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  1. maybe djexpert can give us HD resolutions in a future version of Game Loader
  2. [Hidden Content] Hi everyone, do you confirm that Transformers & Fighting Climax games have been released for non patresons and that both games work well?
  3. no more information for the moment
  4. WMMT6 INTRO Network test and gameplay
  5. [PC] Arcade Games Recommendations

  6. Game Loader All Rh

    Tu as aussi le DOA5 U2 HD ?
  7. idem pour moi fonctionne très bien
  8. Arcade Adaptation for PC Games

    I discover this game today [Hidden Content] Free beta here : [Hidden Content]
  9. interesting video too I would like to know how he did to change the music
  10. good find bravo There have been some great advances for this game and it's very good but there is still some way to reach this result
  11. Yes I see that on this movie gameplay
  12. it's not my screenshot but it's the one to reaver so yes I guess he must have the dump
  13. Let's Go Jungle! Special What is spécial ????? only the gigantic bollard The special version of Let's Go Jungle! does not change the standard version on the contrary. Let me explain ! First of all the size of the terminal, 3m60 wide for 2m72 high with a weight of one ton five. Quite impressive and we feel like entering a cinema for two people :). Once inside, we sit on a seat with two screens, one in front and another behind us. Thanks to the red gun (model of the version available in The House of The Dead 4), our goal is to shoot the attacks of critters on both screens using the seat that can perform rotations of 45 °, 180 ° ° and sometimes 360 ° ... yes, just like the special version of The House Of The Dead 4. It's completely fun and entertaining especially since we sometimes get air jets depending on the action ... downright excellent !!! Note that there is a button to stop the movement of the seat (and the game) in case of discomfort.
  14. Salut Safur logiquement si dans la prochaine mise à jour d'ici 2 mois ça devrait être bon