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  1. 1. Assuming you already have Hyperspin setup, all you have to do is double click the "Hyperspin" folder in the zip and drag the folders (highlighted in the picture) and drop them into your Hyperspin folder. 2. Next, add "NESiCAxLive2" to either HyperHQ or manually add it to the xml file in the "Main Menu" folder in "Databases". HyperHQ would probably be easier since it sets up everything. 3. Highlight "NESiCAxLive2" in the "Wheel Setting" tab, then go to the "Wheel" tab and adjust the settings like in the picture. Then do the same in the "Special Art" tab. 4. Once all that is done, you should be good to go!
  2. Hello again! Thanks to recent surge of working NESiCAxLive2 dumps, I got REALLY inspired to make a theme for it. This is a NESiCAxLive2 UI theme for Hyperspin based off the current one in arcades. Aside from the logo, I had to take the little Photoshop skills I have and make everything else from scratch. All and all, I like the results and wanted to share this with everyone. I'm also including the Photoshop file I used (in a separate link) and the fonts for it so someone can use the same images for Attract Mode. One thing you'll notice is the wheel images are different and that's because I had to make my own since the originals haven't been ripped, so I'll have a DL link for those as well. Like the other themes I made, just drop the folder in Hyperspin and the theme will go into place and add "NESiCAxLive2" into HyperHQ. Screenshots are included for HyperHQ setup. Hyperspin DL: [Hidden Content] Photoshop DL: [Hidden Content] Wheel DL: [Hidden Content] That's all the themes I worked on so far! I might make one for the newer Bandai Namco games in the future, but until then, I hope you guys enjoy! NOTE: If you need the first NESiCAxLive theme, the link is below:
  3. Hello again! I've been working on this theme for the past couple of days and I FINALLY finished! This is a theme based off the "Sega ALL Net P-ras MULTI" UI used in arcades. I had to get creative to make it look right in Hyperspin, so you may notice the following: - When the theme loads when the system is selected, the "wheel" and "video" parts will look like it has a hole for a few seconds if you have on the animated background in Hyperspin. I have to cut the background that way so the wheel can display 5 wheels only (like in the arcade) and so the video and other artwork can display correctly. - Since I had to edit the artwork a certain way, I couldn't use an animated moving background (like the arcade UI and Attract Mode theme). If you're fine with all this, this will be great addition to your Hyperspin setup. Like the "NESiCAxLive for Hyperspin" theme I made, once you download the theme, all you have to do is drop the folders in your Hyperspin folder and add "Sega ALL Net P-ras MULTI" to HyperHQ. I also included screenshots of HyperHQ to show how I setup the wheel and art. DL: [Hidden Content] Also, thank you for the kind words about the "NESiCAxLive for Hyperspin" theme! I think you guys will like the next theme as well :-)
  4. [Hyperspin] NESiCAxLive for Hyperspin Theme

    Wait...you don't have Hyperspin installed already?
  5. [Hyperspin] NESiCAxLive for Hyperspin Theme

    I never heard of that happening before...that's weird...but here you go: [Hidden Content]
  6. [Hyperspin] NESiCAxLive for Hyperspin Theme

    Which files do you need?
  7. Greetings! First off, I wanted to thank all of you for your hard work on this site, and because of that, I was able to work on a couple of themes to help contribute. From what I've seen, some of you are not huge fans of Hyperspin (for reasons I understand completely), but since I've been using the frontend for years, I rather stick with it than switch to another one. So, that brings me to this theme: I created this theme based off the Attract Mode theme (thank you to the person(s) for creating that theme) and the official one in arcades. Because it's Hyperspin, I was only able to do one row. I also didn't add the network icon intentionally, but can if there's a demand for it. I'm also pretty basic with Adobe, so I couldn't create a blinking cursor or anything of that sort. Overall, I'm happy with the results and it gives a better feel for the official NESiCAxLive in Hyperspin. I setup just about everything, so all you have to do is drop the folder and the theme will go into place and add "NESiCAxLive" to HyperHQ. I also included screenshots of HyperHQ to show how I setup the wheel and art. DL: [Hidden Content] Please let me know what you think and if you want to contribute anything to this theme (I would love to see a blinking cursor created), please feel free to add what you can to make it better. If there's anything I can do to make it better, I'll see what I can do. Again, thanks for everything and here's a preview of the next theme I'm working on:
  8. Is there anyway to put Fighting Climax in Full HD 1920x1080?