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  1. It should load with game loader, right? ttx_2.0?_
  2. Which loader did you use for the controls? TTX, Jconfig, or XB?
  3. [Arcade PC] Gundam Zion (Taito Type X+)

    Has anyone been able to play with the Joysticks? Want to play with Xbox 360 controllers.
  4. [Arcade PC] Super Bikes 2™ (Raw Thrills)

    Is that the way you name your folder?
  5. Has anyone been able to play with Xbox 360 controllers? Could you assist? I have changed the files name and still nothing?
  6. This link includes everything ready to go?
  7. [Tuto] OutRun 2 SP SDX: How to Install

    in the AMD graphics settings?
  8. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.0.0.191) | Arcade PC

    Where's the link to original FNF?
  9. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.0.0.191) | Arcade PC

    Connect to the internet and boot up.
  10. Where's this version to download? Or could you upload the one you have working? Mines still mosue/ trackball config?
  11. Can you upload to google drive 1 more time?
  12. Mines running nuts ie:
  13. With the modified .exe?
  14. Game is moving fast, no controls or mouse movement. Want to use Xbox 360 controllers. Need help?
  15. Does anyone know how to play with Joysticks or Xpadder for this game? I have one that boots but want to use as an arcade for my Hyperspin?