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  1. Understood, thanks for response! Keep up the fantastic work!
  2. Is the Nesica Online piece just to make the icon turn green or does it provide some sort of network functionality?
  3. Yah just DInput and then whatever the "name" thing wanted (since I had multiple devices connected). Can't say about the paddle shifting, I have seen complaints, but I always ride AT so I didn't mess with it. If I find anything I'll be sure to come back and let you know.
  4. I never touched a thing from default and my T300RS worked just fine. Just wanted to let you know it's possible, not sure I can assist since I never changed anything. "Out of the box" my gas/brake etc. worked fine.
  5. What did you change? You seem like you have the same setup we've been telling you for like 4 pages. :D Do you know what changed that you were able to load the game and when you couldn't about inject error? Does error 8114 prevent you from playing the game?
  6. Not sure it's your issue, but I think you should uncomment your [keychip] thing and the value (based on your IP) should be subnet= Also I can't tell based on your current info, and I know you already tried, but please continue testing all on C: drive. Is your start.bat, inject.exe and InitialD0_DX11_Nu.exe all in the same folder? (<game dir>\app\package) Are you still making sure inject.exe is running as admin somehow? Either via an admin cmd window and running start.bat or inject.exe set to run as admin by itself and just starting start.bat normally?
  7. Your actual minime is fine, I wanted to make sure you set the proper address in segatools.ini, looks like you did. I've tested minime on a separate machine and was able to connect no problem without messing with minime itself. You just need to make sure your segatools.ini is pointing to the correct address, even if it's pointing to itself.
  8. Did you run admin via cmd window or setting inject.exe to run as admin? Did you specify your minime server address in segatools.ini? Remember, it cannot be or localhost, it must be the actual machine IP (eg. 192.168.1.X).
  9. Eventually the minime console will definitely start displaying connection info.
  10. Yep that happened when you didn't run admin once, or you cannot communicate with minime server.
  11. And your inject.exe is still set to run as admin? "'.\inject.exe' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file." ^ This only happened to me when I tried to run "start.bat" as admin.
  12. inject.exe and InitialD0_DX11_Nu.exe should be in the same folder, if your structure is correct. And that folder is <game dir>\app\package Make sure to set your "amfs" and "appdata" paths in segatools.ini
  13. I believe this game must also be run from somewhere on C:\ drive.
  14. This worked for me: Right click inject.exe, go to Properties > Compatibility. Check in "Run this program as an administrator" Click OK Now run "start.bat" as NORMAL, do not run as admin.
  15. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Pretty much just makes it easier to map and use controls without x360ce and a few extra goodies like turning off that one graphic issue. But if you have it running nicely already, not much to gain from moving to TP.