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  1. After several tests and following the tutorial at the link below: [Hidden Content] I arrived at this result (see the 2 attached files) There is better I have the impression that when we change the resolution the modification is not modified and that the game remains in the same display. ResX = 1280 ResY = 720 This option greatly reduces the quality of the game but if you set the value False then the game is really very ugly with absence of textures as if there was no more light DynamicLights = True Now the mission of the Endor forest is much more playable and faster I just have some small slowdowns on the very first seconds SWArcSystemSettings.ini LOTDSystemSettings.ini
  2. [PC] Arcade Games Recommendations

    Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD Available on pc
  3. Oui je confirme et la version PC est au top tout comme Darius
  4. if you say that you have installed windows 7 it means that before you had what windows 10 ??? with your config I think it is better to have windows 7 which for the emulation of arcade games is much better than windows 10 with windows 7 there is less crashing of games and compatibility is better
  5. Quad Core 9550 Old very old 4 go Ram DDR3 old too 750 GTX Ti 2go Ram old too
  6. oui je confirme on peut régler sur 2 boutons différent le brake et le accéléré
  7. chez moi DOA5 n'est pas noté en patreon Mais tu as raison il pourrait mettre snowcross en non patreon j'aimerai bien avoir pour ce jeu un vrai fix résolution en 1080p
  8. I tested Star Wars with the latest Jconfig on windows 7 64 bit I saw performance better than with Teknoparrot the game is faster and no crashes of the game. The display in the menus and him also faster than with Teknoparrot I uncheck High Resolution
  9. you play in what resolution ??? I have no crash of the game but when I leave the game my PC is very very slow for a few minutes
  10. Game Loader All Rh

    Merci le jeu démarre bien avec le nouveau sdeamon.exe : C:\rawart\sdaemon.exe -res5" mais le jue n'est pas en 1920x1080
  11. Game Loader All Rh

    you do that before to run the game ??? Disable "Direct3D8 Wrapper" of JConfigSNO.exe before using. The following resolutions can be obtained by using command line arguments. There is a problem, please ignore. No arguments = 1366x768 -res1 = 1600x900 -res3 = 1920x1080 -res5 = 1920x1200 -res6 = 2560x1440 -res8 = 3200x1800 -res10 = 3840x2160 -res16 = 5760x1080 Arcade PC
  12. Hi man and thx for information In read me file I see : High Resolution: On/Off Sets the game to run in 480P or 720P Natively. When i open Jconfig.exe interface I dont see where put the game on 480p for test it Can you explain how do that ??? This update work for win7 64 bits ???
  13. Nobody found in the Washington DC race at one point of the race the road is not visible ???? I just noticed some graphic bugs for this race all the other races are ok
  14. yes the problem is the same for super bikes 2 but with the steering wheel the problem is set but I do not know if we can use a G29 steering wheel with snowcross I could do all the races of the game without any crash of the game. the game is very good and much like Super Bikes 2 but snow
  15. Snowcross work very well no crash game and i can enter my name when finish course Win7 64bits Thank you to the Jconfig Team Use this setting and no need to use : SNOCROSS Black Lines Fix.rar Put the game on c:rawart
  16. Namco ES3X Loader added - With this loader it is possible to start games such as Star Wars Battle Pod, Time Crisis 5, ♥♥Lost Island Adventures♥♥ and more.
  17. j'aimerai bien voir le résultat en vidéo ou en screen le jeux doit être trop beau comme ça. hélas j'ai pas la config pour tous ça j'ai déjà du mal en 720p alors plus haut c'est mort pour moi EDIT : mais je prend quand même au cas ou je casse ma tirelire dans une nouvelle config
  18. I think it is still possible to decrease some options to make it even faster I have to test
  19. thank you work very good nice find now its like the real arcade game and in full screen
  20. Me too this mission too i don't understand why but use the file in Mega link and you see its really better for play this game
  21. Make a quick double click on start and it will be available again
  22. do you use this too ???? [Hidden Content]
  23. I just tested the game works perfectly well