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  1. tu veux dire qu'il faut mieux jouer avec la 1.86 ou 1.87 pour les 3 Id6 Id7 et Id8 ? Ou juste Id6 & Id7 ?
  2. Id6 j'ai abandonné.... Id7 oui j'ai des erreurs de cartes Id8 pas d'erreurs de cartes c'est le seul qui est faible de ce coté là
  3. tu le lance bien avec ce fichier : InitialD8_GLW_RE_SBZZ_redumped_.exe ?????
  4. [Arcade PC] FFB Arcade Plugin

    Ok we have to leave the 2 files as in the picture below ??? Or we have to put them in the folder Teknoparrot see the arrows in red ???? Me until now with version 0.7 I copy the 2 files in the folder Teknoparrot
  5. [Arcade PC] FFB Arcade Plugin

    Ok thank's i will try to do the same i do before and copy too sdl22.dll in Teknoparrot folder like this : - opengl32.dll & sdl22.dll & sdl22.dll
  6. [Arcade PC] FFB Arcade Plugin

    last night i try the new 0.8 ffb and i have problème too with this I put like Moksi : - opengl32.dll & sdl22.dll to the main TeknoParrot folder (with other .dll and .exe files) - In the jennifer folder - SDL2.dll , Metroframework.dll , FFBplugin.ini & gui When I want to start the game it starts to load and after a few seconds stops loading and come back to the Teknoparrot interface. None of the Lindbergh games wanted to load. Other games from another lindbergh system worked. I was able to fix the problem by deleting the sdl22.dll file from the teknoparrot folder and after that the teknoparrot games started up again. So I stayed on your 0.7 pluggin that works well
  7. Apparemment y a de l'amélioration J'ai téléchargé l'utilitaire et exporter les profils au format .txt ok Mais je n'arrive pas à créer le profil comme le dit son tuto car pour le créer il me demande de lui indiquer un .exe et il n'y en a pas........................... Je ne sais pas si cela a déjà été mentionné ici? Mais vous pouvez utiliser "Geforce 3D Profile Manager" pour ajouter des fichiers non exécutables (.ELF) aux profils du pilote nvidia. Profil "Outrun 2STD" UserSpecified = true ShowOn All ProfileType Application Exécutable "jennifer_patched.elf" UserSpecified = true VOS REGLAGES profils finaux Créez d'abord un profil pour Outrun dans votre panneau de contrôle gforce, puis utilisez le gestionnaire de profils 3d geforce pour exporter sur le bureau, puis enregistrez-le et réimportez-le sur votre panneau de contrôle gforce! J'ai remarqué un changement décent dans le texte en sortie de piste utilisant l'anti-aliasing 8x, pas drastique mais meilleur! Téléchargez le gestionnaire de profil 3D Geforce: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Modifié lundi à 01:59 par djd
  8. ok merci donc je peux créer un profil Nvidia et choisir le fichier .elf
  9. hello to all how to create an Nvidia profile for Lindbergh games when there is no .exe
  10. Hi this one are patched file for HOTD4 in 1920x1080 ? Is it worked ?
  11. hello what is the difference between mode A and mode B and where you activate this option in the test mode? in the init.ini?
  12. Darius Burst - Another Chronicle tutorial to play with Game Loader in 1 screen mode or 2 screens big thanks to Djexpert
  13. Yes it's a great place that I like to go and arcade stations are free play you just have to pay a fee of 18 euros on Saturday afternoon from 14:30 to 18:00. Sometimes there are also tournaments organized during the week in the evening
  14. Thx man I know very well this game in original arcade version it is present in an arcade near my home and to play in a resolution very high in screen width you really have to have a very large screen because otherwise it's really too small in height display I find. The rendering on the original terminal is very good because the two glued screens are very large in height and width and allows four players to sit down I think I'll settle it in 2720x1080 see in the video below from 0mn15 the 2 terminals Darius
  15. Thank you you have to change the 0 by the 1 at the top or bottom of the .ini file 2720768601 or // Default// 2720// 768// 60// 1