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  1. We shall have to see. I uploaded the whole contents in case flybit needed any random libs from system 32 folder and wasn’t sure what was needed with the weird backup directory.
  2. Wasteland racers. Will need controls fixed, but pretty sure this had no dongle protection. [Hidden Content] mirror by VirusMan: [Hidden Content]
  3. Also 1.33 is just a mislabeled 1.13. May have not fully un hasped sdaemon.
  4. If someone has a link to the 1.31 restore or mega link I’ll look at it.
  5. Well being as no one has the dongle it won’t happen.
  6. 1.27 is latest I’ve seen with all cars FNF SuperCars Changelog ======================= 2.02 8/4/14 ------------ - resolve coin switch issue 2.00 6/10/14 ------------ - remove dodge + saleen cars - gtr unlocked by default - support new dongle - OS 10.0x 1.26 9/26/12 ------------ - restore old version of factory restore - OS 10.0t 1.24 7/6/12 ----------- - support new parallel port card 1.23 6/19/12 ------------ - removed references to fast and furious films - re-fixed minor unfinished games audit bug 1.21 6/18/12 ------------ - fixed minor unfinished games audit bug 1.20 5/7/12 ----------- - message log reporting peripheral communication statuses, maintenance reboots and more available in utilities menu in test mode - add adjustment to disable keypad and remove references to pin entry - add thread safety to i/o communications 1.18KIT 3/27/12 --------------- - autodetect polarity of shifter - alternate wheel/button input for pin entry - OS 10.0m: support RS232 card 1.15 1/16/12 ------------ - add "stretch" adjustment to fill screen on monitors that letterbox game's native 720p resolution - OS 10.0k: support for optiplex 390 and ati video cards 1.14 8/02/11 ------------ - remove attract free race messages when free race disabled 1.13 8/02/11 ------------ - analog brake fix - add gm logo to copyright - fix automatic/manual translations in chinese version - fix "medium" translation in chinese version
  7. Don’t hold your breath, impossible without dongle.
  8. [Hidden Content] supercars 3.69 faf sdaemon. Only 6 cars again but updated and should still have faf Info
  9. [Hidden Content] supercars 3.69 faf sdaemon. Only 6 cars again but updated and should still have faf Info
  10. 1.27 can probably be done if there’s a good reason. No need for piles of revisions.
  11. Supercars 1.13 [Hidden Content] Sdaemons on discord
  12. Yep, I was able to make gt2019, ssx, and pp on a single drive, games selectable in operator adjust menu. Was a bitch, but 2020 up uses new linux so that’s was as far as I could go. I’m assuming they will update other games to same Linux os, but who knows . Covid slowed everything down.
  13. Game.bin and bootagent.elf need to be compiled on newer linux to fix incompatible hardware issues. However…. [Hidden Content] been delayed from covid, but I plan on buying this when it’s out.