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  1. 45 minutes ago, TomW1972 said:


    Get yourself a used workstation, like a Dell T3610 or an HP Z440 from Ebay, with a xeon e5 processor, you don't need to spend a lot on them compared to a new gaming PC, even a entry level E5 quad core, eight thread at 3.00 GHZ or above will do the job if your budget is limited, it should come with a minimum of 16gb ram and add a half decent NVidea GPU, it really doesnt need to be top line, a gtx 1050 will do if you only want to play arcade games on it.


    5 hours ago, morgane001 said:

    I downloaded the patch from the link and applied it, but that didn't solve the problem.

    I forgot to say that I'm using a computer with Intel and not AMD or NVIDIA GPUs.

    Looking at the patch at the link destination, it seems that it is for the environment with NVIDIA or AMD GPU, and it seems that there was no patch for the environment with intel.

    However, if it is Outrun2SP using the same LINDBERGH platform, it turned out that it works normally if a patch is applied, so I think that R-tuned will also work normally if there is a patch for intel, but in the first place intel Is it appropriate to play R-tuned on a computer with a GPU?

    For reference, I will repost the specifications of my computer, so please cooperate in solving the problem.


    [My PC Specs]

    OS:Windows 10 Pro(64bit)
    CPU:Intel Core i5-3340M @2.70GHz
    GPU:Intel HD Graphics 4000

    I heard you can also get a taito type x3 for cheap and it plays a lot of the dumped arcade games (going to have to get it imported)(for this try buyee or sendico)

    and I suggest a youtuber named ETA PRIME he shows off a lot of emulation devices especially mini pc's that could do emulation.

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  2. On 10/15/2021 at 7:18 PM, R.R.Z. said:

    Here’s a detailed list of playable games but unusable because….

    Hotd4 sp/wmtt6r supported by tp-no public dumps(wmmt6r supported by jc as well)

    Apm3 games:bbct/ke v3/gg rev2/fci/bs-no public loader(tp/jc)

    Hotd sd-supported(tool/tp?)-no public dump

    Sfce-already on tp-no public dump

    gss3-supported by tp(dev only)also supported by jc-no public loader

    fighting exl(1.3.1)-no public loader

    So total 12 games!!! that r playable but we can’t use them because either no public 

    loaders or dumps and no info when we’ll be able to play them

    Good day to us all

    Appreciate the info. Hopefully one day they can get more Linux arcade games running.

  3. On 9/15/2020 at 4:26 PM, OgGeek2016 said:




    Hello again! Thanks to recent surge of working NESiCAxLive2 dumps, I got REALLY inspired to make a theme for it. 


    This is a NESiCAxLive2 UI theme for Hyperspin based off the current one in arcades. Aside from the logo, I had to take the little Photoshop skills I have and make everything else from scratch. All and all, I like the results and wanted to share this with everyone. I'm also including the Photoshop file I used (in a separate link) and the fonts for it so someone can use the same images for Attract Mode. One thing you'll notice is the wheel images are different and that's because I had to make my own since the originals haven't been ripped, so I'll have a DL link for those as well. Like the other themes I made, just drop the folder in Hyperspin and the theme will go into place and add "NESiCAxLive2" into HyperHQ. Screenshots are included for HyperHQ setup.


    Hyperspin DL: 

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    Photoshop DL: 

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    Wheel DL: 

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    That's all the themes I worked on so far! I might make one for the newer Bandai Namco games in the future, but until then, I hope you guys enjoy!


    NOTE: If you need the first NESiCAxLive theme, the link is below:


    i really hope that you make a sega all net p ras multi version 3