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  1. Got it, thanks for confirming. Only reason I asked is it seems to make the points on the ring "touch-able" during a song. It also seemed like these same points are used in the menus to choose options and navigation, so was curious if those points were meant to be "touch-able" as well.
  2. So I fired up maimai FiNALE and got into a song... annnnnnnd..... I can see the ring and the movie in the middle but I do not see any notes??? EDIT: Looks like I wasn't running as admin. Seems ok now! Fair to say MaiSense does NOT work in the menus, and only during gameplay?
  3. Hey bud, thanks for taking a peek at it and basically confirming I am not entirely crazy... :D I'll mess around with time changes and when I get some more time take a better look at the source and see if I can manage it. Thanks for all the help and info! EDIT: Manual time change totally fixed it... :D I'll take this as the path of least resistance, haha.
  4. Yah it's only grey during the lockout times. Otherwise it's green and 100% functional. I favor aqua server over minime, so I'd love to get it working, that's all. I am running the games privately and within my own network.
  5. I mean, I agree with you, but here are the facts. I've proven that I've used the "Disable shop lockout" patch on my exes. The window of time where aqua was not working, minime was, against the same exact copy of the games (Paradise and Crystal). Outside of the close times, aqua server is working perfectly fine. There isn't much to setup aside from setting my local IP address, which I've done. Again, outside these strange close times, aqua runs 100% perfect. Therefore, I find it hard to believe it's a configuration issue I've done. During the close/maintenance window, the icon behavior seems to be grey and appear "disconnected". And again, during game boot, everything reported "GOOD". The only path forward I can imagine is if you play around with aqua server yourself, and see if you get the same results as me. Here's the download: [Hidden Content] And the source: [Hidden Content] Maybe you can find what I could not.
  6. It seems to be respecting a shop close window from midnight to 6:30 AM. And then the hardcoded maint window from 6:30 - 7:00AM JST. Now that is it past 7AM JST, all is working fine again. The grey icon appears to happen during this window, as during game boot, everything reports "GOOD". Anyways, mystery solved for the most part. :D
  7. Definitely aqua issue, just went back to minime and both Paradise and Crystal are fine, but using aqua they both report maintenance. Will try to figure it out...
  8. Not sure, I was around when the files initially popped up, downloaded them at the time and assembled the files myself. I've had the game running many times and played a lot but just seems to lock out all the time now.
  9. Sure, here is the patches I've used on my .exe: And here is the error after it boots, basically indicating maintenance and play is not being accepted: If it matters, I am using aqua server 0.0.19e
  10. Awesome, thanks for that. When I loaded my .exe it indicated I had NOT checked in the "Disable shop close lockout". So I've checked that, saved my new .exe, and booted game. Same issue, red message at the bottom telling me it's not accepting play. It's 4:35 PM where I am right now, which is NOT within the 6:30-7AM JST maintenance window. Why am I still locked out?
  11. I am having a hell of a time being able to play Paradise, the game is constantly telling me that the game currently cannot be played. I have made the Game time change in the Test menu, but I don't know if I had applied the patch to remove the other time restrictions. I understand there will always be the 30 minute maintenance window that cannot be changed, other than changing your PC time, but I can't figure out why I'm getting locked out so much, even now the attract mode is telling me the game will become unplayable in 22 minutes. This does not line up with the 30 minute maintenance window, right? I also noticed the Bemani patcher page for Paradise is gone, so can't check my patch status, unless there is some info out there with the manual patch steps?
  12. Trying to update my Tasoller to v2. Don't understand what I'm doing wrong, the instructions don't seem that complicated... I've purchased the UART cable directly from gamo2, I've triple checked to make sure I've plugged it in correctly and then plugged into PC. No matter what I do, it installs as FT232R USB UART in Device Manager with an error. I've tried to install this driver, but now it just shows up as "USB Serial Port" with a driver error. I cannot get the controller to show up like in the guide over a COM device with a port. I've re-installed all the V1.1 just to be sure, but the behavior is the same. What am I doing wrong? EDIT: Nevermind, just kept installing a whole bunch of crap until it accepted it. EDIT 2: Ah, just noticed after the fact that they have instructions on the product page, whoops... :D But it pointed me to the same thing I ended up installing: [Hidden Content] Leads you here: [Hidden Content] Just wanted to be sure to document my stupid....
  13. I don't know what this means... there is no "Read I can't insert coin / play" on the first page... I've edited the config_common.json and it got me most of the way. Someone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
  14. Thread advice is to set Event to enable Free Play, but event under Aqua 0.0.19a is broken. If you try to load card, doesn't load progress, if you try to create new card in Event, game says AIME not available in Event mode. How to insert credits in non-event mode to enable AIME use in Aqua 0.0.19a? EDIT: Editing config_common.json to Freeplay true seems to work, although confusing... it seems like credits are 0 until you insert your card and it seems to insert credits as well. Although it doesn't seem to load your rating correctly, everything else seems to load. Good enough I guess.