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  1. no sorry i dont use guns and demulshooter
  2. 1-Run the game on window mode and exit the game 2-and run the game on full screen and controle work
  3. How you fix resolution probleme ?
  4. lol wft its not good for play
  5. TeknoParrotCore Released! - Rambo and HotD4 resolution patches I tested the new option to change the resolution in HOTD4 Custom resolution and pass the game e, 1080p it works well the game is a lot and there are more pretty more black bands up and down only problem none of the mouse or pad keys does not work ... and when I remove the custom resolution the keys work very well. Have you tested yourself to see if you too have this problem with the keys?
  6. yes the game.bat contain : @echo setlocal rem ゲームID (ID du jeu) set GAMEID=SDCF rem アプリデータ領域の排他利用 (Utilisation exclusive de la zone de données d'application) if not exist Y:\%GAMEID% ( rmdir /S /Q Y:\ mkdir Y:\%GAMEID% ) start /wait sendFlash COM1 LMAIO.bin start /wait x:\exe\x64\VACUUM.exe I think it's enough to modify the path of .bat for the game to start. it does not mean that it will work but it can start
  7. Luigi's Mansion Décharge d'arcade [Hidden Content]
  8. yes its this game i see the movie inside im suprise this are only 1 go compressed
  9. Try my file work perfectly for me [Hidden Content]
  10. C'est kler Bruce et de plus le jeu marche nickel avec la 140 donc ça sera surement corriger plus tard
  11. Look and test this Daytona USA 3 Reseau Link Play Files.rar
  12. Vieux jeu (2013) mais pour un jeu incroyable Je n'ai jamais eu la chance de jouer à l'arcade mais j'aimerais bien y jouer
  13. yes it is true that the PC version is ultra fast and the rendering of the speed is really excellent
  14. For me now that the Lindbergh version is available on windows 7 is the best version because it is identical to the arcade version and we can play with the plug-in FFB that brings us even closer to the arcade version. The handling of the car is higher than the PC version although I found that on some stages (not all) I saw some slowdowns and drop FPS which are still the same places I play in 1080p. I also tried the game in 2160p and there the slowdowns are even worse so I deduce that it's because my PC is not powerful enough. If I play with the basic .els file there are no slowdowns but the game is not very nice and too many pixels. I would like to play in 4k version as in the video below. [Hidden Content] Just after this version Lindbergh the other version that I find very good is the PC version that has the most options that we do not find in other versions like music and cars ect ......... .. I have not yet test on the FX version the circuit editor that must be really superb to do its own custom circuit. This game is among my favorite car games that I play the most I hope that one day on PC we will have a birthday collector version that brings together several versions in one game
  15. The game run and start on Teknoparrot for you ??? Me no windowed or fullscreen same black screen and nothing more
  16. Tanks for sharing I test this one the game will not run and start with Game Loader or Teknoparrot. Do you have King of Fighters XIII Climax working with Teknoparrot ?
  17. maybe djexpert can give us HD resolutions in a future version of Game Loader
  18. [Hidden Content] Hi everyone, do you confirm that Transformers & Fighting Climax games have been released for non patresons and that both games work well?
  19. no more information for the moment
  20. WMMT6 INTRO Network test and gameplay
  21. [PC] Arcade Games Recommendations

  22. Game Loader All Rh

    Tu as aussi le DOA5 U2 HD ?