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  1. do you have all tracks etc enabled from test menu?
  2. Galaga Assault - Anything Known About Emulation ?

    [Hidden Content] install disk
  3. None of this works with Linux games, not to mention there is no public hasp srm emulator. Each srm firmware requires its own unique solution among other things.
  4. Who ever updated the Linux version on target terror to get rid of old shitty reiser file system would be the one to ask. Unfortunately who ever did it wants to remain anonymous it appears. When I tried getting dongle data in vm, the usb isn't shared to the windows machine once its connected in Linux in VMware. There might be something i'm missing that will allow connection to both os at the same time, but I haven't found anything in settings.
  5. Dongles are already purchased and in hand. The fact the games are running on Linux is the current issue. Not much public info I can find regarding getting the necessary info from the dongles/emulating hasp in Linux. the partial terminator emu gives some clues, but im still not sure how the author got the data.
  6. [Arcade PC] Super Bikes 2™ (Raw Thrills)

    Discs aren't issue, getting dongle dump and getting it emulated or getting game dehasped in Linux is. dongle password found in game.elf 74c1_7073 Jurassic park, terminator, and blast were only games where password was accidentally left in elf files by sloppy coding.
  7. Coming soon I imagine
  8. I will be selling a batman dongle and computer soon, probably on ebay.
  9. [Hidden Content] Here is link to Jurassic park install discs as well as a dump with what we are pretty sure has complete dongle data. Whole mem dump included as well. Been looking at this for a while and am a bit stumped on bypassing dongle checks and the "core" dump needs to be "fixed" a bit. Or maybe there is another way to dump these . Any help is appreciated. If we get some help on this we will post other dumps as well once we do them. Currently have the walking dead and some others as well.
  10. Galaga Assault - Anything Known About Emulation ?

    Not without install discs and hasp srm usb dongle