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  1. [Emu] Yuzu: Premier émulateur de Nintendo Switch

    Thanks for the answer Benclau, Maybe gfx related. When I launch a game, It remains some seconds on yuzu's loading screen and crashes. I tired enablin/disabling multicore, shader cache and most off the options but nothing changed.
  2. [Emu] Yuzu: Premier émulateur de Nintendo Switch

    Hi! Maybe someobe can help, I'm having this problem for months: I use yuzu in an arcade cab, with a crt 15khz with crt emudriver. Ati hd6900 2gb Gpu, i5 Cpu, 16gb Ram. I know it's a pretty old system, but I pretended to use Yuzu for some Switch exclusive retro games: Ninja warriors again, Tonight we riot, Kemono heroes and 80s overdrive. Like a year ago, just before the multicore addition, all them worked, but slow. But after multicore adittion, I have tested different versions and I'm having a strange problem: All the games crashes at startup but 80s overdrive. This one works fine and at a correct speed. It's strange because if it were a compability problem from my gpu none of them would work, I guess... It may seem a Ram problem, but I have 16gb and created a pagefile and tested adding form 10 to 50gb and nothing works. Any idea please? I'm pretty interested in Ninja warriors again as features improved graphics and animations compared to the snes version and 2p! I need some help, I'm stuck with this. And as one game runs, I suppose it can be fixed. Thanks!
  3. Maybe try to launch joytokey with admin privileges?
  4. Like 10 years ago, I made an arcade like version of zorton brothers with flash cs6 I think, using the videos from the msdos version. For the hitzones, with flash I could make transparent movies with the lenght of the video secuences, and contained moving hitboxes which supperposed to the film. So when a new video secuence was loaded, the hitbox sequence with same name loaded automatically. It had more "graphic work" as I had to adjust all hitboxes position size and movement manually, using interpolations.
  5. Alg games need the new main.singe too? I ask because they are way different to the rest.
  6. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Hi! I remember having problems with Elevator Action Dp using an Ati card ( it crashed in the "Now loading" screen), but solved installing Nvidia PhysX.
  7. yes thanks, but I I suppose these values in globals.singe links to controls.cfg in some way, true? The question is how? is it defined somewhere? Anyway, I got it
  8. Hi! I'm modifing Crime Patrol to prepare it as Argon will need to add rawinput, I already done for Action Max, that although it didn't support 2 simultaeous players, the code was smaller and easier to me for testing. I want to use this input in controls.cfg: INPUT_ACTION_4 = { SCANCODE.RSHIFT, GAMEPAD_0.BUTTON_Y, MOUSE_0.BUTTON_X1 } but in globals.singe I have this: SWITCH_UP = 0 SWITCH_LEFT = 1 SWITCH_DOWN = 2 SWITCH_RIGHT = 3 SWITCH_START1 = 4 SWITCH_START2 = 5 SWITCH_BUTTON1 = 6 SWITCH_BUTTON2 = 7 SWITCH_BUTTON3 = 8 SWITCH_COIN1 = 9 SWITCH_COIN2 = 10 SWITCH_SKILL1 = 11 SWITCH_SKILL2 = 12 SWITCH_SKILL3 = 13 SWITCH_SERVICE = 14 SWITCH_TEST = 15 SWITCH_RESET = 16 SWITCH_SCREENSHOT = 17 SWITCH_QUIT = 18 SWITCH_PAUSE = 19 SWITCH_CONSOLE = 20 so the question is, how can I add SWITCH_BUTTON4 and link to INPUT_ACTION_4? Thanks
  9. Thanks! what forum are you refering to?
  10. Hi Karis! I asked Argon and he say this: So to make it quick, the minimum feature I'd need is a game handling separate coordinates for players.Even if they are mapped to the same device by default (like Demul is doing with the mouse), they have to be 2 different things in the code/engine/game/program I'll look myself, but do you think singe2 have any limitation with this? In some file I have seens references to Mouse 1, mouse2, mouse3... Because singe2 engine works with dinput, or I'm wrong? Do you know? Thanks!
  11. I just made a test, and asked Argon what would he need to add Rawinput. I added functions and graphics for p2, not finished, but maybe he can this way say what he need. If you want to take a look, I have been testing with Crime Patrol 1, just overwrite: Crime_Patrol_Singe_2_2p.zip
  12. I have just read somebody asked Demulshooter's author for adding 2 lightgun support in singe2, maybe you can talk with him to do it. I can help with the overlays and graphics works if you need. Tomorrow I can share you Crime patrol overlays exactly like the originals, with p2s included, if you want to try.
  13. Yes, I think it's usefull. I think I found a bug, at least in Crime Patrol: When you spend all continues in a gameplay, and you let the records screen pass without adding a name, the crosshair of this screen stays and you can't insert coin or shoot.
  14. Ok thanks Karis I see what you say. Good to know!
  15. I don't understand what you say, but can test, in which script should I add this? For me overlay resizes fine, the problem was the size of the images themselves. The other problem I commented before: Maybe is because of some type of dither you add when resizing?
  16. Yes, I know. But where are the overlay images size and position defined? I have seen the overlays in arrays in globals.singe, but I can't find size and position. Thanks
  17. Hi! I have been testing to redraw the overlays to be pixel perfect. The problem, as said Poiu, is the singe2 overlay image sizes are not proportional to the originals, so if I set numbers and badge in tis original size they get cut or have too much margins, and I got to redraw to adapt them. This can be done, but I think it would be better to keep them exactly like the originals (less graphic work and better). So, the question is: Where are the overlay images size and position defined? I have seen the overlays in arrays in globals.singe, but I can't find size and position. (Suspected it was not easy else it would be already done) Maybe I can do a workaround with this, and if you like, I'll share. On the other hand, I noticed that being the overlays pixel perfect, ingame they only shows sharp at 360x240. While the proportional resolutions 720x480 and 1440x960 won't. Not a problem to me, but something to bear in mind. I also noticed that black color in the png is shown as transparent ingame, but I'm using RGB(1,1,1) that seems like black and shows ingame. Thanks
  18. No idea sorry. As I said, for me worked with the old -ignore_aspect_ratio option. I thought the new -u option will make the trick. But instead it seems to block the video to its original resolution, instead of resize it to the window size. Also the -a dont have any effect for me.( tested -a 4:3, -a 16:9, -a 21:9...) The aspect ratio seems always blocked to 4:3 or so. Anyway not so important if I'm the only with these problems, as I have an unusual configuration. Thanks
  19. I know, but as I use a 15khz monitor my best progressive resolution is that. It displays a little better for that kind of games that a correct aspect ratio one, like 320x240.
  20. I asked that because my best progressive resolution is 640x240, can I have such an aspect ratio? before I could use -ignore_aspect_ratio, but with new Singe version, I can't get that disorted resolution I tested -a 4:3 and -a 16:9 but didn't notice any change Thanks
  21. sorry is this the correct spelling for -a? Singe.exe -k -w -a 4:3 -z -v Crime_Patrol_Singe_2\video\Crime_Patrol.txt Crime_Patrol_Singe_2\Script\crimepatrol.singe Which values can I use?
  22. As far as I know from no place. I was only speaking about them as an example of 2p games.
  23. I know that at least Mad Dog 2, Drug Wars, Marbella Vice and Zorton Brothers were 2 player games. I think the rest were only 1 player:
  24. I have just opened some new overlay images of crime patrol, and the are not pixel perfect, as they were in the old version. So they look blurry. It is more noticeable the smaller resolution you use. Also, when you reload without using all bullets, the world "reload" is shown for an instant, when it shouldn't. I know they are not vey important problems, but makes it feel chunky. Thanks! No plans for dual lightgun support? It would be amazing!