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  1. What Jconfig x85 or x64 one?
  2. You will get banned for asking for links!
  3. Sorry is that the one i am talking about? i think it is!
  4. no the one that hides the icons at the bottom left!
  5. I am looking for the link that hides neisca offline does anyone have it?
  6. Was wondering is the resources folder necessary if so where does it go?
  7. Have you turned on vsync on your graphics card controller? i.e nvidia control panel
  8. Does anyone know how to get a ps4 controller to work with jconfig?
  9. 1. you have the .bat file run that 2. if using a ps4 controller you need to get ds4 drivers installed and manually select the left4dead2.exe 3. you have to use muse for options & controller for everything else
  10. I downloaded every file yet got no .bat file... does anyone have a link to just the .bat file thanks!