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  1. that did it thanks! anyway to get the mouse cursor to line up with the touch panel input... way off after calibration in the service menu.
  2. I finally got Otomedius to run with RH loader... but I am not getting any sound, anyone know how to fix the sound? Setting in RH loader or a certain DLL file?
  3. this is the one I used... path to where the exe is, is this the correct one? Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Direct3D\Shims\EnableOverlays] "D:\Hyperspin\Roms\Taito TypeX\King of Fighters Maximum Impact\game.exe"=dword:00000001
  4. Anyone know how to fix black screen for KOF Maximum Impact? I been re-visiting games I haven't been able to run yet. My system is AMD...
  5. Running Jconfig… I am reluctant to update TP as all my games that require TP are working good right now...
  6. Is there an AMD fix coming.. seems all blk screen for AMD, I can confirm this for Radeon R5 graphics
  7. Oh ok... well one thing about arcade version takes up a lot less space. PC version at 60gb
  8. Can someone tell me the difference between this and the latest PC version? character selection the same... missing some?
  9. Anyone know how I can map Accel and brake controls to a button rather than having to use joystick UP/DOWN to accelerate/brake? (arcade cabinet)
  10. Got it thanks guys.. guess was just down for the moment.
  11. Can someone please post a working link for KO drive? The one on front page isn't working...
  12. [PC] Fighting Games Recommendations

    Well I don't think I can use steam app to verify a cracked copy of SF5 I assume? All of these crashes in the past are from retail copies. It would be worth purchasing if I knew it was going to work for sure.. which is why I want to try before I buy. Anti-Virus disabled... firewall blocking SF5 exe's. Maybe I can try a windows sfc scan...
  13. [PC] Fighting Games Recommendations

    Anyone try the latest skidrow release of SF5 Arcade Edition 4.070 along with .080 update. I'm getting the infamous Ue4 Kiwi crash. There is this huge thread on steam for troubleshooting this game... I mean its ridiculous... disabling IPV6, disabling windows handwriting service.. lol wtf. It should just run, shitty software it seems... still would love to play on my cab. [Hidden Content]
  14. Sorry for the noob question... how do I get the arcana heart games to run? Tried TP and Jconfig and Gameloader….