypeX BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger GameLoader TypeX2 BlazBlue: Continuum Shift GameLoader Type X2 Chaos Breaker GameLoader TypeX King of Fighters XIII Climax GameLoader TypeX2 Otomedius GameLoader Konami PC Based Samurai Spirits Sen GameLoader TypeX2 Spica Adventure GameLoader TypeX Super SF IV Arcade Edition 1.3 GameLoader TypeX2 Arcana Heart 2.1 GameLoader NESiCAxLive Arcana Heart 3 GameLoader NESiCAxLive Daemon Bride GameLoader ExamuEX Suggoi! Arcana Heart 2 GameLoader ExamuEX
  7. So I have another build that all the TTX games work fine. Windows 20H2 (19042) If you go higher than that it won't work for me (21H2 - 19044). So I am trying to roll back the non- working one and only upgrage to 20H2. Damn windows!
  8. Grabbed the .zip from the link... all was installed. Also .Net is turned on. Still not working... Will probably try to do a fresh install of windows. Thanks for the suggestions
  9. From the first page - "Also remember to install direct X and other dllPack Game Toolz 1.0 (essential for proper operation)" The link is bad.. anyone have a good link?
  10. Not using any loaders... just direct exe's which I know work on my previous build. So I installed all the ones you mentioned. But for some reason 2005 will not install. I have a feeling 2005 is needed for these to work... none of them are launching. Im on Win10 Pro 19044, This is the latest windows update.. maybe it broke these TTX games? Can someone with the latest windows confirm this? there has to be a workaround or fix.
  11. Somone know what all is required to run all these TTX games on windows 10? I did a fresh install on a new motherboard/CPU and anytime I try to launch any 'game.exe' it will attempt to open then just crash. I have the latest DirectX, C++ redistributable C++ 2015-2019, etc. All was working great on my previous system.. but its been awhile, I forgot what all was installed to run properly.
  12. Anyone successfully get this working with FFB pc steering wheel?
  13. [Arcade PC] ALL.Net P-ras MULTI Ver.

    yup thats it, thanks!
  14. [Arcade PC] ALL.Net P-ras MULTI Ver.

    Another Game OtoshuDX... after the side scrolling shooting part it will go to the guitar hero style rhythm gameplay, but no controls register. Again controls configured with Jconfig. No controls register during this part in gameplay.
  15. [Arcade PC] ALL.Net P-ras MULTI Ver.

    Hey does anyone know how to get the controls working for VF E-sports? At the 1st title screen pressing any button will take you to the screen below, but no controls register on this screen... just cannot get pass this screen. All my controls are configured properly with Jconfigx64.