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  1. Hey all, MachStorm link is broken... anyone have a good link?
  2. Thankyou sir... VF5 works great. Still getting familiar with this site, will be sure to look before asking!
  3. [Tuto] virtua Fighter 5C How to Install and full screen.

    I believe this error is because you need to go into game loader config and point to your teknoparrot folder.
  4. [Tuto] virtua Fighter 5C How to Install and full screen.

    Can anyone confirm Gameloader 3.3.3 is working with the latest teknoparrot 161? I just get a black screen and budgieloader times out with an error. If not working where can I download older versions of teknoparrot (125) **Edit** Got it to work, need to be sure to have windowed mode unchecked in teknoparrot game settings. Thanks for the tutorial!
  5. Noob here... I got a few games going that contain exe's. Then I grabbed a couple from the links in first page - VF5 and Outrun 2 in bin format. I extracted the contents but don't see any exe's. What files do I point to in teknoparrot? Also VF5 (c) has 2 bins??