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  1. Hi all, is there a direct link to download all Raw Thrills games dumped at the moment? Thanks!
  2. Is there a direct link to download Caladrius AC? Thanks!
  3. Hi, is there a way to run Dirty Drivin at 1920 x 1080?
  4. Hi, I'm trying to play Luigi's Mansion Arcade for the first time, but the game does not recognize the keyboard input button, the "start button" does not work, any idea?
  5. Hi, I can't select the "local mode", only "online" and "practice", any idea? Thanks!
  6. It's emulated on Mame and Demul. ]
  7. Yes, I have it on Steam, simply I was "curious" to try the original arcade version.
  8. Hi all, is there any Cave SH3 game still unemulated on Demul?
  9. Does Caladrius Blaze have been dumped?
  10. Hi all, I'm running The House of The Dead 4 for the first time (with graphics fix) and I have a strange problem: If I check "UseMouseForGun" on game setting I'm not able to start the game (the assigned key on keyboard does not work), if I uncheck this option I can start the game but I cannot use the gun and then it's completely useless, any idea? Thanks.
  11. Sure sir, this is the last update... clic on "Check Changelog" ...and then, where is the "changelog?"
  12. Thanks, definitely solved.
  13. I don't understand what I have exactly to do to fix it manually, must I have to modify some files?