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  1. Killer Instinct 1, 2 In The Final Burn

    Play KI 1 and 2 with Cxbx-Reloaded
  2. Try to update with the latest k-lite codepack and install the latest K-Lite codec pack to avoid crashes and other problems. [Hidden Content]
  3. Thanks MOHKERZ , MOHKERZ can you fix in win 10 always crash in level hospital
  4. i am using xbox360 controller no keyboard
  5. Play Perfect on my PC Thanks MOHKERZ You Are The Legend
  6. Killer Insticnt 1 and 2 play on Cxbx Reloaded
  7. use Game Loader All RH to get fullscreen
  8. TP loader run lindbergh games working on win 10
  9. i dont do anything, just extrack with poweriso and play with TP 1.92 and file to launch lgj_final in folder disk0
  10. i play with xbox360 control and i not calibrating anything in test menu. i just play just perfect for me
  11. Teknoppart 1.91 is out now
  12. My Bat File to launch 1080p left4dead2.exe -console -arcadeIO_InitializeSkip -game left4dead2 -language japanese -width 1920 -height 1080
  13. xbox360 joystick and mouse can be use to play
  14. Thanks dude i already run this game