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  1. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    they arw not the same thing
  2. Triforce Tutorial - Virtua Striker 3

    OK thanks for your lost time. who knows how long it will take before I can finally play vs4 on my cabinet.
  3. Triforce Tutorial - Virtua Striker 3

    Beautiful. But nothing can take virtua striker 4 out of my heart ­čą░. In another discussion they published the firmware for virtua striker 4...
  4. iso virtua striker 4

    thanks. maybe it's a small step forward?i hope
  5. Triforce Tutorial - Virtua Striker 3

    I'm waiting
  6. Triforce Tutorial - Virtua Striker 3

    EUREKA...ok now i've found someone happy to help us. It only attempt a tutorial to estrapolate this file/save. You know ho to do it?
  7. Triforce Tutorial - Virtua Striker 3

    I have asked different people with original hardware and nobody understandend what file i am talking to. I start to think that i will never be alle to play on my cabinet. Idea: could you create a patch like mario kart arcade gp?or use something like piorcetools?
  8. Triforce Tutorial - Virtua Striker 3

    impossible to get it from nintendont?
  9. Triforce Tutorial - Virtua Striker 3

    if i can find someone with an original triiforce hardware, what file should they provide us with? (i remember talking to someone who had the triforce and virtua striker 4 disk) Perhaps you talk about "segaboot.bin"?
  10. Triforce Tutorial - Virtua Striker 3

    I used traslate and maybe I didn't understand correctly. do you need a modded wii to use nintendont or is it impossible without the original hardware?
  11. Triforce Tutorial - Virtua Striker 3

    why a farce? at least someone is seriously trying. If it succeeds it is good for everyone, if it does not succeed only a big "thank you" for trying.
  12. Triforce Tutorial - Virtua Striker 3

    virtua striker 4 deserves to be brought back to life...May the force be with you...
  13. iso virtua striker 4

    7 years have passed since the last update of the dolphin triforce. I spoke to some devs, I also promised him a reward for the works, but nobody is going to update and start virtua striker 4. Why has one of the best football games in the arcade scene been completely forgotten?
  14. [Emu] Dolphin 5.0 Triforce/GC/Wii

    the dolphin team is not interested in using this leak. No hope for a correct emulation of the triiforce
  15. iso virtua striker 4

    "Some had it working"???in dolphin or wii?