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  1. Does LGI 3D shows 3D in 3D TV?
  2. In my PC, Let's go Island shows Japanese. Is there way to change language to English? Thanks.
  3. If you select Fullscreen at ini, do not select. And start game, don't click actual game window and task bar, move annoying another window to somewhere. In this way, I could play ID6.
  4. I can't run ID6. Copy fixed exe to ID6's root folder, set directory in DumbJVSManager and save. And start ID6, cmd window appear, load ok, but soon crash. Edit. I figure out why game cashed. After start game, don't click game window with mouse. In my situation, as soon as click game window, it crash.
  5. Is Inital D6 playable? I can load the game with fixed exe, but game crash very soon.