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  1. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.92) | Arcade PC

    Hello, Here is a black texture fix for 1.05: [Hidden Content] I have also updated wiki with the link: [Hidden Content] As before, replace file in "rom" folder.
  2. I don't think anyone has solved this error yet.
  3. Hey folks. So myself and ducon2016 were working on fixing the camera rotation. Eventually we started testing more software solutions to rotate the camera. After some testing, we discovered that Fake Webcam will fix the rotation. All you need to do is load your webcam in the software and apply the rotate left, or rotate right filter. Then with the software still open, run Daytona and your image will now be corrected ingame! Here is the link to the software: [Hidden Content] The free version has a watermark, but you guys can probably find a way to unlock the full version. Proof (notice my camera is upright still):
  4. Open terminal. > sudo nano /etc/pulse/daemon.conf Find: ; default-sample-channels = 2 Change to (remove semi-colon and change to 6): default-sample-channels = 6 Ctrl + O (to save), Ctrl + X (to exit) Back in terminal: > alsamixer Move (use arrow keys) to "Channel" column, should say "2ch", change to "6ch". Exit and reboot PC. Back at desktop, open the speaker icon at top right, choose "Sound Settings...", in "Ouput" tab find "Mode" dropdown. Change to "Analog Surround 5.1 Output" This fixed the awful sound for me even though I only have stereo speakers. I hope it fixes for you too.
  5. Apparently these are not needed, and WMN4r can link up just fine.
  6. When you say you got "tty0tty running", can you clarify what you mean? Can you explain exactly the steps you did?
  7. Did you even boot it up correctly? This line is terrifying: ./WMN4r LD_PRELOA=./ Looks like you made a typo there?
  8. I have a Microsoft HD LifeCam 3000 that doesn't appear to work. I can disable the error as well but having the camera plugged in just leads to the same error.
  9. DH_PCB_ID doesn't seem to work at all. ID always appears to be 2 to all machines, and will always conflict, and will always launch into Single Player. Anyone know otherwise?
  10. I had to do some goofy stuff on my machines to enable 5.1 Open up a terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T) and type: > sudo nano /etc/pulse/dameon.conf Look for the line that says: ; default-sample-channels = 2 Remove semi-colon and change to 6 so it says: default-sample-channels = 6 Save the file (Ctrl + O), and exit (Ctrl + X). Back in terminal, type this in: alsamixer An interface should open up, using your arrow keys scroll to the right and find the "Channel" column, should say 2ch. Change it to 6ch and Exit (Esc). Now reboot. When the machine has restarted and you're back at the desktop, you should now be able to go into the "Sound Settings..." at the top right by clicking on the speaker icon. In the Output tab, hopefully you now see a "Mode" dropdown, and can select "Analog Surround 5.1 Output". If that doesn't work, then I'm not sure. :(
  11. Did you setup tty0tty in Linux and modify your COM port in Windows VM? Did you setup the serial port in the VM Player? Also, DumbJvsCmd should report that it's listening to a device.
  12. No luck here either, I also run into the "READ ERROR <SEQ_RELOCATE FILE>" error and can't proceed. Using Nvidia drivers, successful keyboard hook, successful LD_PRELOAD command, always stuck at the same error. I have a camera plugged in, so I did NOT re-compile. Not sure if I should even with camera.
  13. It's telling you no IO because you didn't make the link to the indicated folder with your keyboard. EDIT: 2. If you're using the emulated IO, the hook will try to open /run/kbdhook, find out what your kbd event device path is, and run this after every reboot of your system: ln -s /dev/input/by-path/YOUR_*event-kbd /run/kbdhook