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  1. Cemu v1.13.0f - Emulateur Wii U sur PC

    With this version cemu now can launch homebrew (elf). There is a possibility to launch nintendont. I love virtua striker 4 but there isnt any emulator for this spectacular game
  2. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.64) | Arcade PC

    In some tweet i read the idea of reaver to make teknoparrot open source specially for Lindbergh emulation.
  3. IGS Power Truck

    Same situation with jurassick Park arcade (raw Trhills). 3 screenshot but is playable?can someone with talent would investigate?
  4. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.64) | Arcade PC

    There is a way to launch teknoparrot and budgieloader via Command line? Sorry for noob question
  5. Anyone have a real name of this hardware? And for machine Image or logo? P.s. I have catalogate all emulators in my frontend but missing daytona's base hardware
  6. [Emu] Dolphin 5.0 Triforce/GC/Wii

    But the boot is the segaboot.bin used in nintendont? Please friends make another kind of magic after Daytona 3
  7. [Emu] Dolphin 5.0 Triforce/GC/Wii

    I'm happy to see that others also want to play this fantastic game. But I'm sorry it's just you and me. I shot for each forum but I think that now the situation is completely abandoned. Too bad because this is really a great game to be forgotten.
  8. maybe one day they issue an update
  9. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.64) | Arcade PC

    I dream that one day teknoparrot could become the "mame of the arcade pc dump" ... what do you think good as an idea?
  10. [Emu] Dolphin 5.0 Triforce/GC/Wii

    why this injustice??? virtua striker 4 is a game too good to end in oblivion. (because emulation prevert to oblivion) bruce i'm with you!!if you launch virtua striker 4 and ver.2006 become my hero for the rest of my life
  11. [Emu] Dolphin 5.0 Triforce/GC/Wii

    Thank's for your time but no problem. Attempt a day when have a possibility to play this game...:-(
  12. [Emu] Dolphin 5.0 Triforce/GC/Wii

    your thinking is right but in my mamecab I do not have much room to put in a wii and all the cabling system that I should mount. Having a pc "multiemulator" is an amazing experience for this I was looking for the ability to launch virtually striker 4 on dolphin (it's my favorite arcade game)...if you have an update please tell me...many thanks for your work
  13. [Emu] Dolphin 5.0 Triforce/GC/Wii

    Thank's. This game is my obsession. Hope in the future...have a possibility to test with dolphin Virtua striker 2002 or Virtua striker 4 ver.2006??
  14. [Emu] Dolphin 5.0 Triforce/GC/Wii

    Oh my God!!!Can you test Virtua striker 4?my dream come true??what version of dolphin use?
  15. [Emu] Dolphin 5.0 Triforce/GC/Wii

    In different forum show that Is the possibility to launch Nintendont through Dolphin but there isn't a tutorial. There is the real possibility to play Virtua Striker 4 on Dolphin?(emunand, diosmios, nintendont...)